EP 76: Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence with Veda Austin

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EP 76: Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence with Veda Austin

Water is essential to life as we know it. At a molecular level, our bodies are made up of approximately 99% water, containing more water molecules than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Water has been a source of fascination for humankind throughout the ages. It is referenced over 600 times in the Bible, beginning in Genesis where “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

Later, God proclaims, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”

In the New Testament, Jesus tells us that with his water, we shall never thirst and that his water shall create a well of water in us that springs up into everlasting life.

Water also plays a central role in baptism and birth, through the amniotic fluid. Through baptism, we are cleansed of our sins and have new life. When a baby is ready to come into the world, we hear that “my waters have broken” before this precious new life begins.

On today’s episode, we explore water’s creativity and secret intelligence, including its role in health and spirituality. My guest is Veda Austin, an author, public speaker, artist and water researcher who has spent years studying water’s creative properties and intelligence. Veda shares surprising facts about water that may change how we think about this vital resource. She discusses experiments demonstrating water’s sensitivity and responsiveness to the energy and tension in its environment. As beings composed primarily of water, these discoveries have profound implications for our health and awareness.

Veda’s primary area of focus is photographing the transient space between liquid water and ice. Through her stunning crystallographic photos, she aims to reveal water’s awareness of creation, thought, and intention. Veda reminds us that we, as human beings, are essentially bodies of water, and how water ties all life together physically, energetically, and spiritually. She also describes how water played an integral role in her own healing from a serious car accident. I hope you find our conversation illuminating.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Veda Austin became interested in water research after a horrific car accident
  • How she used natural, alkaline spring water to aid her healing (emphasis on natural, not bottled or alkaline water machines)
  • Veda’s discovery of water’s signature pattern and how it reflects its environment
  • How water responds to the energy and tension in its environment
  • The potential impact of technology, such as 5G cell towers, on water’s structure and vitality
  • Water’s significance in cultures and faiths around the world, including baptism and birth

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Veda Austin’s journey to becoming a renowned water researcher began with a tragic car accident that nearly claimed her life.

“It’s a miracle that I managed to survive,” she told me.

The car she was in collided at high speed with a seven-ton truck, causing it to roll twice. The driver was decapitated and killed instantly, but Veda survived despite suffering massive injuries.

Veda spent the next year in and out of the hospital due to internal bleeding that caused scar tissue to form on her small bowel, restricting her ability to eat.

As Veda described it, “Eating food became extremely difficult, and I experienced intense pain similar to labor on a daily basis.”

When she finally saw a specialist, he was shocked she had endured for so long.

As Veda recounted, “He was surprised that I had managed to go on for so long like this because my bowel was basically cut off.”

Despite multiple surgeries to repair her bowel, complications arose.

It’s a miracle that I managed to survive.

“Even though he managed to sew my bowel back together, he had to take out a bunch of buttons three times. During the final surgery, I remember doctors standing around me. When I woke up from anesthesia, they told me that I hadn’t recovered well and that I had blood clots in my lungs,” Veda told me.

The doctors couldn’t explain how a bowel surgery led to blood clots.

“Why was I going in for bowel surgery and coming out with blood clots?” she asked. “Unfortunately, they couldn’t provide me with an answer.”

They wanted her on warfarin, a blood thinner, potentially for life. But Veda had always lived holistically, becoming a vegetarian at age eight and avoiding drugs and alcohol. The thought of long-term medication didn’t sit well with her.

“Every doctor that told me I couldn’t [have children]. I did.

Despite the doctors’ dim prognosis, Veda went on to prove them wrong in a most remarkable way. The same doctors who told her the damage from the accident meant she would never conceive were stunned when she went on to give birth to her first child.

As Veda said, “Every doctor that told me I couldn’t [have children]. I did.”

Veda learned not to accept doctors’ opinions as final – her body was capable of healing in ways they couldn’t predict or understand. Little did she know her search for answers would lead her to discover water’s secret healing powers.

Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence: Our bodies are made up of approximately 99% water. Getting to know water is the first step to accessing its healing powers.

Unlocking the Healing Power of Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Veda was determined to heal without long-term medication. As she told me, “I was in my early 20s and thought my body could heal itself. I had a wonderful team of holistic healers and a friend who practiced Ayurvedic medicine and was also a medical doctor. He suggested that if I could find a natural source of high alkaline water, that might be a great place to start to help my body come back into balance.”

So Veda began testing different alkaline waters, looking for the ideal water to aid her healing.

“I was trialing each water for two weeks and not changing my diet or skincare. I wanted to see if I could find the best water for my body as far as healing and help,” she said.

After moving to Christchurch and opening a wellness center, a client told her about an artisan spring water coming straight out of the ground at 9.9 pH. The water was naturally high in alkaline minerals like lime.

Veda noticed dramatic changes within days of drinking the spring water.

“My bowel movements were really good, and I realized that there are so many dehydrated people out there who don’t want to talk about it,” she told me.

“After having so many surgeries for bowel issues, you become very attuned to what is good and bad. You also start to learn more about it. So, when things are going well, I think, ‘Oh, this is very good.’”

Getting to know water is the first step.

Between days 10 and 12, something shocking happened.

“I noticed these little bumps coming up on my arm and jaw that were very painful,” Veda said.

“I ended up getting some tweezers because I’m like, ‘I think there’s something in there.’

I mean, it’s gross, really. But I twisted my way in there and pulled out some little shards of green glass.”

Over the next two days, Veda removed 27 pieces of green glass from her arm and jaw.

“All on my right side,” she told me. “And I know exactly what where it was from. Because in the car accident, which was many, many, many years prior, like, you know, 18 something or other years before this happened.”

The driver was a bar owner. The green glass was from crates of Steinlager beer bottles in the back seat that shattered in the crash. In the chaos of the accident, Veda had instinctively thrown one arm up to shield her face, and fragments of glass were embedded in her arm and jaw.

“At first, I wondered if it was just me having a good reaction to the water,” she said. But after offering it to others at her wellness center she found the results were universal: “Across the board, everybody had some positive experience,” she said.

Athletes reported improvements in their performance. Even more remarkably, a man with stage IV cancer who water fasted for 27 days using the spring water saw his tumor shrink by half. Various other ailments – poor eyesight, infertility, depression – seemed to improve from the water. After 80 people participated in the first year-long trial, Veda was in awe of the water’s effects.

“It was almost like a medicine, like a universal type of medicine,” she told me.

Intrigued, Veda began experimenting by freezing and melting samples of the spring water to observe how it formed crystals. Within minutes, spectacular patterns emerged.

Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence: Water has signature patterns that are revealed when it’s frozen.

“What else is happening in the freezer? How is it forming these amazing pictures?” she wondered.

Her experiments led her to identify three ways water shares information.

Veda’s work was influenced by several controversial figures. Dr. Jerry Pollack’s research into water’s ‘fourth phase’ resonated with her own findings. Dr. Masaru Emoto and Laurent Costa claimed water responds to human energy and emotion. Costa even photographed “smiley faces” in water drops. Thomas Hieronymus hypothesized that organs have a “sonic signature” that imprints on surrounding water.

The 3 Ways Water Shares Information

The first way water seems to share information is through “signature patterns,” the characteristic formations of each water source. Veda found “it’s important to know signature patterns because each different type of water has a signature pattern.”

Spring water forms a star shape, rainwater creates curved lines. Filtered water resembles the filter itself.

The second is “the heart of water” – the art and imagery reflecting its environment. Veda discovered “water wants to have just as much of a conversation with you as you want to have with it.”

By observing water’s responses, she saw how it reflected emotions, frequencies, and vibrations.

The third is Veda’s “3D emotional language” of “hydroglyphs” – water’s translations of emotions and energies into physical form. Over time, she found “water is not in judgment. Water was able to pick up on certain words and design the word. It absorbs the energy of words and crystallizes into the energy form of the word.”

The water embodied the essence and feeling of words in its crystals.

“It is amazing,” she said. “That’s why I call it a 3D emotional language. It’s not emotional because of the ice, but because it elicits an emotional response.”

Through patience and observation, Veda came to see water as a “universal medicine.” By unlocking water’s secrets – how it communicates through signatures, art, and emotions – she tapped into a well of knowledge about the extraordinary creative force contained within. Water, she learned, is anything but ordinary.

With evidence of the healing effects from the alkaline spring water, Veda set out to examine how various influences in a water’s environment could imprint on its structure and expression.

Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence: Fresh spring water tends to form a star-like pattern, with a fern coming off each leg of the star that forms a hexagon.

The Impact of Environment on Water

As Veda explained, “It’s critical we understand what we’re seeing in water’s structures—what they actually are… Municipal tap water, for example, has a disordered structure—that’s the norm,” she said.

However, Veda found that tap water’s usual signature pattern can change. “Interestingly, you can alter tap water’s usual signature pattern. Exposing it to a singing bowl’s frequency or freezing it after changes its structure,” she told me.

Veda also discovered that human energy and intention could improve tap water’s structure.

“You can hold a glass of tap water to your heart, feel deep gratitude and love for 1 minute, then praise it. Its structures will change to resemble rainwater or spring water,” she said. “We’re seeing a structural, not chemical, change. To understand it, we need to recognize what we’re really seeing—you might call it emotion.”

Her work demonstrates water’s sensitivity to its environment and the influences around it.

To illustrate the impact of technology, Veda noted photos of spring water placed within a foot of a 5G cell tower for 15 minutes.

“Its structure was destroyed, worse than tap water’s,” she described.

However, Veda found that when removed from the 5G influence, the spring water began recovering its vitality and coherence.

“After 3 freeze-thaw cycles, the spring water’s structure began improving. By the 6th cycle, it returned to its original pattern,” she told me.

Through her research, Veda showed that water adopts the energetic imprint of its surroundings. By recognizing water’s sensitivity and its expressions of that sensitivity, we can better understand why certain environmental factors disrupt our health and well-being. As Veda’s work demonstrates, nature provides solutions if we’re willing to listen—even in the simple element we so often take for granted.

Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence: Water responds to its environment. Municipal tap water has a very disordered structure.

Water’s Wisdom: Lessons from Egg Whites

Water is deeply significant in cultures and faiths around the world. Baptism, for example, represents new life, purity, and rebirth through immersion in water. Water is essential for birth, life, and death.

As Veda said, “There’s always water mentioned so many times, even in the Bible, God spoke on the face of the waters.”

She asked, “Why is water used and nothing else? Why not oil?…We are bodies of water.”

We see only our physical form but “the moment we go to the bathroom, we’re leaking. When we cry, we leak. When we sweat, we leak. When we conceive a child, it is through fluids.”

From this, she concludes that there must be “something magical happening in this.”

Veda theorized that egg whites share properties with amniotic fluid since both are naturally formed waters. Her experiments with egg whites revealed water’s relationship to life and renewal.

“I have always had this idea that ancestral information can be passed through the amniotic fluid to the baby,” Veda explained.

Veda found that egg whites from free-range eggs form six distinct patterns, while egg whites from caged eggs show only two patterns.

“There are six specific patterns that you can see in healthy free-range hen eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, or duck eggs,” she told me.

She observed that when a free-range egg was placed among caged eggs overnight, the caged eggs closest to the free-range egg improved the most.

“Now, what’s interesting is that when I put a free-range hen’s egg and set it next to a caged hen egg and put them there overnight… What was interesting is that the free-range hen egg’s pattern stayed just as you would imagine. But the caged hen egg pattern had improved, and it started to look just like a free-range egg,” Veda described.

Although the eggs were unfertilized, they seemed to want to improve in their formative stage. The free-range egg sustained the caged eggs closest to it, demonstrating how the healthy support the weak and water shares information without degrading.

As Veda concluded, “My takeaway from that is if you heal yourself, you can heal others without even trying.”

Veda sees everything as connected through water. While the “most polluted water” will evaporate, we may encounter it again.

If you heal yourself, you can heal others without even trying

“We breathe, releasing water to air but can’t see it. Electrical charge enables us to sense energy fields through liquid antennas.

“Wherever it touches, it accepts,” Veda said of water’s grace.

Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence: Most bottled waters have the same disordered structure and contaminants of tap water.

Carrying the Message of Water’s Healing Power

Veda’s journey began with a life-changing car accident that opened her eyes to water’s healing power. By sharing her story, she invites us all to open our eyes to this secret wisdom water has to offer as our guide. Observing how water expressed sensitivity to environment, intention, and words, Veda unlocked a universal language.

Before addressing an audience of skeptical scientists last year at a conference held by Dr. Jerry Pollack, Veda’s nerves were calmed when she recalled an indigenous woman’s story about speaking to bees.

The woman watched their hive for long periods until one day, a bee communicated to her, saying, “Could you please not watch our hive for such a long time? We don’t mind you watching, but your conscious expression is putting too much light in the hive, and we like it to be darker.”

Veda realized, “What we focus on is where our ‘light’ goes.”

Veda saw halos of light around icicles forming and water’s responses to emotions or ideas illuminated in a flash, like the conception of new life.

“There is no medicine, pill, or anything that you can put into your body that will heal you. It is your body that heals you,” she explained. “If you imagine that everything you put into your body has a frequency, it is actually the frequency signature that connects with your body and enables healing to happen.”

We are the “filter.” Veda has observed that “saliva, when you spit it into a petri dish and freeze it, the last word you spoke is imprinted into the saliva in some shape or form.”

Likewise she realized our tears are “our own medicine in our deepest sorrow. Our faces are designed in such a way that when we are crying, the tears come out of our tear ducts and they come around our cheeks back towards our mouth because they have been reordered and restructured to be a medicine to be taken back in to help heal our hearts.”

If you’re wondering how you can put these ideas into practice, here are some suggestions.

Feel gratitude for your water; many people around the world have to travel miles just to obtain polluted sources, but still connect deeply with it to stay alive.

“Collect spring water if you’re fortunate enough,” Veda urged.

Unlocking Water’s Secret Intelligence: Find a source of natural spring water if you can.

Share knowledge; help build community; review resources that serve you so others may also benefit. Share this podcast with any and all who will be receptive to its message!

As Veda said, “water is transparent, and does not discriminate based on color, creed, or religion. It does not judge or label. It can enter the body of an ant as easily as it can enter the body of a king, a homeless person, a tree, or a dragonfly. Water is always with us, from the moment we are conceived until our death.”

I believe sharing is caring, so I have a favor to ask. If my show is helpful to you, please share this podcast and consider leaving a review in Apple Podcasts. It is through sharing that we create community, eliminate guilt and shame, and bring about healing. Thank you in advance for taking three minutes out of your day to support my show so others can find me.


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