Heavy Metal Poisoning: Why Chelation is Dangerous

By Samantha Gilbert, FNC, CHNP, CNC     Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

Heavy metal poisoning depression is the least common biotype for depression, notwithstanding copper.

Research and empirical evidence through Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D, William Walsh and the Pfeiffer Treatment Center, and at Mensah Medical, has corroborated that fewer than 5% of cases of depression are affected primarily by heavy metal poisoning. Therefore, we rarely see cases of true metal toxicity depression. Please note, this does not include conditions of brain fog, impaired thinking, or erratic behavior.

Heavy Metal Poisoning is Highly Misunderstood

Many people grossly generalize and self-diagnose heavy metal poisoning. Many believe that metals in the system are toxic on an ongoing level. However, the truth is that it is the ramification of metal toxicity that causes ongoing health challenges i.e.: inflammation and oxidative stress. Many of those metals are biochemically inactive by the time they are discovered in lab testing.

Metals have a half-life, each variable dependent on the specific metal itself. It’s the inflammation and oxidative stress produced by those metals that leads to the challenges and difficulties we experience. In general, removing the metals without treating the resulting oxidative stress and inflammation typically does not result in resolution of symptoms with the exception of acute lead toxicity.

Often people focus on using chelation protocols, which remove the good metals in addition to the bad metals. This immediately strips the system of key and necessary components that are essential for appropriate mental health and body system regulation.

Contrary to popular belief, it takes much longer to reintroduce and absorb needed nutrients into the body after chelation than removing them in the first place.

As usual, it only takes seconds to destroy but months to repair. Some patients often sustain immediate systemic decline and others a much slower and gradual decline after chelation therapy. Basically, chelation therapy removes the good and the bad, thus making the patient worse in the long term. We regulate metals, we do not chelate. We work with patients to reintroduce balance into their systems. Our protocols while regulating copper, will also bring into balance other metals like cadmium, arsenic, antimony, and other main metals.

Inflammation originally produced by heavy metals continues in an ongoing fashion until it is addressed. This is why significant antioxidant therapy helps to relieve symptoms. Examples of inflammation include foggy brain, body systemic aches and pains, joint pain, and some G.I. issues to name a few.

Mercury May Not Be as Dangerous as Arsenic

So much attention has been focused on mercury. However, few people recognized that cadmium and arsenic may be far more toxic to the system than mercury. Yet we commonly eat sources of these every single day. Arsenic is found in small levels in some popular foods, as well as certain plant sources.

Heavy metal poisoning from Lead

Lead toxicity is different. If it is an acute led toxicity diagnosis a traditional doctor will be able to discover and treat it. However, there is a variation involving slow lead toxicity, a gradual build-up caused by impaired detoxification pathways. This is exactly how Ludwig van Beethoven died as discovered by William Walsh, PhD., lifetime founder of over seven organizations, including the Pfeiffer Treatment Center now closed. Dr. Walsh currently serves as founder and President of the Walsh Research Institute.

The onset of symptoms in heavy metal poisoning depression is usually in the absence of an emotional trigger or trauma. In some cases, the patient with metal toxicity depression will have abdominal distress. Depression is usually constant and in children, there are cognitive deficits. Many patients with metal toxicity depression will have a metallic taste in the mouth.

After an average of one year, which is the average time frame for patients to complete phase 1 and phase 2 of targeted advanced nutrient therapy, 85% of our compliant patients with metal toxicity depression reported improvement and reduced medication need.

A diet that is appropriate for your biochemistry and the overall toxic metal load is essential to the healing process.

If you know of someone who struggles with heavy metal poisoning, please share this post. If you struggle with it, please share your experience in the comments below. It is through sharing your story that we create community, eliminate guilt and shame, and bring about healing.


7 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Poisoning: Why Chelation is Dangerous”

  1. That’s weird I did 20 IV chealations at McDonagh medical center and kansas city. My brain fog lifted and I felt energetic after the first chealation. They add minerals and vitamins back in in another bag. I sware by it, cured my insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and clinical depression. It also allowed me to exercise harder and longer and my blood pressure went down. My parents are going to start getting them because my mom has high aluminum and dad has heart disease which it helps big time clean out the calcium bicarbonate which stiffens the arteries.

  2. Thank you Sami !! I am so privileged to be under the esteemed care of yourself and Dr. Mensah. What wonderful healers you are !!

  3. Sharon DeNunzio

    Hi Sami – I have to say that I completely disagree with your post that metals toxicity, particularly mercury, is uncommon and that chelation is dangerous (your title). This may be the case in the category of depression; however, mercury toxicity is widely known in autism spectrum disorders (1 in 60 children now: have you ever read The New Age of Autism website blogs?), chronic lyme disease, thyroid disorders, auto-immune disease, and many neurological problems.
    One of the founders of functional medicine — Dr. Marc Hyman — shares how mercury toxicity played a role in this chronic fatigue syndrome, which was part of his story of how he switched from conventional medicine to functional medicine. This was also a part of two other best-seller functional doctors — Dr. Amy Myers in TX and Dr. Susan Blum in NY. I’m quite sure that there are countless other functional practitioners who had mercury toxicity in their stories.
    Mercury toxicity and chelation has been critical to recovering my health and my 22-year old daughter’s health. Many people in their 40s-50s-60s have mouths filled with amalgams (silver fillings). These are disasters waiting to happen. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back in my case, and chelating was one of the keys to recovering from a 6-year journey through chronic Lyme. Do you know that the symptoms of mercury toxicity overlap with almost all of the symptoms of chronic Lyme and autism spectrum?

    There are many ways to chelate mercury (and other toxic metals). One does not have to resort to IV meds. Oral chelators (DMSA), herbal tinctures, juicing plants (wheatgrass, cilantro), zeolites, IMD Pro powder, Metalloclear supplements, adding binders/electrolytes, using FIR saunas, repairing glutathione pathways, etc. are all ways of chelating. Some need fast; most need slow. All need to replace minerals and maintain a supervised protocol that pulses and restores. Repairing toxicity by removing and then replenishing one’s microbiome is the only way to restore health to a large number of currently toxic patients. Please do not under-estimate this serious problem in our country.
    Mercury in the form of thimerosol was given in all vaccines up through the late 1990s. So all teens and twenty-somethings have a potential problem. It is still used in many flu shots and other vaccines, so those who receive frequent vaccinations are just accumulating more mercury. Anyone who has used dentists who use amalgams has been exposed potentially for years or decades to mercury leaching everywhere in their bodies. Mercury exposure comes frequently in the form of acid rain. It is present in toxic loads in bottom-feeder fish (e.g. tuna and swordfish). It is in toxic loads in many sushi products. It is in all of those CFU lightbulbs. Mercury used to be in all thermometers. So you see that mercury exposure is ubiquitous. Add to this issue that half the population may have defects in their methylation/detoxification pathways around glutathione (the master hormone that allows us to detoxify), and now it’s time to say, “Houston, we have a problem!”

    1. This post, written by world leader in brain health, Dr. Albert Mensah, comes from the perspective of advance nutrient therapy, which most practitioners are unaware of, and do not have the skill set to implement.

      No where in this excellent post does Dr. Mensah state that metals are uncommon. In fact, copper overload is very common, yet widely neglected/misunderstood by many functional medicine doctors, even famed ones. The take home here is regulating metals in a way that is least traumatic to the patient. Again, something most doctors do not know about.

      In those that are on the autism spectrum, of which we have many patients, copper overload is the main toxic underlying metal (along with methylation imbalances), not mercury. Copper is much more insidious than mercury, especially in cases of high oxidative stress.

      He does not state that mercury isn’t toxic, but that “few people recognize that cadmium and arsenic may be far more toxic to the system than mercury.”

      Properly informing oneself is essential to the healing process. Advanced nutrient therapy takes into consideration the entire person, and metal toxicity is only one slice of the overall epigenetic pie.

      1. Sharon is talking about the following statement in the article I think:
        “Many people grossly generalize and self-diagnose heavy metal poisoning. Many believe that metals in the system are toxic on an ongoing level. However, the truth is that…”

        The article was dismissive toward the idea of widespread heavy metal poisoning. We know that Rockfeller “medicine”- which bought out the industry 100 years ago – is keen on suppressing info that will be the undoing of their nefarious work. Those of high standing in this fake medical establishment are the most misinformed of all. They know what side their bread is buttered on and they are chowing down.

        We know the truth. You don’t have to go to school at all to simply observe and draw reasonable conclusions. We are pursuing this, and the more “discouragement” and gaslighting we receive, the more determined we become.

        There’s no stopping us. Cheers.


        1. This article is not dismissive of heavy metal poisoning. There is no argument that the medical cartel complex is why so many people are struggling, nor that heavy metal overload is a major problem in our world today. This article is about nutrients as natural chelators and the challenges with traditional chelation treatments.

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