Mensah Medical Patients

Mensah Medical patients receive discounted pricing with a focus entirely on dietary guidance. Advanced nutrient therapy support is not included.

Important note: you are a Mensah Medical patient if you have seen Drs. Mensah or Bowman in person.

After purchase, you will receive a welcome email with further details and a link to my online booking system.

I am currently booking one month out.


New Patient Consultation - $250

  • 50-minute comprehensive assessment so that I can really get to know you on a deeper level including your health history, emotional traits and triggers, and environmental influences. You will fill out my online assessment prior to your consultation. Please allow 20 minutes to complete it.
  • Complete review of lab work.
  • Customized dietary therapy protocol based on your biotype and nutrient protocol from Drs. Mensah and Bowman.
  • Recipes, supportive action guides, and food lists.
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Essential & Complete Packages

The essential and complete packages are for those desiring a deeper level of support and accountability and include the following:

  • Initial 50-minute assessment.
  • Four 1/2 hour sessions (essential package) or ten 1/2 hour sessions (complete package).
  • Everything included in the New Patient Consultation.
  • Email support in between sessions.
  • Time management and meal planning.
  • How to eat (how you eat is 75% of the healing process).
  • Adapting your customized protocol to your specific lifestyle.
  • Setting specific, measurable and attainable goals.
  • Transformational coaching to uncover what may be blocking you from your goals.
  • If you are an existing patient and have already had your consultation, choose one of these options for continued support – six 1/2 hour sessions (essential package) or twelve 1/2 hour sessions (complete package).
Essential Package - $525 Complete Package - $985