EP 51: Why Meat Isn’t the Problem with James Connolly

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EP 51: Why Meat Isn’t the Problem with James Connolly

Have you ever watched a vegan documentary and been so sickened and repulsed that you decided then and there to go vegan?

I know I have. And I was vegan for many years until my health fell apart.

While it’s evident that factory farming isn’t the answer, the politically-charged vegan agenda isn’t either.

As I shared in Episode 50, I’m deeply committed to asking big questions about food sustainability and its impact on our health. 

So today, I’m sharing an in-depth conversation with James Connolly, the producer of the documentary Sacred Cow.

James Connolly is an artist, chef, non-profit founder, and documentary film producer with Archer Gray Productions. He co-founded The Bubble Foundation, a non-profit focused on issues of wellness and food insecurity in inner-city public schools. 

James’ most recent film is Sacred Cow: The Nutritional, Environmental and Ethical Case for Better Meat, directed by Diana Rodgers.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The development of industrialized agriculture in response to the real need to feed more people, and the consequences to nutrition and climate that we live with today
  • Why we have to talk about race in the history of farming and agricultural policy in America
  • What the animal welfare movement gets right about industrial agriculture and why highly-processed plant-based foods aren’t the answer
  • How the rebranding of vegan to plant-based by massive corporate interests impacts our food system and nutrition

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