Ashwagandha: Herbal Remedy with Dangerous Repercussions

Daily I hear my clients talk about “adrenal fatigue” and how they have to “fix” their adrenals. What I’ve discovered is that most people are confused about the true underlying cause of their adrenal fatigue or more accurately put, oxidative stress.

This week Dr. Mensah and I discuss Ashwagandha and the hidden dangers in his adaptogenic herb that you need to be aware of.

Ashwagandha is touted as a wonderful remedy for adrenal fatigue, but in our world, we see that adrenal fatigue is secondary to copper toxicity and systemic oxidative stress.

Many of our patients have admittedly tried various herbal remedies that they believe will enhance their recoveries. Ashwagandha, also known as winter cherry, is a powerful herb in Ayurvedic medicine. The herb grows in India, the Middle East, and northern Africa, and is in the same family as the tomato. Due to its increasing popularity in the west, is now also being grown in North America.

Ashwagandha proponents claim this herb can be used to alleviate stress, fatigue, low energy, improve problems with learning and concentration, reduce anxiety, stabilize brain-cell degeneration, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. This popular herb is being touted as a fantastic immune booster and superfood. Ashwagandha is often called “Indian ginseng” because it is very energizing, but botanically speaking, ginseng and Ashwagandha are completely unrelated.

I urge you to be careful about buying into marketing claims. Ashwagandha can do a lot of damage to folks with abnormal methylation issues and copper toxicity.

Saliva-based adrenal stress index tests are the most common testing method to determine cortisol, DHEA, sex, and other hormone levels that impact energy production. Keep in mind that if your hormones are present but are not activated, then they are not doing their job even though they are present.

Hormone production needs a feedback mechanism. Hormone levels are not an indication of hormone activity. This is why we look at the methylation cycle. If this is not in balance, methylation disorders could hinder optimal functionality of hormones and feedback mechanisms that drive hormone production, especially those produced by the adrenal glands.

Proponents of Ashwagandha don’t understand the connection between elevated copper levels, methylation cycles, and adrenal fatigue. Hormone therapy, glandulars (such as desiccated glandular supplements), and/or herbal remedies may be problematic for you and may create adverse symptoms that can impair your progress, especially if you have a methylation disorder and/or copper toxicity.

This is because most adrenal supplements contain copper carrying and stimulatory ingredients (such as organs and glands, and adaptogenic herbs) that can be detrimental to the methylation cycle.

The first question one should ask is “what’s causing my adrenal fatigue to begin with?

Excess copper, elevated kryptopyrroles, and undermethylation are classic underlying causes of chronic fatigue. Copper is especially insidious as it causes an increase in norepinephrine that puts stress on the adrenals, thus impairing hormone activity.

Our protocols for oxidative stress work at the root biochemical cause of your adrenal fatigue, making the need for potentially damaging herbal adaptogens unnecessary.

Do you have an experience you’d like to share about Ashwagandha with our community? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!


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    1. I have used ashwaghanda and it made me feel ill . The negative outweighed whatever positive that supposedly it was doing . extremely uncomfortable feeling in my throat .you won’t want to talk . It’s a sick ill feeling . It also elevated my body temperature and I felt uncomfortably hot …even inside the house in a/c . it made me feel weak and faint . I am not sure why but it made me feel ill and I was not taking any medications with it . I guess my immune system just can’t handle it

    2. Me and my daughter have found great help with Ashweghanda putting in capsules and swallowing. Helping us a lot. We no longer take the ssri snri type medication. It helps with energy.
      I’ve had chronic fatigue since a car accident this has helped me with that. I don’t know about negative effects as only found positive for me and my daughter.

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      This post is based on clinical research with patients, not research data that may or may not apply to someone with severe oxidative stress. Research states things in black and white, but in a clinical environment, there are many shades of grey. I encourage you to peruse forums such as this one where real people are sharing their disastrous experiences with ashwagandha. This post is not alarmist, it is an accurate representation of what Dr. Mensah and I see clinically.

      1. A well-researched paper on Aswhagandha.

        Perhaps the real reason why so many people cannot tolerate Aswhagandha and why it could be dangerous is because a lot of people find themselves, through no fault of their own, on combinations of SSRI’s, z-drugs,benzodiazepines, anti-convulsants (mood stabilizers), other atypical anti-psychotics and or other anxiolytics. As such, their system may have a very hard time tolerating something like Ashwagandha, because many people may just be depleted and tired and feeling very sensitized simply because of being incorrectly prescribed many psychiatric drugs in sequences and/or dosages that are not recommended. I feel that this is the real reason that many people have problems with herbals such as this one. I don’t think that the problem is necessarily intrinsic to herbals such as Aswhagandha. It lies into the actual Rx lists that people actually take. The times of content people taking a single SSRI and a blood pressure medication are long gone. Many are now found on puzzling concoctions of pharmaceuticals that cannot be stopped, yet cause more harm than good in the long run.

  1. I tried the so-called adrenal remedies, including ashwaghanda and had disastrous reactions that landed me in the ER a few times. I’m convinced I have severe methylation issues and copper toxicity but can’t afford a pricey practitioner after spending thousands on false hopes. Just be cautious of anyone who pushes expensive supplements. As I know now, there is a root cause that drives adrenal fatigue. That is what needs to be identified and addressed first.
    Thank you Sami, for stating the obvious and reassuring me I’m not a crazy hypochondriac.

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    2. I began taking an herbal supplement called Stresscare, which does include ashwagandha. I have recently stopped taking it as often and I’ve now developed an inflamed thyroid gland in my neck and realize I have the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Should I start taking it again? Or should I just try to treat the thyroid symptoms with diet and rest?. I have taken chelated chromium in the past to lower my copper levels. I can start taking that again. It has worked for me before. I think that this supplement was a bad idea because there are so many ingredients that I have no idea how or what is affecting me. After a few months I did notice stronger hair, more energy, and better focus. However I think that this may have just rebalanced my adrenal function and then I should have stopped taking it. I am just hoping I have not done any permanent damage. Here is the link to the supplement:

  2. Thank you Sami for another enlightening and thought provoking article. It seems that so many people are diagnosed with, or trying to treat their ‘adrenal fatigue’. There always seems to be some mystery as to what exactly that is. I also see that eating dessicated thyroid from a pig each day is a popular treatment for thyroid issues.

    I accept that the underlying causes could be undermethylation, elevated Pyrroles, elevated copper etc. I would also love to know what it is that may make Ashwaganda or dessicated glandular supplements problematic or “create adverse symptoms and impair your progress”.

    Could you possibly expand on this any further?

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      Hi Michelle,
      Most adrenal supplements contain organs and glands that are high in copper. Ashwagandha is a stimulant and like all stimulants, has the ability to impair detox pathways thus making oxidative stress worse, even if there is an initial increase in energy.

      Our concern, and the reason for this post, is that folks suffering from copper toxicity and/or any of the aforementioned issues are taking these supplements without a clear understanding of the true cause of their fatigue. Ashwagandha is especially detrimental if you have a thyroid imbalance and are taking thyroid medication –

  3. Sorry, but my brain is too scattered. I don’t understand the why on not taking Ashwagandha. What is the bad that it does? I’ve always read good things about it. Can you expand more?

    Also – the above comment on thyroid. Naturethroid and the like is the only way to go on helping the thyroid if you need supplements thyroid hormones. Synthroid is a joke.

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      See my reply to Michelle. Regarding bio-identicals vs. synthetic thyroid replacement, everyone’s body responds differently to hormones regardless of the source. Some of my patients respond well to Synthroid and cannot tolerate the bio-identicals. Some do better on animal-based options. Everyone is unique.

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    2. Thyroid problem is often secondary to adrenal exhaustion. Once the adrenals are fixed they stop instructing the thyroid to produce reverse T3 and the hormones settle naturally.

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  4. Interesting! I was taking it during the year leading up to my crash. I had heard it was good for hormones and was taking it for cramps. I wonder how much it had to do with my issues… Thankfully, not taking it now!

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  5. Hi Sami, I have Pyroluria and an Undermethylator and last year suffered from PTSD with Adrenal Fatigue. Also menopausal! Are you suggesting that anyone with these issues should be careful with Ashwagandha? I have been taking adrenal supplement containing this for 6 months as well as being treated for Pyroluria and copper/methylation which have improved mood but I am still quite fatigued! Could this be why?

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  6. Should an undermethylator not be taking dessicated thyroid for thyroid disorders? I have Hashi’s and have always been told to ask for the dessicated instead of the synthetic. Honestly, none of the medications (synthetic or dessicated/natural) have made me feel any better.

  7. My naturopath put me on Ashwagandha for my anxiety due to a lot of anxiety from PTSD. I’ve been on it for 3 months. How does it affect you badly?

  8. Thanks for this article, makes so much sense, wish I had read it years ago, always new there was a root cause I needed to uncover and I have just had testing to find that I do indeed have copper toxocity and pylori.

    Thankfully Ashwaganda is not one I have relied on but I have tried it. I do rely on other adaptogens though to help cope with my high cortisol. It dampens symptoms but I know I am not addressing the root cause with them.

    Question is how to address these underlying issues effectively, inaddition to adding b6 and zinc supps? Adding zinc creates huge anxiety for me its so distressing I am unable to supplement at the requred level.

    Thank you

  9. This article is not completely correct. As will all foods/herbs/spices/plants dosage is key. There is the therapeutic/health dosage and there is the medicinal/functional dosage. The therapeutic dosage for Ashwagandha (for everyone) is between 100mg to 250mg in divided doses per day. The functional dosage can go upto 2g. At low doses it does regulate neurotransmitters providing an anxiolytic effect.
    “Ashwagandha is used in Ayurveda to balance vata and kapha; in excess, and because of its heating, unctuous, building nature, it can imbalance pitta, and also worsen ama (toxic build-up).”

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      I encourage you to actually read this article in its entirety. It was written to inform those with abnormal methylation issues and copper toxicity that ashwagandha can do a lot of damage. This is what we see clinically. Therapeutic dosages for these individuals are still harmful. Keep in mind we are all biochemically unique. What works for one person does not work for everyone, even at lower doses.

    2. I recently took Ashwagandha, a new Doctor. I had been up since 3 am. i experienced a huge panic attack. I have ptsd. I think I may have taken too much. It comes in a squirt mechanism. Thank God there were friends I could call or I might have ended in the ER.

  10. I was wondering.
    Is a nutrientbalancing program through a hairmineralannalys just as god as loking at metylationstatus.
    In corekting metylation problems.

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      HTMA is a great diagnostic tool, but it’s not the holy grail many make it out to be. It is not useful in determining methylation status, nor does it replace the need to check methylation status.

  11. I belong to support group named bioavailable copper. On Facebook. I think you should look at what it says about toxic copper as opposed to bio available copper. Very interesting information. I would like to know your thoughts about this form of copper.

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      I’m well versed in the difference between copper toxicity and bioavailable copper. It’s never about eliminating all copper from the body. Zinc and copper must be in balance with one another.

  12. Ashwagandha has been used for literally thousands of years with generations of people who understands how to use it and respect the great power it holds. Any herb can be harmful in the wrong hands, ashwagandha is single handedly responsible for healing my son’s extreme eczema that doctor’s couldn’t treat for 3 years. I use it daily as do my children and when combined with triphala and chavanprash, have become the only supplements needed to keep my family balanced and healthy.

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      I’m so glad it’s been beneficial for you, Lisa. You hit the nail on the head with this statement “Any herb can be harmful in the wrong hands.” It may work for you and your family, but it is not appropriate for everyone, especially those with the chemistries mentioned in this post.

    2. It has been the only thing that helped a horrible onset of adult acne. For a year I was getting clogged pores and it was spreading. Nothing helped. Tried organic , natural, drug store, curology etc…2 weeks in 1 capsule at night (organic India) brand my skin is 80% better already. I am thrilled with it! Helps me sleep like a baby as well

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  13. Hi,Ive been taking ashwaganda 200mg as part of a propriety blend for thyroid support(NaturesWellness),also taking homemade pine pollen tincture for boosting testosterone, while using( Lidell)VitalAge Defiance ) used to be called Vital HGH like 10 years,ago,and it contains homeopathic ingredients,which includes pituitary,hgh,hepar suis…sources unknown..My question is: what are the (copper toxicity ) symptoms that one would get from ashwaganda if taken with glandulars/androgen boosters.. I have develeloped a rash on inner thigh that looks like either eczema, or several other ailments since using all of these supplements ,thanks

  14. Thanks for your article, which I found while websearching! I am a miserable menopausal woman, with untreated hypothyroidism (my levels aren’t THAT out of whack, so I mostly get along ok). I’ve been having horrendous hot flashes, irritability, anger, total unpleasantness! I took a morning saliva test and found that my cortisol is very low in the am (3.2), and my estrogen to progesterone levels are low, too (pg/e2: 84). I began using natural progesterone and estrogen cremes, and yesterday, started taking ashwaghanda. I must say that I probably took more than I ought to have (this is a tincture prepared in alchohol, and poured into my glass of water what I figured was one dropper’s worth). I felt many strong (and I mean STRONG) emotions and sensations. I felt anger, sorrow, almost a druggy sort of sleepiness, hopelessness, irritability, and I had wierd thoughts as I rested). Have you any idea of why this may have happened? Isn’t ashwaghanda supposed to help adrenal fatigue and get my hormones back in line? Thank you.

  15. I tried Ashwaghanda for a couple days and was totally out of it. I had zero concentration and I was totally scattered. I already feel that way from hypothyroidism and don’t need any of it. Thanks for the info, I do have methylation problems and didn’t realize the connection till I came across your article. I have not found anything to help my concentration problems which is the most frustrating part of this.

    1. I have found that my biggest concentration problems are due to Gluten intolerance. You might want to go off of Gluten for 3 weeks and see if that fixes the problem.

  16. I appreciate this article! Thank you for posting it.

    I’ve been doing lots of digging into both ashwagandha and moringa to see if either of them could potentially help my husband who has suspected food sensitivity or adrenal fatigue (difficult time digesting vegetable; is DEEPLY tired upon waking, in the afternoons, and evenings; sometimes gets these odd cyst-like, deep, red, sometimes pussy body zits, and very dry skin)

    I don’t know where to turn with my tight budget, to be honest. I was hoping some herbs could help and I have found a few seemingly thorough and reputable studies on the effectiveness of ashwagandha. But it seems everything that I find on various topics that might help (i.e. ashwagadha), there is something out there (if you research enough) to show you that it isn’t safe or truly effective and then I’m stuck back at square one.

    I’m really at a loss for what to do. Do you have any resources you recommend to determine the cause of adrenal fatigue? or would you recommend going straight into an elimination diet and skipping supplements?

    I’m sorry to ask so many questions – I realize this is a ridiculously long comment and not exactly what you are probably looking for in the comments section. I also realize that you may not be able to give advice like that in the comments section. TIA for whatever feedback you are able to provide. 🙂

  17. My husband and I both started taking Ashwagandha with L-Tyrosine about a week ago. He was on SNRIs for a year, and was suicidal. He accidentally took an MAOI and ended up in the ICU and almost died. I am extremely stressed out. We live outside the US in a place where I can buy supplements, but can’t get treatment for “methylation” and the other things you recommend. So I just tried my best to do my own research, and found out that this herb is probably what is causing our anger. We will stop taking it.
    If possible, please explain more about Methylation and Pyrrosines and how to balance your fatigue naturally. Thank you.

  18. I assume if I am an overmethylator and high in copper I should not take ashwagandha?
    I see a lot about under methylation but not overmethylation and ashwagandha in the above thread.

    thank you!

  19. After taking 5HTP for two days I began to experience tingling in my feet. I stopped taking it immediately. The tingling was going away although my legs were and feet were tender. I took Ashwagandha and the leg pain went through the roof especially around the groin area. I don’t know what has happened to me. All my blood tests come out normal and urine samples are normal. So I don’t have EMS. I’m wondering if the Ashwagandha hurt me too. I know the 5HTP did.

  20. My doc diagnosed adrenal fatigue, but didn’t as such test for it…..She started me on Ashwagandha…I’m now concerned, what if my problems are caused by one of the other issues you mention?!

  21. I have fibromyalgia from adrenal insufficiency, and both are from Chronic Stress. I’m currently working with a naturalpathic Dr. Because in the past I worked with one and got my health back, but didn’t stay on the trace minerals after my health returned, so I had to start it again with a trace mineral hair analysis test and program. It’s been 4 months without results. How do you treat adrenal insufficiency from chronic stress? Can you heal mine with hormones? If so, id like to work with you. Also I recently started taking black licorice and ashwaganda for my Adrenals, but after reading this, I’m stopping both.

  22. I went to see an endocrinologist …took some test for thyroid. High estrogen with autoimmune Hashimoto…was given progesteron and ashwagandha. First two to three days went very well.. I had energy and libido. It was hard to swallow as it burned going down throat. One main concern was that my lungs felt pressure minutes to an hour after taking but very subtle. You can miss it. Nonetheless, I stopped taking because my body was experiencing may negative symptoms. I bought a thyroid support, night adrenal support and fermented mushroom supplement…and all thre have ashwagandha. So I was careful to take a different one once a day. Exactly same thing, lung irritation. So I am not trying any longer. I have developed an asma wheeze.

  23. Have been taking Ashwaganda for two weeks now for situational anxiety (car driving). First week seemed ok, slight increase in energy. Second week in and I experience sudden dips of depression. Last time I experienced depression was many years ago during very difficult personal events. Usually I am a resilient by nature. I am definitely not taking anymore of this Ashwaganda or any other ‘herbs’.

  24. I started taking ashwagandha because of all the positive effectiveness of the herb. I bought Natures Way Standardized 500mg capsules and took 2 a day for three days and began itching. The only thing new in my system or exposed to was the ashwagandha. Horrible at night. Obviously my dose was probably too much but symptoms started almost a week ago and I am still itching. Any suggestions?

  25. My resting heart rate goes up when I take Ashwagandha, any idea why? For now I have dropped it and started taking St Johns Wart, it seems to work best for my heart rate.

  26. Excellent article, definitely ahead of its time. I’m finding most in my family are suffering adrenal burnout/fatigue as a result of two underlying causes: (1) COPPER TOXICITY and (2) METHYLATION issues from MTHFR gene mutation common in approximately 80% of the world’s population.

    Combine the epedemic of copper toxicity + methylation issues with daily stress, excessive screen time, and retinal exposure to light wavelengths interfering with normal diurinal signaling, and you develop metabolic stuttering due to adrenal fatigue over time. Eventually you will burn out.

    You ask where the copper toxicity comes from and why its the silent epediemic? Look no further than organic foods. Commercial organic agriculture uses COPPER SULFATE as a common pesticide, fungicide, and insecticide. It renders the soil devoid of bacterial life. Copper Sulfate is a very effective poison. It induces heavy metal toxicity. The copper sulfate arrives to your home in produce and grains sprayed with it before harvest to impede molding. For nuts, seeds, and beans, it speeds up uniform drying (dessecation) for a more plentiful harvest. Add this high copper diet to copper rich water carried by copper pipes, and that’s good enough to get any body started on the copper toxicity trajectory. No need to mention the addition of copper no thanks to Copper IUD’s, organ meats, most adrenal supplements and herbs.

    Vegetarians/vegans are the most succeptible to rapid aquisition of copper toxicity. Heme iron, from the hemoglobin in animals, ideally mammals, is relatively effective at kicking out the copper. The iron takes its rightful place, keeping the Copper toxicity at bay. So if you are not eating heme iron, following a vegetarian diet, eating organic food replete with copper sulfate dessicated nuts and seeds, and produce exposed to copper sulfate, you are on track for copper toxicity.

    Symptoms of copper toxicity are similar to exposure to mercury. Cognitive impairment (brain fog) is one of the most comon symptoms. Copper toxicity interferes with proper adrenal function. Adrenals are the thyroid’s battery pack. So if the adrenals are shot, welcome to hypo thyroid conditions.

    Copper toxicity can be managed via careful supplementation following meticulous blood testing. You never supplement anything unless you check for the levels of that supplement in the body and the metabolic pathways of elimination. Supporting liver function via N Acetyl Carnatine + Glycene is one way to support the livers normal function of dumping copper or making the copper that arrives, the bio-available form of copper that is necessary for normal biological processes.

    Before you get too discouraged by copper toxicity dumping, remember that our bodies and natural environment were never designed to have such an overload of unboud inorganic copper exposure. You nearly have to trick the biological system to loosen the unbound copper. Initial detox is HELL.

  27. As with all imbalances in the body it’s the interactions between the various bodily systems that is at the root of health or health problems which obviously suggests that one supplement is not a Permanent answer, such that any one supplement could Backfire. To reduce problems is to have a better nature diet ( if you can). and add ( carefully) a blend of minerals/ vitamins which are known to be in short supply – even in organic foods .Today’s toxic planet/ soils/ water is top of the list for health problems. One thing that may help is a regular fast. Give the functions of the body time to catch up— obviously meditation, Fresh air, filtered water Remember there’s an interaction between the mental/ emotional and physical. No- one is going to be perfect. Please don’t overanalyze things it can get more stressful. It is – as you already know – a balance. I have and am going through it- after exposure to toxic chemicals- it’s not easy and too expensive for lots of tests which usually prove nothing.Consider the numerous medicinal drugs dished out- the lesser of two evils AT BEST. Consider cultures in the world who live simple lives with their own simple crops. Are they as unwell as most of us? Another thing is our digestion/ absorption.My belief is our microvolts is constantly being affected by our own intelligent rulers/ manufacturers/ drug companies/ chemical producers .What is in our food. These modern illnesses were not here hundreds of years ago. Go back to basics; it is a vicious circle. If there is a problem it doesn’t necessarily mean you stimulate that gland or sedate that gland it’s the whole endocrine system – I believe. So do not overdo it with one or a couple of supplements. My opinion is to find something that acts holistically in the body. One important suggestion– listen to your intuition. Bloody hell I’m going on and on. I’ll have to take my own advice.

  28. I am new in this taken only one tablet therefore could not sleep after taking aswagandha whereas google is saying batter take in night i followed in night i.e 390 mg , now i am thinking should i stop taking it because i come to know lots of things through your article …………..i took it because there are lots of advantages goin on but surprisingly lots of disadvantages also as come to know now ……………So Sir/Mam pls suggest me guide me honestly should i take it or not counting on you & why i could’t sleep reason behind??

    Saiman Debbarma, India

  29. I took Ashwaganda for about a month and in that month I became manic, resulting in a uti and now a diagnosis of chronic prostatitis. It gave me a huge boost in energy, but it also caused massive systemic inflammation. Now I’m taking cbd oil and trying to exercise regularly instead to maintain some balance along with the antibiotics. The medicine is perhaps miraculous for those with a more balanced, healthy endocrine system than I. For those who are prone to allergies, anxiety, depression, health issues caused by stress, this herb will probably do you more harm than good as it ramps up your immune system.

  30. Hi Sami,

    I’m very grateful for this article as I too took ashwagadha with disastrous results and reading this article proved me this was the herb was the cause.
    I have had CFS and still not completely back to normal but I’m far more functional now. Ive had my genes tested and I have an issue with methylation. I’ve taken ashwagadha on and off the past year or so and I suspected at one point that it gives me anxiety. about month ago I started to take it regurlarly and after couple weeks I was in A very bad state. I had palpitations, i couldn’t breathe well, I begun to get so anxious I did not sleep and I sweat so much I was soaked, I thought I was losing my mind, it was hell and I couldn’t figure out why I’m going through this now. My memory had gone, concentration and everything else that goes with anxiety too. Luckily I realised to stop taking it and about 2-3 days later I went back to normal, sleeping normal, breathing better, calm and no anxiety. I’m so grateful for this article as now I can put this episode behind me and not question my sanity anymore. Please people be aware! And I guess this is a good indicator for those who can’t tolerate ashwagadha that they may have a methylation issue which itself is tricky but it’ll change your life once you know how to deal with it. I’m frustrated with some of the negative comments here- why can’t people accept that one thing can’t work for everyone and in fact can be even harmful. We’re not all the same and this kind of thinking can be so damaging to some people.
    Thank you for this article!

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  31. Hello,

    I have recently noticed that I am producing excess saliva in my mouth and this is worse when talking to people in a meeting for example as I notice it more and it makes it difficult to speak.

    I have been taking ashwagadha as I thought it would help elevate my mood but now I am worried it is not the menopause as I thought initially but this supplement that is causing this unsettling symptom.

    Could you advise please? I should also say my last blood test said I was on the borderline for thyroid activity

  32. People seem to have this delusion that herbs can somehow bring about all these wonderful benefits with no side effects. If they are strong enough to bring about significant physiological changes, then almost by definition they can also cause adverse effects. It’s magical thinking to believe otherwise, fueled by marketing. I doubt any of this stuff would pass a really rigorous clinical trial.

  33. Be careful with this herb and watch for side effects. I do not take any medications that would interact with this. I read that this helped for osteoarthritis which I have developed. After about 3 days I started itching severely especially at night. The itching got so bad to the point I had bleeding sores all over my body including my scalp. Even my sclera was itching. I have never experienced anything like this. It took a good week to 10 days to get it out of my system and the itching subsided.

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  34. Kat, do you mind sharing your side effects? I just started Ashwagandha Supreme on Saturday (It’s Monday as I write this). Saturday was one of the best days I’ve had in months as it relates to Adrenal Insufficiency/Fatigue; however, Sunday and today have been filled with non-stop heart fluttering/palpitations (it’s like my heart keeps beating up and won’t complete the beat. It levels off at some point and then it just keeps happening.

  35. I hope you will reach out to me Sami. I’m struggling a lot with mostly anxiety and fear. For some reason I can’t seem to calm myself. I am under a Doctors care but it hasn’t done much help yet. I was searching the web for natural supplements that might be able to help. I’m trying to get my life back. Anyways I found Ashwaghanda which sounded very promises. So I look into what I could find on it. Also I came across a couple doctors on the web that reccomend this supplement. So I thought it could help me. I received it in the mail and tried it only for 2 days. Its an extract with the dropper in bottle. Said to use 28-56 drops 3 times a day with a little water. 1-2 ml dose. I tried it for 2 days at night for sleep. The first day wasn’t to bad but I became very panicky and sweaty after the 2nd day. Does it work that quickly. Also started sweating a lot. I’m on hormone replacement therapy and also hypo thyroid. Can you offer me your help? Please. I also was considering trying this supplement called Mulungu I believe from Brazil. Do you have any helpful information on that. Hope you trully can help. Thanks so much for your time. Hope to hear from you soon Sami.
    God Bless you for helping others💐🙏👼🌺 Hope to hear from you soon.

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