The Low Copper Diet Cookbook A Healing Guide for Copper Toxicity

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The Low Copper Diet Cookbook

A Healing Guide for Copper Toxicity

Save yourself the time and frustration pouring through inaccurate low copper food lists. My Low Copper Cookbook contains the complete list of high copper foods, verified research, meal planning, and delicious low copper recipes.

Includes 25 recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and desserts.

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Here’s What’s Included:

The Low Copper Diet
The Pyroluria Diet
The High Zinc Diet
The Low Folate Diet
The High Folate Diet

Free Bonus Books:

All About Epigenetics
The Gut Brain Connection
Methylation, Copper and Cancer
Weight Loss The Eat for Life Way

“All the lists online for foods that are high in copper are contradictory and confusing. I really appreciate that Sami spent several years on her own healing journey to figure out what is and isn’t high in copper. For example, I never would’ve thought that the copper content of the soil in which the food was grown would be a factor, nor that there is a difference in copper levels between cured and uncured meats. She also shares that “the dose makes the poison” so I find I can have more variety if I’m not eating high amounts of a particularly high copper food. For example, most nuts and seeds are high in copper, but some are not and are allowed on a low copper healing plan.”


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