EP 56: The Gut and Gum Disease Connection with Dr. Al Danenberg

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EP 56: The Gut and Gum Disease Connection with Dr. Al Danenberg

Are amalgam fillings really safe? Do antibacterial mouthwash and fluoride-based toothpaste live up to their claims? What about Waterpiks and flossing up into the gumline?

Is it possible that these conventional approaches to oral health create more problems?

The relationship between your gut and oral microbiome is profound, so it stands to reason that it’s important to investigate the role poor diet, gut infections, and nutrient deficiencies play in gum disease and overall health.

So today, I’m talking with Dr. Al Danenberg about what conventional dentistry doesn’t consider when it comes to treating and preventing gum disease and how we can best care for our oral health.

Dr. Al Danenberg goes by “Dr. Al”. He is a periodontist and was in private practice for 44 years. He incorporated ancestral nutrition & lifestyle with his leading-edge laser protocol to treat periodontal disease. 

Currently, Dr. Al consults with patients all over the world regarding animal-based nutrition, lifestyle, oral & overall health, and the importance of a healthy gut and immune system.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How conventional dentistry treats symptoms of oral health issues but doesn’t address root causes
  • The three main functions of healthy dental plaque
  • The relationship between gum disease, gut dysbiosis, and chronic inflammation
  • How to gently and effectively care for your teeth, gums, and tongue

Learn more about Al Danenberg, DDS:



1 thought on “EP 56: The Gut and Gum Disease Connection with Dr. Al Danenberg”

  1. Thank you for trying to help! The misinformation and lies are destroying mankind and our beautiful planet Earth! I pray a miracle will save us from ourselves! I pray for the beautiful animals of this earth who are innocently being eliminated by greed! Our healthcare system that has failed and left us so vulnerable! Thanks again for your obvious kindness in trying to educate the rest of us who are trying to get well.

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