EP 07: Systemic Injustice, Embodied Trauma, and Doing the Inner Work with Jean Masukevich

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So often, the truth is difficult to digest.

Especially when we have felt pain and experienced trauma.

By ignoring and silencing our own pain, it keeps us from accepting the pain, struggle, and oppression of others.

But we have to tell the truth and make space for the truth to be named.

We have to go inwards, to do the inner work, to find our voice so that we can advocate for our oppressed brothers and sisters.

Today I’m honored to have my personal coach Jean Masukevich joining me again. In Episode 5 we talked about collective trauma and how it’s showing itself during this pandemic. In Episode 6 we discussed exploring our personal story and how to use it as an entry point to healing.

Today, we discuss the pervasive nature of trauma, abuse, and oppression. And how we live in a society with systems that were created to silence all of us.

Jean is a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and integrative coach. Her mission is to guide others to greater mind, body, spirit integration, and connection to their authentic self. She cultivates communities of care where individuals and groups heal and share their hearts and stories through movement, creativity, meditation, integrative prayer, and the sacred art of listening.

Jean holds an advanced certificate in grief and trauma from the Allender Center of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and is a Spiritual Director with a certificate through Sustainable Faith. Jean serves both children and adults and is available for in-person and remote coaching.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How the system we are born into has created silence, denial, and avoidance
  • How embodied trauma hijacks the brain and causes us to lose language and the ability to process what’s happening in the present moment
  • How racialized trauma moves through generations and how the evil force behind white supremacy is embodied in all our nervous systems
  • Inspiration to break the silence around white privilege and systemic oppression of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)

Learn more about Jean:

Additional resources mentioned:


  • Me and White Supremacy, Layla F. Saad
  • Notes of A Native Son, James Baldwin
  • Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?, Beverly Daniel Tatum
  • White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo


  • I Am Not Your Negro (playing now for free on Amazon Prime)
  • Selma (playing now for free on Amazon Prime)
  • Time: The Kalief Browder Story (Netflix)
  • When They See Us (Netflix)

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