Samantha Gilbert


I spent most of my life battling severe depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and body image dysmorphia. Since finding my own path to wholeness through nutritional therapy, I now eat for life. I’m dedicated to helping others find this same healing path. I am honored to walk alongside them as a transformational coach, showing them how to eat for life. Click here to read more of my story.

I’m a practitioner of nutrition therapy, Functional Nutrition Counselor, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, and a member of the Nutritional Therapy Association and National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

For over ten years I’ve helped couples, women, and children from 13 countries heal their mind and body through nutrition therapy. I’m an expert in discovering the source of the symptoms you carry to create customized therapies to place you on a path to healing. Only then can true healing begin and continue with love, empathy, compassion, and biochemical individuality.

Let me join you on your path and show you how you can eat for life and be free.


Having worked with many nutritionists in the past, Samantha proves to be the most dedicated, knowledgeable practitioner we have ever worked with. Her knowledge base and clarity of thought and understanding in the areas of nutrition and epigenetics take her above and beyond. She is an amazing compliment to the medical work that we do in micromolecular medicine and we view her as indispensable. If you can work with Sami, you should work with Sami.

Albert Mensah, MD, BCIP
Mensah Medical


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