EP 39: Breast Implant Illness Facts with Danielle Valoras, Part 1

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EP 39: Breast Implant Illness Facts with Danielle Valoras, Part 1

If you have breast implants and are experiencing symptoms, please hear me. You are not crazy. It’s not all in your head and yes, you can do something about it.

If your medical provider isn’t hearing you or is dismissing you, then I encourage you to find someone else who will truly listen to your concerns and provide a compassionate approach to healing.

I’m passionate about this topic because I’ve walked with several clients through their breast implant illness healing journeys, and I want you to know you are not alone.

Breast implant illness survivor Danielle Valoris joins me for a two-part series to discuss the signs and symptoms of breast implant illness, along with how implants are manufactured and why we don’t have long-term data on their safety.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How lack of accountability and transparency in the FDA approval process for breast implants impacts our ability to make educated choices.
  • How Danielle’s surgical team ignored her specific wishes for the size of her implants and how that impacted her healing and orthopedic symptoms she developed.
  • The symptoms of lymphatic swelling, depression, fatigue and brain fog that began to crop up almost immediately after surgery.
  • What pathologists found in Danielle’s system at the time her implants were removed.

Danielle Valoras is a certified physician assistant and founder of NavWell RX, an integrative health practice. She is also the originator of the Breast Implant Health Summit, a global initiative for education and better health for those with breast implants. Danielle brings over 20 years of experience in medical research and education to her clients.

She specializes in Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (P.N.E.I.), a burgeoning field that investigates the link between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems in relation to physical health. 

For the last five years, Danielle’s mission has been to inform, treat and advocate for women who have been diagnosed with breast implant illness and other implantable device-related issues.  

Today, she shares her implant story and the challenges, symptoms, and illness that developed, her ultimate decision to have them removed, and how she healed.

Learn more about Danielle Valoras, PA-C:



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