EP 43: How to Fix Your Gut When Probiotics Stop Working with Steven Wright

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EP 43: How to Fix Your Gut When Probiotics Stop Working with Steven Wright

If you feel like you’ve tried everything you can to heal your gut from very low carb or low FODMAP diets to pre and probiotic therapies, and you are still struggling with digestive problems, this episode was made for you.

For years, Steven Wright struggled with a wide variety of severe digestive problems, which led him to create the SCD Lifestyle, and now the Healthy Gut Company.

In today’s episode, Steven shares his healing journey and we take a deep dive into the systems that support optimal gut health and healing, as well as what you can do to start your own healing process.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How stomach acid is key to immune function, nutrient absorption, and even food sensitivities.
  • How low stomach acid levels lead to bloating, poor transit time, gut dysbiosis, and other symptoms you may not know about.
  • Why the function of your villi and brush border enzymes are root causes of carbohydrate malabsorption, not the carbs themselves.
  • How highly restrictive diets can actually contribute to symptoms and reduce the resilience of your gut.
  • Simple steps to test your gut function and begin to heal.

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