Your Health Is A Puzzle

Your health is a puzzle and your unique story matters. We help you put the pieces back together. We investigate the root causes of what’s going on in your brain and body so you can start to heal. We connect your physical, emotional, and spiritual health to help you find your own path to healing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, insomnia, chronic fatigue, PMS, and more.

Join nutritional therapist Samantha Gilbert as she dives deep into neuroscience, epigenetics, functional and micromolecular medicine, trauma and abuse, as well as spirituality and faith. Each episode of Eat For Life is a chance to take the next step in your healing process, explore how everything is connected, and reclaim your life.

Why A Podcast?

The Eat For Life podcast gives you free, learn-on-the-go content so you can get to the root causes of your suffering and start to heal. We release new episodes every other week.

You can take this in-depth audio content wherever you go and listen whenever you have time using apps like Spotify, Castbox, Castro, and Apple Podcasts.

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