EP 32: Post-Concussion Syndrome Healing and Recovery with Dr. Titus Chiu

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When you think of a concussion, do you picture a football player passed out on the field or someone who hit their head in a car accident? 

It may surprise you to learn that a concussion doesn’t have to be from a direct blow to the head or include losing consciousness.

So what defines a concussion?

Anything that jostles the brain can cause a concussion. And symptoms can be more than just headaches and light sensitivity. 

In fact, many people struggle for years before they realize they’ve had a concussion and are dealing with a wide variety of debilitating physical, mental and emotional symptoms related to Post-Concussion Syndrome.

For years, today’s guest struggled with many vague health issues, such as mild depression, lack of motivation, low energy, and brain fog to name a few. 

The breaking point was after he got into a horrible car accident that nearly cost him his life, which led to his calling as a functional neurologist and the realization that he’d had a series of concussions prior to that almost fatal accident.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What a concussion really is and common symptoms that you might not know about.
  • How Post-Concussion Syndrome symptoms can continue to develop long after the original injury.
  • Why symptoms vary widely and encompass so many aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Why a holistic approach to symptoms is key to targeting treatment for the specific areas of the brain that have been injured by a concussion.
  • How learning to activate your vagus nerve plays a role in healing from concussion.

Dr. Titus Chiu is a functional neurologist who has been passionately teaching people how to fix their brains since the day he healed his own broken brain. He is also an award-winning speaker and the bestselling author of BrainSAVE.

Dr. Chiu helps high achievers go from surviving to thriving after concussion by empowering them with the most up-to-date tools and resources needed to take control of their brains.

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