EP 28: 2 Causes of Unexplained Behavior Change in Kids with Dr. Jill Crista

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EP 28: 2 Causes of Unexplained Behavior Change in Kids with Dr. Jill Crista

Drastic behavior changes. Extreme irritability. Developmental regressions. Why did your child become someone you barely recognize seemingly overnight?

Radical, sudden changes in a child’s behaviors and mood can be signs of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder (PANDAS) and Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS).

These infection-induced autoimmune encephalopathies were once considered rare disorders that are only recently becoming more well-recognized by the conventional medical community.

Which is why I’m so excited to share this powerful conversation with special guest expert, Dr. Jill Crista, who shares her own story of how she healed her twin sons of PANS and herself of Lyme disease and how that set her on a path to helping children and families heal from these conditions.

While the root causes are often not readily identified, and treatment may not be straightforward, both PANDAS and PANS are caused by an autoimmune response to an infection that results in severe inflammation in the brain.

Not all infections start this process because not everybody is going into the infection in a compromised state. And this is key to understanding and treating these conditions.

Dr. Jill Crista is a naturopathic doctor and one of the leading experts in the treatment of mold-related illnesses. After 20 years of working with patients and having toxic mold sprout in her own home, she was inspired to write her book, Break the Mold.

The book clearly and simply outlines the tools that everyday people can use to conquer mold. Dr. Jill also trains doctors to become mold literate, and supports mold canaries through her membership portal. Her motto? “Break the mold, take back your health.”

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • A breakdown of infection-induced autoimmune encephalopathies and how the stage can be set for immune system confusion
  • Diagnostic criteria for PANDAS and PANS, and why early-stage PANS may hide in plain sight
  • How compulsions and tics in children don’t look like the movies and how to approach a child with a new or troubling behavior pattern
  • Why taking healing fundamentals one step at a time is necessary for you and your child to keep from getting overwhelmed
  • Immune system variables that make PANDAS and PANS difficult to test for, and testing adjustments that may be necessary

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