EP 30: Post-Birth Control Syndrome: Fix Your Hormone and Digestive Health with Jenna Longoria, FDN-P

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EP 30: Post-Birth Control Syndrome: Fix Your Hormone and Digestive Health with Jenna Longoria, FDN-P

So many women struggle on birth control.

Yet when they finally decide to go off it, they continue to have the same, or in many cases worsening, symptoms.

If you or a loved one struggle on any form of birth control, today’s episode will empower you with the knowledge to understand why this is happening and the steps you can take to begin the healing process.

You’ll learn how hormonal and copper IUD forms of birth control–and other long-term hormone therapies–impair the GI tract and deplete the body of key nutrients that can lead to autoimmune conditions, thyroid imbalances, and so much more.

We also discuss Post-Birth Control Syndrome, which can have lasting impacts on fertility, thyroid health, sexual function, and may even put you at greater risk of developing autoimmune conditions like Lupus.

Today I’m talking with Jenna Longoria, AKA the Period Guru.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How suppressing ovulation impacts progesterone, and its ripple effects on heart, thyroid and bone health
  • What potentially life-threatening side effects are even more common if you have a family history of them
  • How the pill disrupts the gut microbiome, leading to inflammation, food sensitivities, yeast infections, and nutrient malabsorption
  • Six steps to take as you come off of birth control pills or an IUD

Jenna is a board-certified functional nutrition practitioner specializing in women’s hormones.  Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, NBC, the Elephant Journal, and SXSW. Jenna is also the author of The Period Solution: 28-Day Hormone Balancing Guide.

Through her virtual private practice, Jenna helps women reclaim their hormones and digestive health with a multi-disciplinary approach, combining functional medicine, nutrition, and diagnostic lab testing in her results-driven Root Cause Program. Jenna is a firm believer that the right diet and lifestyle can put any hormonal condition into remission.

Learn more about Jenna Longoria:



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