EP 09: How Trauma Deceives Us Into Making Agreements with Jean Masukevich

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EP 09: How Trauma Deceives Us Into Making Agreements with Jean Masukevich

Trauma is insidious—it reaches into the core of our beings and it covertly impacts our everyday lives.

In today’s episode, my personal coach, Jean Masukevich, is joining me again to discuss trauma and how it deceives us into making agreements, why we make them in the first place, and how agreements covertly impact us. In the past, we covered collective trauma and how it’s showing itself during this pandemic in Episode 5. In Episode 6, we explored how to use our personal story as an entry point to healing. And in Episode 7, we discussed systemic injustice, embodied trauma, and doing the inner work.

I share examples of my own agreements and how from a very early age, I was deceived into making them. I also share how the trauma I endured left me open to being attacked in the same way throughout my life.

PLEASE NOTE: This episode is not for young ears and may trigger those that have been sexually abused.

Jean is a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher and integrative coach. Her mission is to guide others to greater mind, body, spirit integration, and connection to their authentic self. She cultivates communities of care where individuals and groups heal and share their hearts and stories through movement, creativity, meditation, integrative prayer, and the sacred art of listening.

Jean holds an advanced certificate in grief and trauma from the Allender Center of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and is a Spiritual Director with a certificate through Sustainable Faith. Jean serves both children and adults and is available for in-person and remote coaching.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What are trauma-based agreements and why we make them
  • How deception and accusation lead to making agreements
  • Why trauma deceives us into making agreements and how they fit into the story of our core wounds

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