Nutritional therapy for depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, ADHD, and autism

Let me help you find the root causes of your pain and suffering through nutrition and lifestyle medicine, which includes lab testing, assessment, and tracking, to gain insight into what’s really going on inside your body.

Samantha Gilbert

14 Years of Experience Delivering Better Mental and Physical Health.

Meet Samantha Gilbert, the founder and creator of Eat for Life!

Sami is a Nutritional Therapy Counselor, Hope Communicator and Life Guide.

For 14 years she’s helped thousands of clients including couples and children from 23 countries heal their mind and body through nutritional therapy and lifestyle medicine.

Sami is an expert in discovering the source of the symptoms you carry to create customized therapies to place you on a path to healing. Sami looks at genes, digestion, and inflammation as root causes to complex cases. She embodies an empathetic, compassionate approach based on biochemical individuality.

She is also the creator of the Eat for Life Podcast, a show that investigates the root causes of what ails you so you can heal and live the life you are meant for.

Nutritional Therapy Tailored To Your Condition

You are not your condition. Labels such as depression, ADHD, and OCD are merely terms that denote underlying imbalances. I invite you to learn about a different approach to healing that looks at your genes, digestion, and inflammation as root causes of your pain and suffering.

Results Lead to Better Health

Healing stories are powerful. Read some of the ways I’ve helped people over the years.

Ever since I met Sami I look and feel better than I have in years. I did her 90-day program and much of what I learned has changed what I eat and crave.

Bret H.

For me, deeper restoration and healing has finally come after 25 years of searching and trying a plethora of medications and dietary protocols.

Sydney S.

Having a very personalized plan has helped with my digestion issues, food obsessions, nutritional imbalances, and weight issues.

Sharon S.

It’s Not Your Fault You
Feel The Way You Do

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Health & Nutrition Advice

Get delicious recipes and learn more about underlying causes of depression and anxiety, OCD,
ADD/ADHD, eating disorders, and autism.

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