Targeted Diets for Each Biotype

I created my Eat For Life cookbooks for each unique biotype. They each contain 25 recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and desserts. I break down the research behind each biotype and give you the exact foods you need to thrive. Also included is a meal planner to make this process easy and enjoyable. My recipes are free of grains, gluten, dairy (with the exception of ghee which can be substituted), refined sugar, nuts, and soy. Some recipes contain eggs.

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Please note cookbooks are eBooks, not hard copies.

The High Zinc Diet

A healing guide for zinc deficiency.

The Low Copper Diet

A healing guide for copper toxicity.

The Pyroluria Diet

A healing guide for pyrrole disorder.

The Low Folate Diet

A healing guide for undermethylation.

The High Folate Diet

A healing guide for overmethylation.

Targeted Diets Lead to Better Health

Healing stories are powerful. Read some of the ways I’ve helped people over the years.

I really appreciate that she details out high, low, and moderate folate foods in her Low Folate Cookbook.

Cheryl C.

I’m amazed by the amount of research and specificity contained in Sami’s cookbooks.

Theresa C.

I really appreciate that Sami spent several years on her own healing journey to figure out what is and isn’t high in copper.

Angela W.

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