EP 35: Integrative Mental Health Summit October 8-10

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EP 35: Integrative Mental Health Summit October 8-10

Prior to 2020, an estimated 25% of adults struggled with a mental health condition. Since the beginning of the pandemic, with the added stressors and uncertainties many of us face, along with the toll of social and physical isolation, that number is estimated to have risen by 40%.

The landscape of our collective mental health has likely permanently changed since the beginning of 2020.

But accessing mental health care and support is still a challenge for many people, particularly for anyone looking outside the traditional model of managing symptoms with medication.

And yet, there is a body of research that supports and validates the use of integrative strategies for treating mental health concerns by addressing root cause imbalances in the body that affect brain functioning and symptom presentation.

Today, I’m joined by the executive directors of Journey’s Dream and the Mensah Research Institute, organizers of the Integrative Mental Health Summit, October 8-10. This three-day online conference is intended for anyone and everyone facing mental health concerns by providing accessible resources and education.

And I am so excited to announce that I will be delivering a keynote speech on October 8.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How mental health should be viewed as a spectrum from thriving to struggling, and why no point on the spectrum is permanent.
  • Why mental health support needs to go beyond addressing acute symptoms and become a preventative practice.
  • What integrative or functional medicine means when it comes to mental healthcare.

Breaha Wallin is the co-founder and executive director of Journey’s Dream. She was inspired to co-found Journey’s Dream following her brother Journey’s struggle with his mental health and subsequent death in 2013. Breaha is co-creating a world where mental health recovery is the mainstream expectation and everyone has access to excellent multifaceted care.

DJ Wells is the executive director of The Mensah Research Institute was founded as a conduit for conducting, supporting, and presenting research efforts that provide scientific evidence of the efficacy of targeted nutrient therapy and other natural approaches to improving brain function and to enhancing and optimizing mind, body health and balance.

Register for the Integrative Mental Health Summit.

Learn more about Journey’s Dream:

Learn more about the Mensah Research Institute:


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