EP 18: Why Behavior Change is So Hard with Dr. Perry Passaro

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EP 18: Why Behavior Change is So Hard with Dr. Perry Passaro

Well, it’s January and I have no words to describe all that we endured last year.

After taking some much needed time for self-care, I’m invigorated to begin anew. That’s why I feel this episode is so important. This time of year is when we set new goals and do everything in our power to achieve them. 

But what happens when we don’t? 

What stops us from doing what we truly want to do to become a healthier, happier human being? 

Achieving our goals seems so simple when we write them down on January 1st. Yet as the days continue, we often see our motivation wane. 

We might think: Why can’t we just stick to our goals?

We assume that we don’t have what it takes to truly change—but is it as simple as that? 

Our goals are typically tied to behavior change and it’s hard to flip a switch in the New Year without understanding how we can motivate ourselves to take action that lasts.

That’s why I wanted to invite Dr. Perry Passaro back to the podcast. Dr. Passaro shares how to make real, lasting change. Dr. Passaro specializes in the treatment of behavioral disorders, anxiety, spectrum disorders, mood disorders, PTSD, and addiction. Dr. Passaro has been identified as one of the top 10 psychologists in Orange County, California. 

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why behavior change is so hard and how you can move past it
  • The role of acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Why goals on their own don’t have motivating power 
  • How to develop the motivation to take action
  • How nutrient imbalances can significantly impact our ability to move forward in life 

Learn more about Dr. Passaro:

Dr. Passaro’s website



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