The Low Folate Diet Cookbook A Healing Guide for Undermethylation

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The Low Folate Diet Cookbook

A Healing Guide for Undermethylation

Methylation is a complex process but eating according to your methylation status doesn’t have to be. My Low Folate Cookbook contains low, high, and moderate folate foods, verified research, meal planning, and delicious low folate recipes to heal undermethylation (too few methyl groups).

Includes 25 recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and desserts.

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Here’s What’s Included:

The Low Copper Diet
The Pyroluria Diet
The High Zinc Diet
The Low Folate Diet
The High Folate Diet

Free Bonus Books:

All About Epigenetics
The Gut Brain Connection
Methylation, Copper and Cancer
Weight Loss The Eat for Life Way

“Sami tested my methylation status and found that I am an undermethylator, which means I need to be on a low folate diet to heal. I really appreciate that she details out high, low, and moderate folate foods in her Low Folate Cookbook. I was afraid I would have to give up most of the veggies I love but Sami reassured me there are lots of plant-based options on a low folate diet. I felt terrible on a vegan diet. Now knowing I am undermethylated explains why. I have noticed a dramatic change in my mood, sleep, and energy levels on this diet. I don’t feel deprived and am encouraged by the variety of plant-based options.”


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