EP 20: Biochemical Imbalances that Cause Eating Disorders with Dr. Judith Bowman

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EP 20: Biochemical Imbalances that Cause Eating Disorders with Dr. Judith Bowman

In honor of Eating Disorder Awareness, I brought back my personal physician, Dr. Judith Bowman, to talk about the genetic, environmental, and biochemical causes of eating disorders.  

I spent over 25 years struggling with a disordered relationship to food and my body, making this topic very personal for me. 

If you’re currently struggling with disordered eating, please know you are not alone. You are not at fault and healing is always possible.

Dr. Judith Bowman co-founded Mensah Medical in 2008 with her colleague, Dr. Albert Mensah. Dr. Bowman combines traditional medicine with a biochemical approach to treating behavioral and cognitive disorders including autism spectrum disorder, depression, postpartum depression, and women’s health, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other biochemical imbalances.

Dr. Bowman has treated over 30,000 patients using all-natural non-pharmaceutical targeted nutrient therapy. She trains physicians in advanced nutrient therapy techniques and facilitates outreach clinics all over the United States and abroad.

If you struggle with disordered eating, testing and evaluation are important to the healing process. Eating disorders can be safely healed with dietary and nutrient therapy, therapies that literally saved my life.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Genetic conditions that create disordered eating such as undermethylation, zinc and B6 deficiencies, as well Pyrrole disorder
  • How folic acid acts as a “double agent” on our DNA
  • How these conditions affect neurotransmitter and hormonal development

Learn more about Dr. Judith Bowman:


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