EP 11: Healing from Copper Toxicity with Deb Tokarz

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EP 11: Healing from Copper Toxicity with Deb Tokarz

Could copper overload be at the core of your anxiety and depression? 

Copper toxicity is a condition that negatively impacts both the brain and body—and, unfortunately, this simple chemical imbalance is not common knowledge among women and doctors.

On today’s special women’s health episode I’m talking with Deb Tokarz who is a copper toxicity survivor and author of I Cu Copper, which is an open and honest look into her experience with copper toxicity. 

For many years, Deb suffered from severe anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Despite these symptoms, Deb was either dismissed by her doctors or prescribed a one-size-fits-all treatment. 

Eventually, Deb sought out a natural way to treat anxiety and depression. Soon, she learned that copper toxicity was the underlying cause of her suffering and has been on the path to healing ever since.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What the symptoms of copper overload can look like
  • Deb’s journey with anxiety and depression, her symptoms of copper toxicity, and how she found out that copper was causing her anxiety and depression
  • Why she was inspired to write her book, I Cu Copper
  • How Deb detoxed from copper overload
  • Why copper toxicity can sometimes be misdiagnosed as mental illness

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