Copper IUDs: What your doctor doesn’t know may be harming you

By Samantha Gilbert, FNC, CHNP, CNC     Last updated on March 21st, 2023

Copper IUDs: What your doctor doesn’t know may be harming you

Copper IUDs have soared in popularity as a hormone-free birth control choice for women. What your doctor doesn’t know about the harmful side-effects of copper could significantly harm you. If you have a copper IUD and are experiencing adverse symptoms, then this post is for you.

What is a Copper IUD and How Does it Work?

A copper IUD is a Class II medical intrauterine device (IUD) that’s inserted into the uterus for long-term birth control (up to 10 years). It is a T-shaped plastic frame with copper wire coiled around the stem and two copper sleeves along the arms that continuously release copper into the lining of the uterus. This process produces an inflammatory reaction in the uterus that is toxic to sperm, which helps prevent fertilization.

Check out my podcast episode 69 to learn why the copper IUD is not a safe form of birth control. You can also find the Eat For Life podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

What are the Pros and Cons of Copper IUDs?

Copper IUD Claims

Proponents of the copper IUD make a lot of claims that it is a better and safer form of birth control, even citing studies that copper ion levels released by IUDs are too tiny to impair human health. The two main claims that I will debunk that are completely false are:

  • Decreases the risk of endometrial cancer and possibly cervical cancer.
  • Doesn’t carry the risk of side effects related to hormonal birth control methods.

These claims couldn’t be further from the truth, and many women painfully discover this the hard way. In fact, I have yet to work with a single woman in my practice who hasn’t been adversely affected by the copper IUD.

Copper IUD Dangers and Side Effects

Commonly disclosed copper IUD side effects include: cramping, bleeding between periods, and severe menstrual pain, but these are just a small part of the overall story when it comes to copper IUDs and females.

Copper and estrogen share a very intimate relationship with one another because estrogen increases copper retention in the body. Up to 85% of females (in all age ranges) have been estimated to be adversely affected by a common, yet little-known condition called “copper overload” or “copper toxicity,” and they rarely know it’s the cause of their distress.

Implanting a copper IUD into a female who is already (and usually unknowingly) copper overloaded is a recipe for disaster. To make matters worse, few doctors are aware of copper overload, thus, they may unintentionally prescribe hormones and/or devices that could negatively impact health and well-being.

What is Copper Overload/Copper Toxicity?

Copper overload occurs due to an (often hereditary) inability to effectively metabolize and eliminate excess copper. It is not the same as Wilson’s Disease, which is a life-threatening and rare genetic disorder where copper accumulates in vital organs and glands.

Copper has the ability to profoundly affect every system in the body (especially the reproductive, nervous, and glandular systems), and an overabundance of copper can also have a devastating effect on mental health. This explains why common, yet undisclosed side effects of copper IUDs include severe anxiety and panic attacks, depression, hair loss, anemia, increased anger and rage, brain fog, spaciness, paranoia, fatigue, and increased infections (yeast being the most common).

As a metal, copper is a great conductor of energy, (you know how that energizer bunny keeps going and going) which explains why all of my female clients have complained about symptoms of insomnia, racing thoughts, heart palpitations, and dizziness after a copper IUD is inserted for birth control.

Copper and Cancer

As previously mentioned, estrogen increases copper retention in the body. Dysregulation of estrogen and the many endocrine disruptors we are exposed to can contribute to the development of many cancers, including cancers of the breasts, ovaries, and cervix. Click here to read more about estrogen and women’s health.

Additionally, impaired methylation synthesis in addition to copper overload is a major factor in today’s soaring cancer rates. You can view the research here.

To learn more about copper and cancer, check out my podcast episode 14 below with Dr. Albert Mensah, Co-founder of Mensah Medical. You can also find the Eat For Life podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Additional Impacts of Increased Copper Levels

Copper Overload and Zinc Imbalance

High copper levels contribute to zinc imbalance. Zinc is an essential nutrient for the healthy function of our bodily processes. It enhances resistance to stress, maintains intellectual function and memory, and mood levels, and it is an important component in the creation of all hormones. Zinc is also a major player in the creation of the master antioxidants metallothionein and glutathione; both are needed for the optimal function of our bodily systems, and they also protect us from disease. Without adequate zinc, we can become prone to pathogenic infections as well as diseases due to the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells.

Copper IUDs and Menstrual Issues

Practitioners are often told to inform patients that adverse menstrual irregularities will eventually subside after insertion of a copper IUD, but I have found the opposite to be true. Disorders such as endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) actually tend to increase in severity and duration after a copper IUD is implanted.

Copper Overload and Depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) and psychosis are directly connected to elevated levels of copper, especially with multiple births because copper levels increase with each pregnancy (copper is needed to make blood vessels) and often do not go back to normal post-birth. When I hear about women drowning their children, committing suicide, or shooting their husbands, I wonder if monitoring their copper levels would have helped prevent such sad stories. Additionally, copper is a major player in ADHD/ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, hyperactivity (especially in children) bipolar disorders, fibromyalgia, and paranoid schizophrenia.

Genetic Copper Toxicity

Copper overload has a strong heritable component, which means that it is often passed down from generation to generation, something we call Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance (TEI). If all the females in your family share similar symptoms as mine do, copper toxicity may be the underlying cause.

Final Thoughts on Copper IUD Toxicity

Copper overload is a very treatable condition, which I’ve been blessed to overcome after a lifetime of pain and struggle. In order to heal copper toxicity, I aim to identify and address the root biochemical causes and imbalances of your symptoms. I offer a free 1:1 consultation to help you disconnect from the hype and the marketing jargon, and address the true source(s) of your discomfort. It’s time for your healing journey to truly begin.

Share Your Copper IUD Experiences

Have you experienced negative side effects after the insertion of a copper IUD? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. If you know of someone who is experiencing negative side effects after insertion of a copper IUD, please share this post. Sharing creates community, eliminates guilt and shame, and brings about healing.


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367 thoughts on “Copper IUDs: What your doctor doesn’t know may be harming you”

  1. My first copper IUD I ended up pregnant on because the doctor places it wrong, causing them to have to take everything including the fetus out of me which was very traumatic. For the last few years I’ve dealt with severe depression, and the last 3 years I’ve been dealing with OCD and mild psychosis issues. Such as seeing things that aren’t there and hearing things that are not there. I do not know if it’s contributed to this IUD but I am un medicated and I’ve never had these issues before and I am 29 years of age. Not only that I went and got blood work and my B vitamins were low. My hair has also been falling out for about two years now. And I went to the ER the other day for chest pain and I have an inverse in my heart. I get my IUD tomorrow so hopefully I can come back to this forum with some good news.

  2. Hello there

    I am an avid copper IUD user. I am currently on my second and last one – I am Childfree and will be getting THE surgery before I am due for another IUD in 9 years.

    I have had some adverse side effects – obnoxious spotting and the worst acne in the first years but it snapped magically away after the first 2 years.

    I did experience the worst anxiety/depression period on my year 3 SINCE my teenage years (so no it wasn’t the first time I had those issues, just first time after years). Couple months on antidepressants and I was fine. Until I did a hair test that came as super copper overload. All the doctors assured me it’s not just the IUD.

    3 years later – I still experience some anxiety but just a handful of days a month, usually hormonally or hangover related and don’t even take pills every single time for it.

    My skin has never been better – except around period when I have a pimple here and there. Periods pretty regular unless I starve myself and work out too harshly and only lasting around 3 days with 2 heavy ones.

    And the most important thing – had my blood work done last week and my copper levels are PERFECTLY in the normal range – more on the lower side, actually .

    I have been taking zinc regularly alongside with drinking dandelion tee.

    I am so happy that I don’t have to rush to get my bisalp (scared of surgeries) and able to keep this awesome thing that’s keeping me Childfree and happy!

  3. Hello. I had a copper IUD for just over as year when one night I experienced sudden and terrible, gut-wrenching pain in my lower abdomen/pelvic area on my left side. I had to get my partner to take me to the ER after hours of the pain not subsiding. It was already 11pm when we left the house. I thought my appendix may have ruptured or a cyst popped or something, I really had no ides what was going on.

    I got to the ER and was looked at with so much confusion. The doctors did a CT scan on me and the result was “You have an IUD, it looks crooked.”

    This didn’t mean anything to me because I later talked to the doctor that inserted my IUD and she said, IUDs are usually not inserted perfectly straight and it doesn’t just move on its own, so were sure this wasn’t the cause of your pain.”

    In spite of this, I did have my IUD removed right there at the ER, but it was because I had just started listening to podcast about fertility awareness method and was already quite disgusted over the thing (IUD) anyways. So given the chance to remove it, I did.

    This didn’t cause my pain to go away. The doctor put me on an IV that filtered pain-reducer and anti-inflammatory drugs through my system. THIS eliminated the pain.

    I went home feeling fine, but ever since then, sex has been painful and I have not had my period anymore.

    What the hell? I do believe the IUD had caused SOMETHING in my reproductive area to go haywire and I still don’t know WHAT caused the intense and sudden pain I experienced that night, and I don’t believe it was that the IUD had moved or pushed into my uterus or anything like that, but that its mere existence in my uterus for so long caused me to get an infection (my white blood cell count was high when the ER took blood from me), and even a loss of my period now that its been removed. I am still trying to heal and figure out how to get my menstrual cycle back. This was 6 months ago.

  4. Hello. I have read the commentary below. I am worried.

    Had the NovaT380 for 7 years. Removed it a month ago. Age 36. Was fine while I had it. The problems started when it came out 🙁

    Feeling very sick. Nauseated all the time. Left arm and leg are lame/ tired and crampy. Very forgetful. Don’t finish tasks. Cannot concentrate. Easily triggered and moody. Have period pain and no period yet… didn’t worry too much because I actually want a baby. Doctor said not to worry…

    1. I got the Paraguay’s copper IUD after having my second child, and I hardly noticed it until I was 6 years in. I started having panic attacks. My heart would start racing for no reason. I would get outrageously hot for no reason, especially at night. It got so bad I started investigating what it could be, I was in my early 30’s so I was pretty sure it wasn’t early menopause symptoms. I figured out that it had to do with my thyroid gland, and when I started researching that, it pointed me towards copper poisoning. the IUD. I went to my dr and had blood work done to see if my copper levels were weird, but while I was waiting for the results to come back I just went ahead a had the IUD removed. It was near the end of its suggested 7 year tour anyway. Well, the blood results came back totally normal. My regular dr and my o gun acted like I was basically crazy thinking it was the IUD, but my symptoms undeniably went away as soon as the IUD was out. I was single when I got it removed, and before long I started dating someone and my sex life went from 0 to not 0 anymore… frustrated with the risk of condoms, I started considering the IUD again… since the drs insisted it wasn’t the IUD, I thought maybe it was a coincidence. Or maybe it’s because it was old? I got a damn ‘ other one. I’ve had it for 3 years, no complaints, and guess what? It’s started happening again. I’m about to go thru the same rigamorrow and have it taken out, again, and this time, I won’t be getting another one. It might not have shown in my blood, but I know beyond knowing it’s the IUD. If this is happening to you- you’re not crazy. Get it taken out.

  5. As soon as as I got the copper IUD, I started having panic attacks, anxiety and feelings of doom close to the end of my period. I thought I started having a post menstrual syndrome, but then I found this site. Thank you for this information. I am getting the iud out as soon as possible.

  6. What is another birth control method that does actually work without so many negative effects in your opinion?

  7. This just describes me! I am going to get the copper coil out ASAP. I had Post Partum Depression. I got a new copper IUD fitted when my child was 4-5 months old. Since then my symtoms increased. I have suffered from extreme anxiey, panic attacks, depression, pms, heart palpitation, racing thoughts, inner stress like my nervous system fires up for nothing and I just can’t calm down, IBS, gut problems/ food sensitivities, brain fog, problem focusing, concentration problems, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia

  8. Just a comment in relation to this post. Since having the copper ICD I have had sharp shooting pains in my arms and legs and pelvic/ leg pain. On a nighttime I’ve also had numbness in my left leg. I was debating whether this is normal or may subside after the IUD has settled. But a very interesting article to read indeed. Thankyou.

  9. I have has a copper IUD for 15 years and have experienced none if the side effects mentioned in this post. It has been a perfect birth control method for me.

  10. Marie Rice MacDonald

    The part of my iud that is still on me somewhere is the top of the t. The horizontal straight edge. They never found it. Today i am going for a hysteroscopy but it is not because they are still looking for it . Its for another reason .

  11. I firmly believe with my entire heart that the copper IUD (mine was Paraguard) has much more severe side effects than doctors disclose. And it is so infuriating because we are the ones suffering from it and doctors don’t even acknowledge that there are deeper issues going on. I just had to go to the ER because my cramping was so intense that it made me physically ill and continued to worsen my health. I had no idea what was wrong with me, I get to the hospital and after testing and multiple scans/ultrasounds they came to the conclusion that mine was hanging too low, irritating my cervix and that it needed to come out. They treated me like I was a psycho overreacting and making a deal out of nothing. How could cramps that are so intense they cause a person to vomit and collapse be “nothing”? They had to give me morphine to make my body relax enough to attempt to remove it. They didn’t even have the correct tools to remove it, so I had to go to a follow-up appointment with a gyno to have it taken out. This was the worst pain of my life (because my cervix was so irritated), on top of a myriad of other severe issues I can’t believe I let myself live with for 2 years: 11-12 days of bleeding, monthly. Cramping so horrific I would cry and try to sneak a heating pad at work. Bleeding through overnight pads that I would wear throughout the day, 4 times over. PMDD so bad that I would question my own existence monthly. Everything about having a period just WORSENED in my experience, I felt like I couldn’t even live my life. I became agitated more frequently, paranoid about people’s behavior. I almost sabotaged my relationship because my mental health deteriorated so severely. I understand for some people this device works wonders, and they have little to no issues. Or maybe for some people can live with a little more of an aggravated period. But us others, I cannot wrap my head around how severely this thing affected me. For 2 years it just completely destroyed my life. It had me thinking maybe there were secret hormones or something on the IUD because HOW could I have sunk to this level with my uterine/reproductive health? It is a foreign object and for 2 years my body was trying to spit it out, thank GOD it’s out of me and please anyone who is considering getting one please understand that the doctors that tell you that it simply makes your period “worse” have probably never had a copper IUD inserted and they can’t advise on the significant side effects that those of us who have had one have suffered from. This thing is brutal.

  12. I found this website a week or two ago and it was the best thing ever, finding the reason as to why I just don’t feel like me anymore has been so refreshing. I had it removed a few days ago and am already seeing slight changes. Curious to know if anyone else experienced personal shifts whilst on this? I’ve felt so unsure on everything which is so unlike me. Obsessing over these things to try and make sense of them too. I usually always know what’s really right for me but for some reason the longer I had the coil on the more unsure I felt on a lot of things in my life/feeling the need to change everything that I’ve been so content with.

  13. I have had a copper iud for 5 years inserted postpartum after the birth of my 3d child. I began having increased menstrual flow during monthly periods. The depression became severe; leading me to be increasingly angry, easier to anger; less tolerant of daily stress, extremely paranoid; and at times so delusional that I would not even leave my house or drive my car. I began doing major research on my symptoms ; discovered your website; and felt for the first time; I was not. psycho. Having my copper toxicity levels tested revealed extremely high markers for copper elements and I am scheduled to have my IUD removed. Thank you.

  14. After four 4 years on copper T, I started having mood swing, hair loss, my body also scratches me…could it be the side effect of my non hormonal birth control

  15. Omg yes iv had copper coil a year. I’m 32-year-old female with a disability (ataxia) asthma and congenital heart defect . Doctors kept saying persevere with the coil, after fluctuation in my weight, major fluctuations in my mood, insomnia, paranoia, obsessing on life issues(stresses in life, etc, removal of coil or not.) insomnia, headaches, palpitations, panic attacks, breathlessness. Due to my inability to quieten my mind at night when fertile or due a period I don’t sleep and it affects my ataxia, ( my balance is off more, my legs stiffer) chin fat due to stress. I really don’t know if it’s worth having. The side affects are never explained , I know every woman different but i don’t think it’s worth. I’m near panic attack writing this.
    ThAnkyou . I have shared this info and think contraception side affects should be taking more seriously

  16. This has saved me! I got the copper coil fitted in November 2021 and since have had excruciatingly painful, long periods. I feel constantly low and not myself. My adhd had been so much worse. I get cramps all throughout the month. I never thought to pin it down to this due to it having no hormones in it like you stated in the article. My anxiety has sky rocketed too. I thought I felt unhappy with my life and wanted everything to change but now I really do believe this is the problem. I’m now having it taken out next week and I can’t wait. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Glad I found this article. I’m in an awful position right now. My story.

      I’m 29 as of writing, Had multiple copper coils since I was 19. Basically had one in since. (Still have it in.)
      I cannot take any hormones due to how severe the side effects are and somewhat life threatening for me, doctors have it down, they know I can’t use those. So I had no choice but to go with the iud, it sounded like a good option at the time.
      I do not want children at all, I wouldnt be able to handle pregnancy anyway due to my chronic health conditions (fibromyalgia being one), I’d have to come off meds that keep me stable. Not to mention I am a neurodiverse woman. I have been trying to get doctors to sterilize me since age 17, always rejected. Constant “youre too young, etc” I REALLY dont want kids. And will never change my mind.

      For a while it didnt bother me, but since 2019 it’s gotten so bad. I am in agony constantly, my periods last for 2 weeks solid and are inconsistant. I will start having another period just a week after the last had finished.
      Cramps so bad I scream and vomit for hours, days. 10/10 pure hell pain. The flow is supe heavy, its like something crawled up in me and died. Its like my body is trying to birth a hundred extra barbed chainsaws.
      I have become bedbound as a result, always on pain meds, my front and back are scared from having hot water bottles on every day. The pain stops me sleeping, eating, just functioning.
      My sexdrive has been non existent for 2 years, my thoughts are all over the place, Very touch and go.

      I had thought maybe I may have endometriosis or something, but my doctors say they refuse to investigate my pain BECAUSE I have a copper coil. And they know full well I have no alternatives. I am also allergic to 99% of condoms for some reason, that is a nightmare in itself.
      In 2016 I became pregnant whilst I had the coil, I didnt know because my periods were at the time so irregular, missing a period was normal for me. By the time I found out I was 10 weeks they told me. It was a panic fest as it could have been etopic, but thankfully wasnt.
      I don’t understand how it had managed to stay implanted despite this horrible rod being in there. I obviously got a medical abortion, and brought up the topic of a perma solution to them, they wouldn’t have it. As if my reaction to all of that and my choice wasn’t a clear enough indicator that I am serious about not becoming a mother ever in my life.

      So I desoite my issues know I have hyper fertility, because I was rarely sexually active at the time. One in several thousand type deal. I am unlucky.
      But I had an over decade long relationship end a few years back, and I only had this iud put in originally for him. The fact that I still have it and am suffering really hurts.
      Because I am not in a relationship now I have no need for it, but fear taking it out incase I do have sex again, I dont want to get pregnant, I have no other options.

      I know this copper coil is responsable for all this pain, suffering, mind altering. I want my body back, my womb is crying out for help.
      I appreciate the fact it prevent me from becoming a mother all these years, barring that one time, but it is clesrly making my life a living hell.

      What alternatives do I have when the doctors won’t sterilize me. I can’t leave a trail of vasectomised men in my wake, And it is my body, my choice. I don’t want to remain celibate.
      We need to start believeing women’s words, stop being sexist and assume every woman wants to be a mum. I cant describe how much I’ve been gaslit by medical professionals.

      Need big help.

  17. I have had copper iuds twice in my lifetime, and pretty much exactly 3/4 months after insertion was when I started to experience extreme anxiety/ panic attacks.
    I had never previously experienced such feelings in my life nor had extreme mental health problems. It took me a long time to connect the dots. It’s very real and dangerous as is promoted as non hormonal and therefore harmless. I’ve honestly never felt worse in my life when using these devices. Please stay away

  18. Hello! I had the copper IUD for 3 years now and have not had a period? Everyone seems to be having there’s while on it, should I be highly worried? Or is it normal?

  19. I had 2 bad experiences with copper only coil. Each time it felt like I had a pelvic infection. I had no energy, vaginal itching, felt depressed and it hurt. Were you aware that copper also is so antviral it can kill viruses that are anti-biotic resistant? Wheres tge research ob what this does to our natural microbiome in the most vulnerable internal organ??

  20. I had the Copper Coil fitted in 2015 I absolutely refused any hormonal contraception so therefore thought the it was the only option for me. Other than the horrific cramps in the first 3 months it settled well and I had no problems until taken out in October 2018. We managed to conceive pretty quickly after it came out and after my 2nd Child in 2021 decided to go for the Copper Coil again.. I had this inserted in October 2021 and between then and Jan 2023 I have had the most craziest experience. My mental health was the lowest ever. I had zero energy to do anything at all with 2 very young children to look after this further declined my mental health… I had full on rage which I’ve never experienced before.. I was angry all the time and had very disturbing thoughts! My hair was falling out… I put this down to my hypothyroidism. My body was constantly covered in dark bruises so I was on and off medication for Anaemia… Id take the medication bruises would disappear a month or so after completing the course they would be back again and the cycle continued. Every week i’d motivate myself to lose weight but the sugar cravings and cravings for carbs were SO bad I wouldn’t last healthy eating more than a couple of days at best. I’d lose a few pounds and gain them back. The cramps the pain!!! Oh god atleast 3-4 days before my period I would get pain that would literally remind me of contractions, I would literally sweat buckets and the Drs had no answers. Nothing showed up on the ultrasounds. My periods were soo heavy and lasted between 7-10 days and the week before I was due I was a nightmare to be around.
    The time between Oct 2021 and Jan 2023 was quite possibly the lowest point of my life. A friend of mine who had the copper coil and experienced copper toxicity shared her experience and it made me wonder, come early January I decided I wanted my coil out! When my GP question why and I mentioned I think my coil is the reason for all these symptoms they laughed. Yes they laughed at me and told me they wouldn’t take it out and that I should consider taking the pill for hormonal imbalance and also take some anti depressants because removing the coil wouldn’t improve the symptoms I was having.
    After so much frustration I stumbled upon your post in Jan and thought this is me… I took the coil out myself! And I could not believe… the cramps disappeared, the cravings disappeared, since January 2023 I have lost 18lb! I look great, I feel great, I feel like me again mentally and physically. I have soo many new baby hairs… I have so much more energy… no more bruising! I never suspected the Copper Coil because I previously had it in for 3 years without any issues! They need to warn people about the side effects of the Copper Coil!

  21. Thank goodness I found this site. I’ve had the copper coil before in my mid 20s for 5years, I was fine- however did have extreme mood swings ,unexplainable mental health issues. At the time.

    After my ex-partner and I decided to start a family- I removed the IUD and I had a lot of miscarriage.

    Finally my miracle little boy came along.
    Soon after had my son I had another IUD after my little boy was born because I didn’t want to fall pregnant straight away as it’s high risk.

    I had a-lot of pain from it and decided to take it out again fell pregnant month later ended up with an ectopic pregnancy.

    Didn’t do enough research to be honest-as I was ok with first time having IUD fitted when in my mid 20s

    Just had IUD again -fitted 8 months ago- during this time I’ve been bloated putting on weight, moody, anxious, fatigue hair, cramps, foggy brain.
    Tired no energy, low sex drive.
    Reading from other women experience my history of my pass may be to do with the toxic from copper coil.

    Wish I did more research but taking it out tomorrow .

  22. Just got my IUD removed today. I had it for 3 years. I am bipolar & take no meds but for a while now it seems like I didn’t feel like myself. Of course I get racing thoughts, could be from being bipolar or the copper IUD. My anxiety however has been through the roof. I don’t get depressed, i know what that feels like but i don’t seem to have it. My hair does fall out like crazy and I’m not stressed nor do I style it or use heating tools on it often. I don’t smoke and hardly drink alcohol. Maybe 2-3 times a month. I got it removed because I was told it shifted down a bit, they gave me the option to monitor it every few months…but I just don’t care to have it any more. Would be nice to have it in and not use condoms w my partner. But I’m looking forward to the normal lighter periods. I don’t want it back in because the first 2 times I almost passed out from the pain. I have a tilted uterus and any doctor finds it difficult inserting it. Im very much looking forward in seeing if my body changes for the better now that I don’t have it.

  23. I’ve been trying to find the culprit for my almost constant headaches, I’m going to cut out alcohol completely to rule it out but now I’m thinking it may be my copper IUD, I’ve gained weight that I normally wouldn’t ever gain as well and I’m very active and eat a balanced diet so I’m very confused. I would love to get my hair tested to see if i have high count of the proteins that carry copper into the bloodstream.

  24. Finally! Finally I have an answer! I’ve never felt depressed and as anxious as I have been since my IUD had been inserted (Paraguard/copper IUD). I’ve been panicking every single day and that has never been me. I still have it inserted. I’ve only had it for a month and just got my strings checked yesterday. I told her how I was feeling and she disregarded it as normal depression and advised me to check in with my PCP for antidepressants. I reached out to her but my husband said it might be my birth control so I started researching and found that this might be what’s going on. Thank you thank you for spreading awareness, I will be making an appointment to have it taken out next week.

  25. Severe anxiety, obsessive/intrusive thoughts, emotional, depressed, irritable, suicidal thoughts, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea. All since the IUD was put in a few weeks ago. I’m so glad I found this article because I was really getting worried. I thought my mental health was on a total decline and it was scaring me for my life.

  26. Yes have totally gone through the above. Had hair loss, skin went bad again, very dry and just felt constantly uncomfortable in my own skin, as well as the mental troubles that come with it. I was attempting to combat the issues with zinc, but I now know I need to get my hands on a decent zinc supplement. I’ve not had it out but my skin is getting worse (acne like) which I haven’t had in about 10 years. Trying to figure out if it’s a shock to the system, my body detoxing or even just that my zinc levels are still super low. I have no idea! But thank you for your thread x

  27. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this post that I have found through desperation after a few weeks of noticing an increase in episodes of extreme depression, suicidal thoughts and regret of having had children.
    My second baby was born 6 months ago, and having suffered from PPD with my 1st, it was almost certain it would happen again, and it did. Luckily through a strong support network and having experienced the symptoms before, I was able to find the right help very quickly. Within a few weeks of treatment, I was able to feel my normal self again, and started to enjoy my new baby and was finally able to start creating a strong bond with her. All seemed to be going extremely well, until my copper coil was inserted exactly a month ago. Not only was I treated for an infection caused potentially by the coil within a fews days of it being inserted, but I also started to notice a regression to my diagnosed PPD.
    I am sharing this in the hope that other women get the answers they are looking for, know they are not alone, and that there is a reason for what they are going through.
    I will certainly be sharing this article.
    Many thanks,

    Angela x

  28. I had my copper coil removed a month today. I have improved so much since this has happened. I wanted to ask: I was meant to have my period 10 days ago and it has not come and not any sign of starting. I am NEVER late – always to the day. I wonder if anyone else experienced this. It is stressing me out alot, i know it is because of the coul removal. Even with it out of my body it’s still causing me stress. Thank you.

    1. OMG! I thank God, l found this article and the fact that people share similar experiences. I started having severe headaches and anxiety after l had the copper IUD and I insisted it be removed. The Doctor insist l have anxiety disorder, well l was able to have it removed. I felt really fine afterwards but the symptoms are back , my Dr will have none of it and still think l might be having anxiety disorder. Is there a test to do to be sure l’m not suffering from copper toxicity? All the labs he requested are normal he says. I am devastated. ..someone answer please!

  29. After my 4th child the copper iud was suggested because of my age and the fact that this particular device is hormone free. I reluctantly agreed. The day it was inserted I began to itch uncontrollably and all over my body. My vagina was dry, itching constantly, and ON FIRE!!! I couldn’t have sex comfortably. I started to get big dry dark patches on my skin. I kept telling my doctor about the symptoms that I was having and she blew it off. Told me I needed to give it time. It would get better. Then my Hair Fell Out! I have always had beautiful long thick hair. It’s part of my identity. My security blanket of sorts. And it was coming out in the shower like I was receiving radiation therapy. I went to the doctor and made her take it out. Most of the side effects disappeared immediately. My hair still has not been able to recover from the ordeal unfortunately. It is very upsetting to say the least.

  30. This is interesting. I had never thought a copper coil could cause such problems. I also have one but had thought I had hormone imbalance. Paranoia, anxiety attacks as I was wondering what could be the cause and coming up with weird theories until I found out about copper toxicity or copper overload due to copper coil. Been suffering from abdominal cramps at night, dry eyes, and vaginal dryness that seems to get worse with the days. My husband is complaining about the dryness and threatening to leave. Tried herbal remedies but nothing too effective. Still like Sahara desert if I don’t take them. Life with a coil is instead hard. I think I have symptoms of low progestogen or progestogen deficiency due to the copper coil. Hair breaking / loss or alopecia is happening. Only God helped me to find this out. Definitely having it removed. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Urinary Tract Infection, Candida all became best friends with me. I’m so done with this suffering. Going to try Mirena.

    1. Hello, I have been experiencing some of the same symptoms. Did you have yours removed? Did your condition improve after? I made an appointment but after reading these comments I’m unsure they will be receptive that the paragaurd is causing my problems. 😔

  31. I have had the copper IUD for a year now and am convinced that all my issues right now is caused by it . Anxiety, depression, hair loss, fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain(I have been a skinny person throughout my life), anger, extra emotional, Headaches, suicidal thoughts are become a part of my life. I was an extremely positive and happy person but now I am the most cranky, impatient and negative person . I can not even work out anymore to feel good since i have zero energy . Its scary to see all the science that backs up the copper with having no effect on your mood or hormones . Have already taken an appointment to take this poison out of my body!

    1. What you have described is exactly how I have been in the 6 months since insertion. The fact there is the science saying there is no link between the coil and any of these symptoms is scary especially when there are webpages like this with hundreds of women sharing these awful experiences.
      Day 1 without my coil now and I am ready for recovery.

      1. I have used the Cooper IUD for 6 months now but I have noticed that I crave alot. I sometimes end up eating raw millet. I grave like one who is pregnant, sometimes I like the smell of dust and smoke. I shout and get annoyed over small things. And I end up beating my children over nothing sometimes. Don’t know how to control all this except to surrender it to God. After reading other women’s experience, I thought I should share my experience too.

    2. Hi Dsouza , how did the IUD removal go? I just had my ParaGard removed. I felt so much better after having it removed after 3-4 years. I experienced the worst symptoms for the past three months. Joint pain, heart palpitations, hot flashes, nausea, brain fog, low sex drive, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight loss, and pelvic pain. It’s such a relief to have the nurse removed it. I told her about my symptoms. She was very understanding and decided to proceed with the exam. It might take a while for my body to clean out everything. Let us know how you feel. I pray for you 🙂

      1. I wasn’t sure if this could be the cause of my recent symptoms as I took have had my paragaurd for between 3 and 4 years. Just recently started experiencing vaginal dryness and low sex drive. I have also had heart palpitations and high anxiety and full blown panic attacks. I just scheduled an appointment with my Planned Parenthood to address these issues. Are they receptive to the idea of the copper being an issue? Do they test your copper levels?

  32. I’m so glad I have found this post. I got the copper coil inserted around 6 months ago due to not getting on with the combined pill – hormones affected my mental health very badly.
    6 months in I have experienced excruciating cramps during my 7 day long periods… all of this would maybe be bearable if it wasn’t for the mental affects I am convinced is down to the coil. I feel like I have PMS every single day. I am irritable, angry, anxious, depressive almost every day and I have decided this is only down to the coil – all of these thoughts and behaviour are unexplained and unreasonable!
    Today I squatted down and removed it painlessly myself within a few minutes after reading online that women do safely remove it themselves. I can’t wait to explore my real personality and thoughts after stopping the pill and removing this awful coil. Currently looking into Fertility Awareness.

  33. Hello,
    I first got my copper iud after the birth of my son in 2011. In April of 2021 I got it replaced. I never made the connection between all of my health issues with the insertion of the iud. Since the replacement in 2021 I have had pelvic pain, constipation/ gi issues, hair loss, multiple yeast infections around the time of my cycle, my periods are regular but day two is ridiculous, my joints hurt, painful intercourse, and I swear I could feel that thing (pressure) inside me. I have since developed a fibroid in the back of my uterus and an enlarged liver (which excess amounts of copper can cause liver issues. I don’t drink alcohol) and last Week I found out I was pregnant (despite having the copper iud). I ended up in the ER on Friday. I miscarried. I had my follow up appointment today and my doctor was going to leave it in me and I refused. Immediately after she took that thing out I felt relief. I wish I would have done my research before getting that inserted. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I’m not crazy. All along I knew something was wrong with my body.

  34. I was in my twenties when I got my copper IUD. Thinking about what I went through makes me want to cry.

    From the second it was inserted I was in unbearable pain. Literally my husband had to carry me to the car, (where I could only lay, not sit) and had to carry me into the house. I couldn’t stand up for 24 hours. It was excruciating and comparable to child birth.

    Before my IUD my periods were a breeze. Light, 4 days, no pain, simple and easy. After IUD I bled 7 days straight changing super tampon every couple of hours unable to get out of bed with excruciating head aches and cramps. I had intense, stop me in my tracks type cramps even when not menstruating.

    I went through this for 6 years. Doctors said it was normal.

    When I had it removed, it hurt horribly, and my doctor simply walked out, leaving me bleeding and crying on a cold metal table like I was less than a dog.

    The pain went away that night. I almost forgot the pain started with the IUD to begin with, it became such a part of my life. I never felt that same pain again.

    At 30 years old I found out at some point after my IUD I had developed ovarian cysts, which burst, had me bleeding heavily, in extreme pain for 23 days and hurt like crazy. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the IUD, but I have my suspicions…

    1. Omg I had such a similar experience! Two months ago, 3 days before my period i had a really bad pain over my left ovary. The next day spotting bright red blood. Fast forward a month and my period came 6 days early. But it was really odd like dark flakes.. anyways this most recent period lasted 18 days, and by day 12 i was having massive clots. A pervious ultrasound early this year ‘suspected adenomyosis’ so my dr said take advil lol, and luckily I got another ultrasound during this period and I’d made an appointment to have the iud removed the following day. My dr said that it was halfway out, stuck in my cervix! The relief was immediate once she took it out! Then the ultrasound report came back saying my iud was jn the correct spot (literally 12hrs before it was removed) like wt***

      1. Oh and forgot to mention they found a complex cyst on my left ovary! Exactly where the pain was and my dr ignored my complaints. Uhg

  35. Ive had a copper IUD in since 2005. Initially I had no problems except for monthly cramps, heavier periods and more bloating but Ive always felt it to be a minor monthly price to pay for a solid and reliable birth control (and it is reliable in that sense). Looking back now I can say that it most likely has contributed to much hair loss over the years and bouts of anemia. As I do not like doctors, I attempted to remove it myself 5 years ago but during my attempt the strings broke and I just couldn’t grab it but I guess all of my pulling at it caused it to become misplaced in a low lying position through the cervix because I could now feel it poking through. Now in 2022 I have had what seems like a UTI on and off for 7 months and I’ve only had one real uti when I was a child. Also experienced pressure and cramps in my abdomen where the iud is located as well as Abdominal hives in the same area. In addition, I’ve had several recurring yeast infections lately which I’ve also only experienced a couple of times throughout my whole life prior to 2022. Of course I know the IUD is the culprit so I ordered forceps from amazon and removed it myself as of today. I can say that the UTI symptoms and the cramping in that area are gone just like that! I feel instantly better and free. The iud was black and pieces of metal were falling off probably because it was oxidized from its prior misplacement so I can see why my body was symptomatic. It’s too early to say whether other symptoms are related but I am 100% certain that they are.

  36. Yes! Thank you for putting this info out there. I had the Paraguard for five years. Before having it out in, I asked questions and the nurse assured me that my period cramps would get worse ‘but only for fourth months or so’. When I came back to the same nurse five years later telling her of all my many physical and emotional symptoms AND five years of intensely painful periods (which never happened prior to IUD life), she gaslit me and said ‘Oh, do you feel like I didn’t warn you about that?’ Ummmmm…no, she distinctly downplayed the side effects, robbing me of my ability to make an educated decision and give truly informed consent.

  37. I’ve had a copper IUD since December of last year, and since I did I’ve been feeling horrible! Long heavy painful periods, but the worst part is that got severe health anxiety, anxiety in general, panic attacks, paranoia, the full list described in this article! It got so bad i started seeing a therapist.. I have never had panic attacks before the IUD! The only extra thing is that i had an old surgery in my arm that was never a problem! I even forgot i had the surgery! With the IUD my arm kept hurting and hurting! I removed the IUD today and I am so glad I did!
    I hope i recover soon! Thank you for this article! My doctor told me that my mood changes can’t be linked to the IUD! And now, reading these comments I feel like I’m not alone. This is a huge blessing, thank you.

  38. I was having pain and bloating and symptoms that didn’t feel right and I instinctively wanted it out. The previous one I had for only a year or so I accidentally pulled out and so when I was experiencing these issues, I tried to take it out myself… but it would come out. I made an appointment and the Dr was in there with a tool and had a hard time getting it out. It was paid flu and when it came out, it was clear it had lodged in somewhere because there was tissue stuck on it and to make matters worse, the copper had rust. No way I would ever put anything like that in me again. After that I stopped using tampons, had to use pads and went with a menstrual cup. Wish I would have been more aware about the sham that is the medical industry because it pretty much is all an issue. Go natural, I have, there is a natural remedy for everything g and it all works better. Nature knows what it is doing.

  39. Wow I am so glad I came across this article.
    I have the copper IUD in for the second time. The first time was about 3 years ago I literally experienced severe and debilitating panic which I am still now slowly recovering from. I had made the connection with the coil at the time which I’d had in for about 2-3 months. I had it removed and had a copper hair test which was negative. My symptoms were severe panic attacks, extreme anger, sleep problems and depression. I did have the coil removed after a few months but was never sure it was that as my symptoms continued long after removal. Having never had any problems with mental health before my life was turned upside down and my marriage also fell apart. I could hardly leave the house. Fast forward a couple of years and I had to get an emergency copper coil inserted about 2-3 weeks ago. I was really not keen on it but I’d had no real evidence that it was the coil last time and as others have said the doctors thought I was crazy suggesting it. So this past week which would be the 3rd week I have started to feel unreasonably angry and anxious. The sleep problems have started. It feels just like last time. I have learned my lesson and I am having it removed first thing Monday morning. In some ways it’s almost a relief to know it wasn’t all in my head and many lead me to believe…

  40. In 2018 I had a miscarriage and immediately needed some sort of protection.
    I’d really struggled with a lot of contraception, the non hormonal copper coil sounded like a godsend.
    The doctor who put this thing inside of me caused me so much pain, I cannot even describe it. I tried to talk to people about it, even had a scan but was told all was fine and it needed time to settle in.
    My periods became extremely painful, I started regularly taking codine to help. Again, was told that it needed time. I still have this thing inside of me and I am on a waiting list to have it taken out.
    I believe I have developed rosacea on my skin, I’m permanently red on my cheeks and chin.
    I have suffered with severe mental health issues for a while now also. I’ve dabbled in antidepressants, counselling, I’ve been told I have scored high in PTSD tests. I am waiting for CBT. I believe I have developed PMDD and am on a waiting list for hospital referral. I am shouting at the top of my lungs for help.
    A lot of relationships have been effected, work is starting to be impacted. I have constant joint pain, especially on my left side, I have had to just get used to daily pain. I’m exhausted. I am not the person I was, especially after a global pandemic. I am literally praying for this copper coil to be removed soon. This state I am in isn’t me. I’m trying so hard to change, but I can’t. The tears just don’t stop. I have everything crossed that the removal with resolve my issues and I can be happy again.

  41. I’m so thankful for this information. I had an appointment to get a copper iud inserted tomorrow but will be cancelling. I foolishly thought it was a more ‘natural’ alternative to a hormonal iud but it appears there’s no birth control worth the risks. Does anyone have any recommendations on ways to prevent pregnancy that doesn’t harm your health? Much appreciated, thank you.

    1. Hi SJ – I’m so glad you decided against the copper IUD and that my article was helpful. Consider The Fertility Awareness Method for a safe option. There are many apps you can use to make this process easier.

      1. Exteme nausea and fatigue. Paragard in 2 1/2 years . I cant find anyone to help me take it out. It seems i could take it out on my own.
        The pain in my lower abdomen is horrible and lower back. Seems im pregant but 2 false pregnancy test

  42. I had to have my copper coil removed 4 yrs ago. I developed sepsis and was very ill. I spend 4 days in hospital and on an IV drip of fluids and antibiotics.
    Took a good month for me to get my strength back.

  43. The copper IUD(paragard) has ruined my life. Since April 2020 I’ve had to watch my health deteriorate. From the muscle ache and spasms, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, hallucinations,………the list is just endless! The worse part is I had to diagnose myself of copper toxicity as no health practitioner was ready to believe those symptoms were as a result of the IUD. Now I have mild convex thoracic scoliosis and my muscles keep flattening out. I have aches all over. I’m only 30 and I have the joints of an 80yr old. I am just tired! How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and NEVER had the damn IUD inserted. I miss my good health and body. How do I get my body back???

  44. Thank you for sharing this information!
    I have had a copper IUD in for 5 years now. I am 25 years old now. It has been a battle – painful heavy periods and hormone imbalances, pain during intercourse sometimes, fatigue, pms, mood swings, headaches, and anxiety. I have had a bad feeling about it and started talking about it to my naturopathic doctor. She suggested a hormone panel and heavy metal panel to look at my copper levels. Based off of this heavy mental panel my copper levels did not show abnormally high – but I don’t believe this panel really is painting the whole picture, because I do have lots of the symptoms. My hormone panel shocked me! I had very low progesterone, but other hormones were not that abnormal. Estrogen was fine. I never understood before this point that the copper IUD would affect my hormones, but now I have become very educated on this matter. In the past year i have done a lot of research and have learned so much about my cycles and hormones and I have been practicing fertility awareness method and rigorously tracking my cycle and symptoms. I am confident in my knowledge and intuition that this the best choice for me is to remove it. I don’t want to get pregnant though so I am staying on top of my cycle tracking and so is my husband. We still get a little nervous about it, because we want to wait a few years to call in our baby, but i can’t live with this IUD any longer. I can’t wait to take it out. I am looking forward to healing and balancing my body. I favor the most natural practices and holistic ways of living. I am in gratitude that this information is being shared. Women need more education about their bodies and hormones.

    1. I have had the copper IUD for 7 years. I have been experiencing extreme muscle and joint pain. Bleeding during intercourse and spotting in between periods. Excessive discharge. Headaches. And more. I never thought that the IUD was the issue for any of it until I realized that I have a metal allergy and that copper is a metal. LIGHT BULB. I went to see a gynecologist she did a colposcopy, massive blood work, an ultrasound, and scope inside uterus. Nothing abnormal was found. Final conclusion was chronic inflammation of the cervix. I then asked my doctor if the IUD could be causing my other symptoms or inflammation in other areas of my body and she said it was very likely. So now I am having IUD and my tubes removed next month. Hoping my body can get back to normal. I have had 5 children so reading about elevated copper levels and toxicity was something new to me. Thank you for your informative website!

  45. I get Copper IUD inserted March 2018 and 2020 October i developed an itching skin in my armpits and around my private, very itchy and painful 😖 and still suffering, I didn’t remove it . When I visited a general doctor, she said it’s psoriasis. Now I am confused whether it’s side effects of the iud

  46. Since getting the copper IUD almost a year ago I had the worst menstrual cycles. I lost so much blood one month that I ended up in the hospital with supravwntricular tachycardia a heart rate of 160 and BP of 160/110, my normal BP is 90/70 and heart rate of 60. I go to the ER and my potassium was 3.2 from all of the blood loss, I needed IV and oral supplementation of potassium. Ever since then I have been skeptical. I stuck with it for another 6 months and the bleeding decreased every month but I was still having super heavy periods. I started having facial hair on my chin, weight gain despite changing my diet and insane bloating. In addition, my hair was falling out like crazy and sometimes out of nowhere I would start to feel a panic attack. The reason I took it out was the bloating, and complete loss of sex drive- I felt like I was numb and so not interested in sex which has never been the case with my husband. It was then that I read about estrogen dominance and the link between estrogen and copper and their infinite affinity. I have taken the copper IUD out and plan to do natural family planning. I also think this copper IUD can create PCOS due to the estrogen dominance. I am so relieved and happy to have taken that toxic implant out of my system!! Thank you ladies for taking the time to post on here, it helps knowing we’re not alone

  47. Hi Sami,
    Great post! I recently had my paragard removed and felt immediate relief from the anxiety, dark racing thoughts, mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, and nausea that plagued me for 4 years (IUD was inserted 6 years ago). It was like magic. The happy, grounded, energetic self whom I was so scared I had lost forever reappeared overnight.
    I actually had my hair tested last year to help rule out copper toxicity. My results came back well within the normal range. I’m wondering if it may be possible that symptoms are not always due to copper toxicity, but may instead stem from the IUD disrupting the vagus nerve where it runs through the cervix?
    It may be worth noting that my IUD was placed very low (bringing it much closer to the vagus nerve).

    The vagus nerve controls parasympathetic nerve response, the flow of oxygen to the brain, and digestion. Any procedure that touches the cervix can potentially disrupt the vagus nerve and cause presyncope or syncope in a patient (irritable, sweaty, pale skin, dizzy, passing out). It seems to stand within reason that strings hanging out of the cervix could also have a disruptive effect. Most of the symptoms for copper toxicity are consistent with “mild” presyncope or vagus nerve damage. I believe this may better explain why so many women, myself included, have immediate relief after their IUD is removed without taking any time or effort to remove excess copper from the body.
    I have found very little information to support this theory and would really love to hear what you and others think!

    1. Hi Rue, just taken mine out and as well as relaxation in my lower body I have noticed a change in vocal tone which I would say is definitely vagas nerve related so I think you’re on to something!

  48. Has anyone else been diagnosed with Lichens Sclerosis after having Paraguard for several years? I haven’t had any other true bad side effects but wonder if my Lichens diagnosis is caused by the copper IUD?

  49. I have the copper IUD, almost 4 years now. I have always had painful periods, the last 2 years have become extremely painful. I even had visits to the ER because I couldnt not even move from the pain.

    I would be in pain a week before, the week of my period and the week after (3 WEEKS OF PAIN for months) I got really concerned and my everyday was being affected as I was in bed the whole day if I could. I even started losing weight because I didnt want to eat from the pain and because I was scared food would make the inflammation worse even thought I changed my diet to avoid inflammation.

    I been to different doctors because I didnt find it normal; was diagnosed with bicornuate uterus and endometriosis by different doctors because of my symptoms.
    Because of the diagnosed of endometriosis one of the doctor recommended for me to do Depo (the shot) for a year and a half while still keeping my IUD…. WELL, I did…. I just couldnt deal with the pain and I was ready to try anything.
    I did the shot only twice because the side effects were too extreme (Mood swings, vaginal dryness, bleed everyday for the 6 months I did it) the only positive thing was that my extreme cramps were gone. I was free of pain.

    Anyways, my body has been clean from the shot for 5 months but after the second period the extreme pains started to come back, finally I decided to go to another doctor, while he was examining me he told me I didnt have what they said I had, but I had a rudimentary uterine horn, which is like a little uterus that is connected to my “normal” uterus; he told me that when I get my period probably because the IUD my periods are so heavy that the small uterus is not able to let all the blood out so it gets inflammated and it becomes like a bag of liquid (Sorry if is ewww lol) that is probably the reason of my extreme pains.

    Well I dont want to make the story long, I still have my IUD because I was scared to take it out and have sex because I DO NOT want to get pregnant EVER!
    He told me to think about changing it to Mirena because it will help me regulate my period and help with the pain but I been doing my research and I dont think thats going to be an option. I didnt to my research with Depo and the side effects really got me.

    I decided to get the copper one because I didnt want hormones and I was tired of taking pill but now Im thinking that what my body needs is a rest from having that inside. Im still dealing with side effects that now I dont know if they were from the shot or even the IUD.
    It has affected my sex life and my mental health as I feel like Im not lubricating…. actually its not just mentally but I feel that has a big part to play also and because of not lubricating Im getting a lot of infections.

    The last 2 years I even changed my diet to help with inflammation but the infections keep coming back, if you guys have a natural recommendation for vaginal dryness and infections.

    Also, I want to go hormone free but Im scared of trying natural methods as I never want to get pregnant, is this normal? Can someone recommend me a good intro to a natural birth control.

    Thank you and I hope this can help someone

  50. Hi, I had the copper coil iud fitted 12 months ago to avoid getting pregnant again.
    I found within the first few weeks I was very snappy, irritated I couldn’t sleep very well.
    I put on 1.5 stone in weight to which I’m very active going to the gym 5x a week. No matter how hard I worked I was just so hungry and piling on the weight.
    My periods were so heavy to the point I had to wear a tampon and a pad just to Makesure I didn’t have any accidents everywhere.
    Constant cramps and boob pain, I also developed a couple of lumps which I’ve had checked but they said it could be linked. It’s been a constant spiral of negativity and to make matters worse the drs said I needed to give it a year to settle down but I finally had it removed so hopefully it gets better from now on. I 100% won’t be going on the copper iud again.

  51. Hi Sami.

    Thank you so much for doing this research and getting women to speak out. I’m from South Africa. I had the Mirena device inserted on the birth of my 2nd child. I had ups and downs with my hormones so I went to have it removed but then the gynae discovered it got dislodged and I had surgery to remove it in April 2018. At that stage I opted for the copper IUD thinking its natural and harmless. Since it was inserted I suffered not only with heavier extended periods but my anemia got bad, I started getting very bad insomnia, inflammation in my body, water retention, fybromalgia, pain in hands, arms and feet like someone with rheumatoid arthritis, my fingers and hands would be numb alot of the time, no pain meds helped, I had severe anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, anger and became very antisocial. I had major weight gain that just increased to the point of obesity. Every was just severe. Now during lockdown 2020 it got worse. My sleepless nights and panic attacks. Its been affecting my family. My don’t have a connection with kids. I feel like my whole life had been falling apart. Until I read your articles with possible chances that it may be the reason this is affecting my life. On the 24th of June I had it removed being sceptic of Covid19 but I could no longer endure this pain. It’s been 3 weeks now and I have no insomnia or arthritis in my hands, arms, feet or fingers. I have regained feeling in my hands. I am starting to feel less anxious and having a deep sleep more than ever. Once more it goes to show how they push this crap into the market knowingly not doing thorough research on it, but selling it to us because health sells. Before you realised all the pain this one device has caused you have already forked out thousands to help you understand what the hell is happening to your body. Ladies your body is a temple, let’s treat it as such. No more foreign crap or any modified products to alter your state. If you prefer to not have kids have your tubes tied or let him go for the snip.

    1. Keketso Montshiwa

      Thank you for this Nishaat. I am also South African but live in the USA and got my Paragard in October of 2015. A year later I developed a really bad disgusting discharge (and I had never had discharge before even though I was 30). The discharge got better but then weight gain started despite my super active and lifestyle. I gained about 12kg (approximately 30 pounds). I workout vigorously 5 to 6 times a week and eat extremely healthy. I am abnormally disciplined because I used to be a classical ballet dancer. I have changed up workout routines for the last 3 years, counted macros, seen dieticians, nutritionist and even got a diploma in Sports Nutrition to try and find the answers for myself. I still can’t lose weight, have bad insomnia, have developed extreme social anxiety and irritation and I now have mood swings.

      In 2019, out of nowhere, no injuries involved, without hurting myself, I suddenly developed extreme knee pain and shoulder pain. I have been to physical therapy and it helps a bit but bending my knees or walking too much causes sharp pains. I kept asking my doctors if this all could be the cause of the copper IUD and they said it was impossible. In 2019 I did every test you can imagine with every specialist to figure out my weight gain and my knee and shoulder issues. Everything came back normal and clear – except my rheumatologist said I might be developing a mild case of arthritis.

      After reading these comments and especially yours, I am convinced my instinct was right and that the copper IUD is most likely the cause of all my ailments as I have never been sickly until a year after it was placed in.

      Thank you for this community Sami.

  52. So if the copper iud is soooo bad for you, what are the options we are left with?!

    Personally I thought that not having any additional hormones put into my body was a good thing. I’m seriously concerned after reading this. Don’t know what to do for the best. As a PCOS sufferer I obviously don’t want to aggravate the situation.

    Not much else we can do I UK. The pill doesn’t agree with me, neither injection or implant.

  53. I’m due to have my copper coil removed in the next week, after reading this article things make more sense, I’ve had it for 6 months and I’ve seen more bleeding in that time than ever before. I’m always tired, have the brain fog as it is called, cramps are pretty much all the time, I’ve suffered with thrush 3 times, I’ve never had it before, I suffer with a dull ache in my hip since having it too, not sure if it’s related to the coil though. Be glad to get it out .

  54. Hi,
    I had my paragard in Nov 2018 it’s been 18 months now with paragard.
    I am experiencing migrane,anger, anxiety, depression, brain fog. Being a very positive person I am so surprised to have all these on me. Also from Feb 2020 for last 4 months I am experiencing urticaria with angeoedima. Taking allergy pills for last 3 months still no improvement. Really frustrated now and thinking it paragard could be a culprit? Double mind whether to remove my IUD or not. Does anyone experiencing hives and angeoedima with paragard on ? Please share ur thoughts. Thanks for this very informative thread👍

    1. Sometimes copper toxicity does not show up in blood tests, if the copper is being stored in tissues. A liver biopsy will show copper in tissues.

  55. I got my copper IUD inserted in December and ever since then I been having really dry eyes and headaches which never would happen before that. My doctor was like no way it is the IUD because there is no hormone in it. Any suggestions?

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Sorna. I wish more doctors were aware of the dangers of the copper IUD and had more compassion and understanding. I suggest directing him/her to this post.

  56. I am so grateful I stumbled across this article. I have had such an awful time over the past 2 years suffering with recurrent thrush despite diet changes, lifestyle changes and repeated courses of treatment. I had the copper IUD inserted 4 years ago and initially just had heavier periods and a bit of spotting. I went through an extremely stressful couple of years as I moved countries and started a very demanding new job and just assumed that was causing the anxiety and emotional instability I experienced. However, over the past 6 months things have got increasingly worse despite work itself and my life being normal. I went to see a naturopath when I was in Australia and she found I was in adrenal fatigue and my immune system was pretty much non-existent despite being what I would consider overall fit and healthy. She made me aware of the possible effects of the copper IUD. I went home and did my research and it honestly makes so much sense and helped me understand the fatigue and emotions I had been struggling with. I got my IUD removed today and I am crossing my fingers that things will fix all my problems.
    Thank you for this information. Doctors need to be made aware!

  57. Since having my copper iud inserted I have had many symptoms that are so similar to those already mentioned…..feeling vacant, stomach cramps, heavy periods, panic attacks, slight agoraphobia, nervousness, constantly in fight or flight, periods every 9-14 days for 7 days duration….I am just so happy that I am finding this information as I genuinely have been so worried I’m losing my mind and for no real reason!

  58. I had an IUD paragard (copper) and it was horrible. I was told by my obgyn that I’d have no side effects. After 2 years of having my IUD with lots of blood and horrible cramping that would wake me up out of a dead sleep (I never had a problem with any of those things pre IUD) I was misdiagnosed with premature ovarian failure. Due to the copper not only killing the sperm, but also my eggs, I wasn’t informed that the IUD worked that way, before I found out that the IUD was causing me all the problems with my body, I had it in for 1 more year, when I thought that maybe it was the reason I was misdiagnosed with premature ovarian failure, I immediately removed it, which I had to do myself since it’s very expensive to have a simple piece of plastic removed . I would NEVER recommend any woman getting any IUD, not because they don’t work, they definitely work, but they kill your eggs as well, women need to be informed of that. Obgyn’s are saying they are safe. And they’re not. You need to seriously do your research on them before you consider getting one, and furthermore, having a foreign substance in your body for more then a year, isn’t at all good for you. Even if it is just a little piece of plastic.

  59. I stumbled across this article after doing some research on the internet about vertigo related to the copper IUD. WOW. It’s devastating this is happening to so many women and also comforting at the same time because I finally feel like I’m not alone in this and I’m not a crazy person. Two months after getting my copper IUD, I started experiencing vertigo. It would only happen occasionally, and after seeing my PCP, she was convinced it was my contact prescription. Fast forward to now, 6 months after getting the copper IUD, and the dizziness is so unbelievably horrible and chronic, it has been debilitating to my life and affected my ability to work and do typical every day tasks. I have seen my eye doctor, my gynecologist, a counselor, and the ENT. Nobody can tell me what’s wrong, and even worse so, many have written me off. I have an MRI scheduled per my ENT. My mom finally suggested it might be my IUD, and after putting two and two together, I am convinced it is the culprit as it is the only significant change in my life since all of this started. I have also experienced brain fog, increased headaches/migraines, and increased anxiety, similar to what many of you have mentioned in this thread. I had the IUD removed today. Although I really do like my gynecologist, I had asked about copper toxicity before having it placed and she did not acknowledge it as a side-effect. Today, when she removed it, she stated she has never had any patients with copper toxicity, nor has she known it to be a real thing, but if my symptoms just so happened to stop after IUD removal, that it would probably take 30 days and we could chalk it up to the IUD being the cause of my issues. SIGH. Seriously??? After 6 months of feeling downright terrible, draining my health savings account, and worrying there is something seriously wrong with me…I am now pretty much convinced it was the IUD and hoping I will start to feel better soon. Good luck ladies. Never let anybody tell you otherwise when you are not feeling right. You know your body best.

  60. So glad to find this article-Thank you Sami and all the women commenting. My obgyn doesn’t believe the copper iud can be causing such distress. I’ve had the copper IUD for 5 months and I regret it. Waiting for a callback from my docs office to schedule it’s removal. I was fine until 3 weeks after insertion. I have been nonstop sick over the past 4 months with 2 colds, a month long of bronchitis that’s still hanging on, a yeast infection, and now my left breast feels bruised and I’m concerned about a possible lump-waiting to see my obgyn for that as well. I’m wondering, if my immune system can’t fight off any simple illnesses because its fighting the presence of a foreign object and I’m in a constant inflammatory state, then it likely can’t fight dividing cancer cells. 😒
    The fits of rage and anger are returning, luckily the suicidal thoughts stopped as well as the dizziness, raspy voice, and gastro problems. The constant bloat, painful cramps, lower back aches, and worsening acne, insomnia, tingling around mouth and face, palpitations, trouble breathing lying down have all stayed around. I’m tired of being sick and tired. The day of its removal can’t come soon enough.

  61. I had a copper IUD put in about 7 years ago. My flow became very heavy, and I felt like I was always on my period. At each appointment, I complained to my physician that my periods were becoming unbearable. I was told that it would go away in time. As time went, it got worse. After a year and a half passed, I told my physician to remove the copper IUD, or I would do it myself. It was immediately removed by my physician, and my cycle went back to normal. Very bad experience. It’s a horrible experience to know your body and a doctor make you feel like you’re crazy because you don’t respond they way they expect you to.

  62. After about a year after my copper IUD insertion, I started to have white spots pop up on my collarbone area. I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with Vitiligo. Over the past few months its been spreading now I have a white patch in my hair and losing some pigment on the skin around my eyes, eyelashes turning white etc. I have been researching vitiligo and it seems it is linked to levels of copper and zinc. Has anyone else had similar issues? I’m hoping to get it removed asap and that maybe will be able to gain back some pigment or at least stop the spreading.

  63. I had the copper IUD inserted in the summer of 2018(1.5 years ago). Initially I was experiencing horrendous cramps and extremely heavy bleeding as partner at the time noted that my mood had been very different from my mood pre IUD. I brushed it off and kept dealing with the intense periods. Shortly after a year of having the IUD I began experiencing what I later found out was PMDD. I was having melt downs and panic attacks in the middle of the night, not sleeping at all, feeling so psychotic, considering that I needed hospitalization due to my mental state. My skin had been fairly clear, I’ve always gotten a little hormonal acne around my period but when the PMDD developed I began breaking out in cystic acne, the worst I have even seen my skin. My doctor put me on Prozac, my doctor instructed me to take it 14 days before my period and stop taking it the day my period begins. My acne still had not improved, so then I was put on spirolactone. I am someone who does not want to be on any medication..which is WHY I wanted the copper IUD to begin with because it wasn’t the hormonal birth control pill, but here I am on TWO medications because of the side effects I am experiencing from the IUD. It took me too long to realize that this “hormone free” IUD is causing the hormone related problems. I am getting my iud removed, I hope to write back and let you all know if the removal of my iud correlates with a decrease in PMDD and cystic acne

  64. Hello….

    Thought it may help someone to share my story… Got the copper IUD inserted about six months ago and was told by the doctor that there were no side effects, so everything that has been going on with my moods and body since then I have not connected to the IUD till reading this article..
    The worst part of all the symptoms is not being able to get out of bed in the mornings as well as constantly feeling guilty about not having the energy to look after my two young children the way I’d like to…. I am in such a dark place, having thoughts about slitting my wrists that I’ve never had till recently. The only thing good about every day is going to sleep at night.
    In two days I’m having it removed and hope that life will become worth living again

  65. I had a copper IUD (flexi T) inserted in January 2016 (3 mnths postpartum baby#2). At the end of April of 2016 I started having psychotic thinking and feelings of impending doom. Over the course of 3 weeks I lost more at more sleep. My psychotic thinking got worse and finally I didnt sleep at all on the 24th of May 2016. I started seeing energies and then left my children at home while I happily drove my van into a brick wall at 60kms an hour, believing it would turn into a portal and I would drive through it. I somehow survived (probably because I was so relaxed) I had minor injuries, broken rib, gashed up knee. I then removed my clothing and ran around town naked before i was arrested and brought to the hospital.
    A couple days before this happened I removed my copper IUD myself with my hands.
    I was hospitalized in the psychiatric unit. They thought i would be there for a couple months. I recouped and was let out within a week. I was put on anti psychotic medication and was taken off of it soon after.
    I was not diagnosed, nor have i ever been diagnosed with bipolar or schizophrenia or anything of that nature.
    The Copper IUD needs to be taken off the shelf. I only just learned of copper toxicity and came to my own conclusion as to why this happened. My doctor and none of the psychiatrists made this link AT ALL. now it’s almost 4 years later. I went back to Mirena and I have been fine ever since.

    Thank you for reading,

    Rachelle Hart

  66. I had my copper IUD fitted in May 2019, on top of having awful cramps and 2 week periods, I also get dizziness and I just don’t feel myself, I’ve had loads of blood work done and everything came back normal.

    The major effect I’ve just realised has started since and gotten worse is random body jerks which had now lead me to researching copper toxicity.

    Has anyone else has this?

  67. Hi I am so happy I found this article. I’ve had my copper coil in for 2 years now and for the last 10 months I have been experiencing extreme burning in my vagina every month inside and outside. It is so painful! The drs keep telling me it’s thrush but it feels so inflamed that it just didn’t sit well with me! I’ve tried all drs remedies for thrush which don’t work, I’m currently going to a Kinesiologist who tested for copper toxicity and said my levels are ok but she was able to check if it was effecting my body and anxiety/panic attacks (which has got really bad lately!) And she said it is effecting me! I’m going to get checked again with her in 3 weeks to see if I’m still reacting to copper coil but after reading this I just want it out! Has anyone else had these symptoms? Also have irregular spotting and periods..

  68. This is 100% on point. And not talked about enough. I had a copper IUD for 6 months and it was horrible. Extreme bleeding for 14 days(super tampon and pad every 2 hours,) anemia, restless legs, cystic acne, weight gain, sudden onset of anxiety, insomnia, moodiness and cramping. For 50% of the month. It let took a long time to normalize after I had it removed. Worst experience ever.

  69. Katherine Palmet

    Thanks souch everyone for your comments. I thought I was going mad!!! Had my first iud in after the birth of our last child. Have had major post natal depression, tiredness, migraine headaches, numbness tingling constant now on one side, CHRONIC fatigue. Everything Got worse anf worse. Endless doctors appointments just got told fibromyglia. Never had it this bad before iud. Discovered this link now and getti g seco d one removed this week. Thank you all so much for sharing am 100 percent certain have copper toxicity from iud. Copper toxicity causes fibromyglia. It all finally makes sense and I finally have an answer to years of why do Ifeel so bad.

    1. Thank you for sharing with us, Katherine. I am happy you are getting it removed. I liken it to a medieval torture device.

  70. I just got my copper IUD removed today because I was having a lot of severe side effects like anxiety, migraines, sleepless nights and I gain 28 lbs in six months since my insertion of IUD . I’m so glad I took the decision to remove it because I want to feel normal and myself again. I suffered with Back pain that I could not even move on my bed at night especially when I was close to my pms. The removal was not that bad I felt very little pain n the breathing techniques helped me. Breathing techniques mean I was taking deep breath in and out and diverting my mind by talking to doctor and within five minutes she showed me the iud said it’s done. It was the happiest day of my life and I hope to get back to my normal body and mind.

    1. Hi everyone, I enjoyed reading these comments because I relate so much to this. I had my Paragard for about 2 years, and since then, I have had unexplained weight gain that I am unable to lose, extreme depression, anxiety, panic, paranoia, right hip pain that persisted more so at night, uncontrollable irritability and rage, and insomnia. I struggled with depression and anxiety/panic before my iud, but after having the iud it completely just blew up and got so much worse. I felt helpless and unmotivated to do anything. I went two days ago to have it removed, and when I told my GYN my symptoms, she acted completely appalled and was quick to assure me that it was “completely unrelated.” However, after having it removed, I immediately noticed my rip hip pain went away (it was hurting on the medical table and was gone within 5 mins of removal), and I already feel as thought my anxiety and panic and paranoia has subsided a great deal. I am still experiencing anger and rage, but I am going to go have my blood and hair tested for High copper levels, as I am almost positive that it is to blame. overall, I have felt better but I am just waiting to get back to my full normal happy self, which I hope is soon!

      1. I also want to note that my whole life I have been a very healthy person, with the exception of usual cold or viruses. In November of 2018, I had to have my gallbladder removed because out of nowhere I started experiencing issues. Turns out, after reading further, copper is processed through the gallbladder and liver and can damage these organs!!! I think that copper is the cause of my having to have my gallbladder removed. I just thought that was interesting, especially since every doctor I saw failed to notice a correlation between copper and the sudden onset of my gallbladder issues.

        1. Im about to under-go liver transplant. Had the copper IUD for almost 5 years now. I started getting horrible hip pain, and itching all over. I thought I may have impelled myself with the IUD and went to get it removed. They did a ultrasound because they then thought it was a hernia, which come to find fluid in my intestines and it’s infected(found from a needle taking a sample). They ran blood work and did NOT request copper levels. So I’m doing my own before surgery, to hopefully get a lawyer if possible!

  71. This is terrifying. I’ve had the copper IUD in for almost four years, and just got tested for Candida overgrowth. Results came back positive. The first time I started having gut problems was only 6 months after I had the IUD put in, and it never occurred to me that my gut problems could be connected to my IUD. I also have the MTHFR genetic mutation that makes it so my body doesn’t detox efficiently. My fibromyalgia pain has also gotten a lot worse in the past 4 years. This is really disheartening. All the things I read say the studies show the copper iud doesn’t increase copper in the blood, but clearly women are still being very negatively effected by this IUD.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Reagan. Unfortunately, many of those “studies” are led by big pharma and are designed to make them look good. Please know you can overcome this.

  72. I had 3 kids back to back with my husband, and then decided to get the copper IUD as a healthier alternative to the hormonal one. I had PPD with all 3 kids, but took supplements which helped a ton. Now, after 3 years of the IUD, we wanted another baby, so we removed it. I never had any issues while on it, but ever since I had it taken out, my energy has crashed. It’s reminiscent of what my adrenal fatigue was like during my subsequent pregnancies. I’ve been taking extra supplements for thyroid and adrenals, but it seems like the issue is lingering and coming back. This all started the week I got the IUD out, and now almost 3 months later, I’m still struggling. Is it possible that my body NEEDED the copper? Today my energy TANKED and I couldn’t even stand.

  73. Hi, I recently came across information about copper IUDs and was surprised, but not shocked. I had assumed it was safe because it has no hormones and how harmful could it be? Having tried natural fertility mapping in my early 20’s I wanted something that would work. I am interested in trying some of the new technology but be wary! I would recommend paraguard etc to everyone and so many friends and family have them. In theory it is ‘worry free’, and has likely saved millions of women from unwanted pregnancy etc.. I have had IUDs for more than ten years. In Canada doctors will not let you keep them in for more than 5 years. My first one was terrible. Endless periods, constant bleeding, heavy bleeding, cramping, pain, I went to ER more than once. The string was so short I had to have ultrasounds all the time to make sure it was still there and had not moved. But I was more afraid of getting pregnant so I switched to a 2nd IUD. It has been fine in terms of menstruation. Regular cycles, slightly heavier bleeding than in my past and not so bad cramping. But everything else,wow I had no idea it could be the copper IUD and toxicity. I have a history of depression, anxiety, tummy problems, migraines, fibromyalgia etc. But things have been such a blur of so much worse. Definitely the brain fog. My thyroid goes off kilter, but never enough to require medication. The last year or so especially has been psychological torment. Excessive despair,suicidal thoughts which is so bizarre, repetitive strange thoughts. I even went to mental health for help, just free counselling. Then there was the loss of interest in sex fairly early on which I attributed to other issues. The pain during and after sex, the bleeding after sex. The infections, the Vulvadynia type symptoms, urinary tract infections and so on. Why did I even keep it in after not having sex, separation and divorce?
    Excessive chin hairs, have to shave sometimes twice daily if I am going out in public. loss of head hair, not sure if white hair is an issue or just hereditary.
    Be mindful that hormonal birth control pills also contain copper so it’s the same thing.
    Having a foreign thing in the body that ‘zaps’ sperm, so what is it doing to us?
    I am overdue to have the IUD removed or switched, so I have to schedule an appointment for removal because the doctor had cut the string to the ‘correct’ level that makes self removal impossible.
    Look up companies that do extensive hair analysis. It is expensive. If you want to have children down the road consider having blood and hair analysis to figure out what you need to balance things out. Otherwise you will pass the excess copper onto your children.

  74. Good to know all this.
    ~I have been feeling (again) symptoms of depression and anxiety that I had in past.
    But my contribuition here is regarding weight gain. I have gained a lot of weight, but in a way as such as a pregnant woman. My hips and breast enlarged and I have swelling. I have tested for pregnancy, because it feels like I am pregnant, but it is always negative. I have low energy levels as well.
    Will remove it!

  75. I’m 41 and at hospital during laparoscopy I should have copper coil change for Marina , but instead they left me with 2 coils for 5 months. Recovery time was long and I was feeling unwell and my blood test was really bad and now I have animia . Laparoscopy was done because after c-section 18 years ago I had internal scar and I was in great detail of pain for many years. I want to know what consecration this can have on my body in long term .thank you Jo

  76. Hi, Sami,

    I recently had my IUD placed 2 years ago. With in the past year to 6 months I’ve started to notice I’ve been more and more tired. I’ve done many at home pregnancy tests, thinking I was due to nausea that started to accompany my overly tired self. Now I’ve been more and more irrational and irritable and sad but with nothing to be sad about. So, I decided to look into myself. What changed? Nothing except my IUD being in.

    So I started doing research myself. I reached out to my doctors. “The paraguard wont cause that,” multiple doctors have said to me. But it’s the only thing that’s different in my life. I’m bringing this article and its references with me.

    I’m pushing for a copper test, getting the same push back from my doctors. I just want answers. My obgyn even said she doesnt recommended removing my paraguard, saying there is no way it could be making me sick….

    I guess I want to say thanks for the article… and if I could get any advice to get my doctor to listen to me.

    1. Hi Tina – thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad my article was helpful. I’m sorry you’ve struggled and that your doctor isn’t showing you much compassion or understanding. I hear this a lot.

  77. I had my copper IUD for 3.5 years and have just taken it out today. I was at the point of not being able to physically handle the first two days of my cycle. The cramps had become incapacitating, the first day being the worst. In one day my flow was as heavy as the average woman in a week. For the last year, though, my cycle would be either 40 days or just wouldn’t come for two months. It is refreshing reading all of your stories, I don’t feel crazy anymore that I don’t feel like myself. My confidence had plummeted and my anxiety has been higher for the last 9 months. I’m actually looking forward to my next period for once. I can’t say if the anxiety is attributed to the IUD or not, I guess I’ll see.

  78. I have had the copper coil in for 8 months now. The first 3 months was a bit hit and miss but l put that down to it being new. After that though everything has been fine… until recently. I have never really struggled with anxiety or depression. Always felt particularly well and healthy. I returned back to work after 11 months off from maternity. So this could be something to do with that or it could be the coil. But before l left l was confident and thriving at my job. Since returning l just dont seem to be able to concentrate. I am always tired. I have headaches l feel miserable l have lost all confidence in what l do. I feel like l am going to be sacked all the time. I get dizzy spells. Fall into day dreams. I just dont feel right. And l was never like this a year ago or have l ever before. I am debating going to the doctors but dont want to be fobbed off with mental health issues because l dont believe that is what l have. I reason with myself daily about things and try to perk up tell myself l have a nice life and family etc but for some reason l just cant shake this l am no good feeling anymore, along with the physical things of headaches and dizziness etc. I do also suffer with very heavy periods with this coil and they have now started to become irregular. It must be that?

  79. I had the copper iud in for two months. The pain and discomfort or caused is not worth it at all!! It was soo painful to get our put in. Felt like i wasn’t warned at all to begin with. After having it in theres this pain that just won’t go away. It makes total sense because they’re is foreign object in the body. I couldn’t even sit comfortably. I always felt pressure and pain on my uterus. I always felt tired and fragile. No amount of coffee helped. I had this constant sick feeling. Like i was coming down with something. My second period took 2 weeks to finally make its way. I thought i was pregnant since i felt awful. When i finally got my period it was normal and then i began to bleed and bleed a whole week after my period. Wasnt period like blood at that point. Seemed different. I called to make an appointment to remove it. They ended up canceling it since the person that does procedures wasnt there and they made sure to tell me i was only going in for consultation first. That meant i had t wait awhole other week. I have 3 babies. Ages 3 and under. No way i could be dealing with this pain and discomfort any longer! I really have no time to be laying around feeling sick. I ended up taking it out on my own. Not suggesting anyone else do it but it definitely is possible. My bleeding was so bad it just slipped right out when i pulled. Glove i used was full of blood. The bleeding stopped IMMEDIATELY!! Its like my body was crying out. I felt better right away! Sick feeling began to go away within the hour! Im so happy that thing is out!!

  80. Hi mine was put in after 12 wks giving both to baby in 2016 sept.once I put in after few days felt not myself.Explained this to hubby said it’s in my head. I felt sad,anxious,upset minded ,brain fog.Then last year around October I felt sad dizzy I put it on breastfeeding after reading yr article I think it’s copper.So today I had it removed and afterb2 hrs I feel.different.

  81. I’m a little late to this article but I had my copper IUD removed a few days ago after having it for 18 months. i was 21 when I had it placed and right away I noticed my stomach started to bloat, I would get random painful cramps (i have a pretty high pain tolerance), I would get angry very easily, I had an allergic reaction on my eyes that neither the eye doctor or allergist could figure out the cause of. Then the last about 6 months I started getting constipated frequently and found it difficult to use the bathroom. I told myself enough is enough, there is no way it’s a coincidence my health went downhill after getting this IUD placed. Almost immediately after getting it removed it was like a huge relief and all my symptoms went away. I feel happy now and like I have motivation that I didn’t realize I lost. I’m glad I found this article, it feels good to know that i’m not the only one who went through this. I just wish there was more information about this not only on the internet but for doctors so less women have to go through what I and so many others have.

    1. Thank you so much for this article and thanks to all the women who commented. Your stories have really helped me to understand the side effects I had.. I never made the connection between the anxiety I had and the IUD.

      I just got my copper IUD removed yesterday and since then experience extreme mood swings and feelings of depression. I’m on my way to recovery.

  82. So I’m reading this because Im at my wits end with fatigue and in the last week or so increasing feelings of panic. I saw a doctor 3 weeks ago and had blood tests that show I am severely defficient in both copper and zinc (they are both next to nothing!). My question is could this be the coil? my problems seem to have coincided with getting the coil in the last 3 months. Other than these symptoms I love the coil and my moods had been amazing without the crazy hormonal issues I had when I was on the pill.

  83. I got the copper iud today I’m feeling so tired and in so much pain. The doctor didn’t tell me about any side effects or that I would bleed so heavy. Right after I got out of the clinic , I had to go back to work and then do laundry, I left my car on! I forgot to turn off my car! That has never happened to me. I don’t know if it’s a side effect since I just got it today, but I find no explanation for it. I Need more information about the copper iud.

  84. Two weeks ago, I had the Paragard IUD removed after 3 months due to the negative side effects. It was causing extreeeeeme constipation. I was doing all the things – eating a diet rich in fiber and veggies, taking extra fiber on top of that, drinking prune juice, tons of water, exercising, and it wasn’t remotely enough. It was worse than pregnancy constipation. On top of that, my period became substantially heavier, not just a little bit. For 3 days I was going through one super absorbency tampon per hour, to the point that I could hardly keep up and I kept getting blood on my pants, even when I added pads to the mix. Also had blood clots, which I’ve never had in my period before. Gave up trying to use a menstrual cup, it couldn’t handle that kind of flow. The sheer amount of blood loss made me exhausted. I’m a generally otherwise healthy person and this particular IUD totally threw my body out of whack. After removal, bowels went back to normal and I haven’t had my first period yet, but I’m 99.9% sure it’ll be normal. My exhaustion levels have slowly gotten better, but it’s still hit and miss some days. I was bleeding in between periods too, and I haven’t experienced that at all since removal. I was also having some lower back pain that has since subsided. Never again will I get a copper iud.

  85. I barely got the IUD in around Nov 2018 and have been bleeding since then, at first i thought it was normal. I did notice a bit of weight gain and i have been moody and i thought it was because im losing all this blood. I mean im not bleeding heavily to the point where i need to wear maxi pads. But i am bleeding everyday like a normal period and i do experience mild cramps. Looking at all these posts and seeing woman struggling with this IUD in many ways is scary because i thought this was one of the safest birth control methods out there. Now i feel like i should get this removed and maybe just stick with the patch.

  86. Hello,

    I have had the copper IUD for 2 months now and for the past month I have been waking up with bad back pain. I would have to use my nightstand and my bed to pull myself out of bed. After walking a bit and showering I would feel okay. I thought it was normal due to cold weather and having had an epidural. But the last 2 times this happened I felt useless and paralyzed. I couldn’t get out of bed. I needed assistance to get out and even then it felt like my lower back was going to break in half. My legs were going numb and it was horrible. Today was my breaking point, with assistance getting out of bed it was horrible, I didn’t feel okay after a shower. I wanted to go the the ER but I dislike it since I was there for my last 2 miscarriages this year. I went to a doctor within my insurance and he told me what I feel has nothing to do with my IUD. I started to reflect and realize my anxiety has been extreme and so has my emotions. That doctor refused to remove it so I left the doctors feeling hopeless and I went to 2 other locations with no help. I am going to see another doctor tomorrow to have it removed. I know my body and I know this is not normal. I am angry that the doctor just ignored my plea for help and insisted that because the paraguard is hormone free it can’t be the reason for my pain. After reading all of these comments I feel better knowing that I am not just crazy. I started to feel like maybe I am crazy. But I love my job and what I do and to not want to go just is not like me. I am in my last semester of school and I haven’t been wanting to go and this is bad. I am at risk of loosing my AA degree and this is just not like me.
    Thank you all for your words

  87. I got the copper IUD jan 11 2017 and here it is 22 months later n i still have it. In the beginning i was discharging what looked like blood clots during my period which dr said that was normal. It just started up again about 3 months ago. For 2 years now i been suffering with anxiety, tired all the time. Lack of energy. I have beeb suffered with depression. Theres been moments where i thought about ending my life. But i cant do that to my 2 babies. I spent a night in psych because i threatened to kill my self. This was about 6 months in to havibg the IUD. My husband told me about Copper Toxicity and been tellibg me to go to Dr. But every Dr i go to they say im fine. That i just the rest. So i havent seen a dr in over a year. But i just found a new dr. N my husband forcing me to go so i guess we’ll see. I have other symptoms as well. Loss of concentration, not understanding very well. Sometimes i trip over my own feet. Loosing balance. Very irritable and angry all the time. I tend to take deep breaths alot. Sometimes very rare but still happens ill get dizzy n ill get blurry vision for a moment. Im always coughing and catching colds. Ill get sick for 2 weeks and then 2-3 days later ill have another cold. Thats been happening for 6 months now give or take. I debated if it was the IUD or not. Im still not sure but i guess ill have to go even though i hate doctors.

  88. I had gotten my Copper iud removed a few weeks ago,after having it just shy of a year.
    Before getting my iud i was prescribed by my doctor to take iron because I was “dangerously” low.
    Everything seemed fine at first, I took my iron and got my iud and felt so energetic and awake. But after a few months I began to feel tired and unmotivated. By the time I figured out that maybe my iud causes it… I was always tired, unmotivated, I could run 6 miles and feel just fine and now I can barely do 3 without feeling extremely weak. I have always been active in my job and enjoy the gym but i find myself weak. I also had a horrible time with feeling unusually gassy, and at times feel extremely bloated.
    It’s been a few weeks and I still haven’t fully recovered, but I haven’t been as bloated, and I now feel motivated to see people (where I was hermit before).

  89. The Paragard nearly ruined my life. It started when I experienced a dizzy spell that wouldn’t go away. After a few days it spiraled into SEVERE anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve never felt so scared in my life. I was paranoid. I couldn’t take care of my son. I didn’t want to be left alone. One morning after a night of panic that did not subside I made my husband take me to the hospital. Every test came back normal and I was sent home. I never began to feel better. I was freaking out and regularly felt like I was going to die. I had chest pain and heart palpitations, dizziness, depressed, paranoid, could never sleep despite being exhausted…the doctors told me it was just regular anxiety. I don’t think they understood the severity of the situation. Finally I had to do my own research and discovered this could be happening because of my copper IUD. I made an appointment to have it removed as soon as possible after having it inserted for 10 months. I hoped it would help me feel better immediately and I will say that it helped A LOT, but not without consequences. I believe that upon removal I experienced my first “copper dump” which felt like another horrendous panic attack. (Look into copper dumping) I almost checked myself into the hospital. Eventually I started to have better days but it took a long time. Some days I felt normal. Some days I felt like I was going to die again. I felt like I developed PTSD from how badly I was affected. I would say I made mostly a full recovery in about a year. What helped me through it was avoiding copper rich foods, eating zinc rich foods, magnesium supplements, and epsom salt baths as they contain magnesium to help draw out the excess copper. I tell everyone I know to avoid this device as it changed my life for the worse. I never thought I could feel so badly.

  90. I got my IUD in over seven years ago after my last son was born. Around that same time, I began having trouble with my thyroid levels. I’ve been through every testing under the sun, including hot/cold node testing for thyroid cancer. Most recently, because my blood panel levels are so off and my SED rates are so drastically elevated, my latest doctor referred me to a rheumatologist, which would kick off another round of testing that I don’t have the time, money and energy for. I didn’t call. I haven’t gone. I’ve been through this merry-go-round for the last seven years.

    I have been to countless appointments, changed doctors multiple times and have had too many blood tests to count. I take as much as 800 mg of Advil or Aleve for pain just to be able to get through my days. I’m tired of not having answers. In addition to near-constant muscle and joint paint that I attributed to undiganosed Fibromyalgia, Lupus or RA, my husband noticed that he was finding my hair everywhere, which tells me that my hair is now falling out. Last week, I stumbled upon an article talking about IUD copper toxicity. Every symptom listed is what I’ve dealt with over the last seven years–at times so debilitating that I can’t function. I think this may be what’s going on with me. I called my GYN and made an appointment to have the IUD removed. If this is the key, I will be so happy to have answers. I’ll be even happier to finally get some relief. I’m so tired.

    1. *UPDATE* I got my Paraguard out a week ago. I am alert, energized and refreshed. I have had very minimal pain this week. My thinking is clear. I haven’t had to take meds for pain. I feel amazing. In tandem with having the IUD out, I have begun a course of zinc, fresh celery juice every morning and thyme tea. If you are having random symptoms that have no origin, I strongly recommend getting your IUD out. After seven years of pain, I finally feel normal again!

  91. Hi and thank you for this article. I have had the copper IUD now for 7 months. I started experiencing side effect like enormous and continuos bleeding immediately but the doctors told me to be patient and wait at least 6 months ensuring me that everything will settle and get back to normality.

    Now my period is almost continuos and very abundant beginning around the ovulation and continuing until the end of the cycle with unbearable cramps. Reading now all the side effects I can also connect things I couldn’t explain such as the difficulty in concentrating and the lethargy, as well as some inexplicable cases of rage (like in traffic), while I’ve always been a quite balanced persone, when not under the influence of hormones. I feel tired and bloated all the time.

    I was really hoping this could be the non-hormonal solution for me. I will get it removed as soon as possible as my health is Nr one which is the reason I chose this method in the first place.

    Thank you for the information!

  92. I’ve been using the Paraguard copper IUD for over six years. Had some heavier periods the first year, but that passed. I have a normal menstrual cycle and no cramping, or any other side effects. I love my IUD, it’s been working great for me.

  93. Hi there, I could really do with some advice. I’ve suffered with migraines for 7 or so years now. They had such a huge impact on my life and my career because the migraines controlled me. I went through so many tests and ended up taking myself to see a private neurologist who explained that my migraines are hormonal – my body overdoes on oestrogen and therefore I cannot take contraceptive pills – I have tried every one including the mini pill, all of which caused migraines. My doctor would contstantly prescribe me new pills to take and at the age of 23 I was on the maximum dose of Betablockers which did nothing but run me into the ground. By this time I was incredibly fed up, my migraines were controling my career and my relationships with my partner and friends and family around me. I decided I was going to stop taking everything my doctors had prescribed including my contraceptive pill and would you believe my migraines disappeared completely. Unfortunately during this time without being on the pill I also found out I had an allergy to both latex and non latex condoms which started to put a huge toll on my relationship again. Long story cut short I ended up pregnant and had to terminate (the migraines I had during the little time I was pregnant was worse than ever). Since then I have been so careful and was on a waiting list for a year to have the copper coil fitted as I was told by a number of people that it doesn’t contain any hormones and it is impossible to cause migraines.

    I had the copper coil fitted 2 months ago now and everything has been fine, until Sunday when I got a severe migraine – I have now been in bed for 5 days with back to back migraines and am back on medication prescribed my my GP – Amitriptyline, Domperidone, Suppositories and the usual ibuprofen and paracetamol. I have spoken with my doctor and nurse and I have taken advice from my sister and friends who have had the coil, all who are certain it wont be the coil causing my migraines but I cannot understand why they are back with such a vengeance and the only thing that has changed was the insertion of the coil. I am considering having it removed so that I can return to work – I have not long joined a new team and love what I do but cannot put this burden on my employer as she has a business to run at the end of the day.

    I would be so grateful for any advice you can give me. Beki

  94. Hello Ladies,

    I have had my Copper IUD in since 10/2012 and i am already in the works of getting it remove and giving my body a rest, I am currently in the process of having an ultrasound to locate the strings. I feel tired all the time, bloated, and have been experiencing discharge i believe are related to the IUD. I am exited to have it remove to see if what I am feeling subsides but nervous as well because non- hormonal / non inserts are pretty limited and i need some form of BC.

    Best of luck to Everyone! 🙂

    1. Hi Mimi!

      How are you doing since removal? I’ve had mine in since 2013 and lately I just feel that a lot of the things that have been bothering me (bloating, spotting type discharge in between periods, lower abdominal pain that comes and goes, and fatigue) are linked to the Paraguard. It’s funny because even before I began researching my symptoms I had a feeling that my IUD is the culprit. I’m sorry that so many women are facing these issues but I am also feeling relieved that I am not the only one dealing with this.

  95. Hi Samantha,

    This article has been a godsend!!! I got my IUD a little over a year ago and have had SEVEN yeast infections since. I’ve been experiencing brain fog, higher anxiety and much more. I always wondered what was going on and tried so many natural remedies to cure my chronic yeast infections (currently on a candida overgrowth diet protocol now!). After reading this article today, I’ve called my doctor and I’m getting it out this Thursday. Thank you so much for all you do! I’m also getting my copper and zinc levels tested. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Any suggestions for other birth control methods?

  96. I’m 29, 120lb F. I’ve had my copper IUD for 9 months and have yet to overcome the severe pain. I’ve also had a bizarre increase in infections yeast and BV.

    After insertion I had an ovarian cyst reoccur and rupture 3 times leaving my hurled over and unable to sit/stand/function.

    The worst part is the daily pain. Everytime I have a bowel movement (1-2x/day) I feel extreme pain right where the IUD is. When my bowels aren’t moving, the pain is still there but more dull and achy radiating down my legs. I know this means some of my nerves are being compromised.

    I used to LOVE yoga and working out. But since I got the copper IUD, it feels like my body can’t recover from even mild exertion. I was practicing high intensity 1 hour yoga sessions 3-4 times per week, now I can’t even handle a low intensity 30 min restorative yoga without feeling like I need to sleep for a week to recuperate.

    Lethargy and malaise have certainly significantly increased as well. I’ve had depression and anxiety before the IUD, but nothing like the outbursts of complete anger and rage I’ve experienced lately.

    Heart palpitation and chest pain have also developed over the past 9 months and def. noticed some thinning spots of hair on my head. Hard not to notice when I have hair down to my lumbar.

    Oh, and my period…. yea, it still isn’t normal or predictable. It’s incredibly painful and frighteningly heavy bleeding for 2 of the 6 days. (Literally soaking through a heavy tampon in less than an hour).

    I have an appointment in 3 days with my Ob/Gyn. I want this thing out of my body. The daily pain is just not worth it.

  97. Hi there, I have had a copper IUD for quite some time, although, had it changed not so long ago for the 10 year one. Is it possible that I could be suffering now compared to before when I had the 5 year one?? Just a though as a year ago I started suffering really badly with anger and rage before and during menstruation. I don’t know if this is possible but worth questioning

  98. Hi there! I currently have the paragard (im actually having it removed today) . The onky common symptoms im having like everyone else is fatigue. But other symptoms are RA like symptoms (ive been tested for it and it has come back negative) my joints hurt my arms burn. My chin has broken out bad with acne. Im also having brain fog, hard to concentrate while reading or focus on every task like cleaning and being organized. Im hoping having this removed will solve my problems. Its the only thing that is new that i can think of that would be causing such issues!

  99. Not usually one to post on these things, but I’ve been having too many aligning issues to not say something! I got the copper IUD 3 years ago in 2015- I’m 24 now. I’ve been researching extended periods (lasting at least 8-9 days each time, this past time was 2 full weeks) along with cramping when leaning forward (the past 3 days- ANY time I lean forward). Also, I swear the ache on my side is where my ovaries are! Last night I started vomiting unexpectedly with no fever, but I’ve had an intense headache the past 12 hours or so… it sounds unrelated, but I swear the pains I’m having in my abdomen and on my right side have something to do with it. Earlier this year, I went to the doctor because I keep mixing up my words, like my sentences don’t make any sense, and I was having tingling sensations& muscle twitches. I had to have an MRI on my brain! What in the world, that was expensive and scary. Also the results were completely normal and they didn’t follow up with any other suggestions to solve my issues other than seeing a therapist. So, now I see a therapist, who has told me I might have a mood disorder because sometimes when I laugh or cry I can’t stop no matter how hard I try. This year I also had my first UTI. Gosh this last point seems small, but I also haven’t been able to stay up late with my boyfriend since I can remember- I am always way more tired than him, and our routine includes an evening documentary just so I can be asleep by 9p while he stays up later… it seems so normal to me now, but maybe this is all in relation to the copper thing inside? Instead of writing on this forum I should probably schedule my annual appointment, even though all they’ve checked in the past was whether the string was still there for the IUD. Do I need to request a copper test or have them do an X ray? I feel like a major dummy not having looked into this more given how many symptoms I’ve developed over the years!

  100. Holy smokes! I’ve just been researching so much and am so glad I came across this article!
    I got the copper iud inserted about 4 months ago. Since then I’ve had so many problems! I didn’t know what it was from and just recently got a full panel blood work done which came back normal. It was very discouraging but this just made my day! I don’t know why I didn’t clue in that it would have been the iud.
    I’ve had two kids (3 and 6) and don’t want to have any more at the moment so decided on this route. Since getting it inserted I’ve lost about half of my hair which is devastating! I feel nauseous daily, headaches, terrible brain fog, dizziness, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations etc. The list goes on! I have an appointment with my doctor in a week and will definitely be talking about this with him!
    Can I ask what you ladies started doing for birth control after getting it removed? I’m really not wanting a hormonal birth control but if it’s the only option I may have to suck it up.

  101. I had my copper IUD for 5 months. After 2 month I started to deteriorate (massive brainfog, emotinal unstable..depressed). After having the IUD for 5 month I even started to to have sucidal thoughts.
    Then I decided to get my IUD removed (mainly because of the pain and the heavy preriods) and then a miracle happend: I got all better! Almost immediately after the removal my mood improved and I became much more stable. I felt like myself again!
    So I started to research how this could be the case, thats how I learned about copper toxicity and the connection to the IUD (I am also a vegan, which seems to increase the risk of getting to much copper).

    I wish there were more information out there, thats why I wanted to share my experience.

  102. Could it be that the copper material used by Paragard is inferior to that of other IUD manufacturers in the world?

    I help run an IUD group in Brazil with over 45k members and none of these symptoms have ever been reported by users over here. I am an user myself, and I’ve had mine for over two years without any of these symptoms. Our manufacturer is not Paragard or Duramed Pharmaceuticals.

  103. Thank you this article describes my symptoms to a “T” I’ve had my copper IUD in for about 7 years. I remember having it put in 6 months post partum from my third pregnancy and my doctor saying “this is the Cadillac of birthcontrol. You don’t have to worry about a thing and no side effects”. My periods are heavier, longer (about 10 days), more painful and PMS symptoms are severe from mood swings, irritability, insomnia. I plan to have it removed in the next couple of weeks. One of my sisters had one as well and experienced similar side effects so I think there could be the genetic factor for us.
    Can you recommend other non-hormone forms of birth control?

  104. I’m so glad I have read this article and everyone else’s experiences. I have had the iud inserted for approximately 2 years now. I get a period of 12-13 days average, I always feel fatigued and dizzy. I train and have trained before the iud however after I got the iud in I started to get severe back pain which I thought was from training I also get moments where I become hot and my heart starts to race! I have been to my gp for all these symptoms on seperate occasions, I have never even considered the iud to be the culprit of this! I’ve been through so much I gone through depression and was put on medication for this! I don’t understand why doctors don’t tell us these things!
    Thank you for sharing all this information!

  105. After struggling with birth control pills and also having had breast cancer my OB and I decided to give Paragard, copper IUD, a try.
    I had been moody since taking birth control, which was a problem for me when I was younger and didn’t take during my 17 year marriage. I attributed the moodiness to the pill.
    The first month or two with the IUD I had multiple yeast and UTI infections.
    I continued to feel low and depressed, over the course of a year I became more and more depressed, suffered panic attacks.
    I have had over $7k kn blood work and ultra sounds done thinking I had something wrong with my auto immune, thyroid, and a host of other worries. All came back fun, except for low adrenal function.
    I also suffered a terrible, debilitating brain fog and chronic fatigue.
    It never occurred to me that the copper could be an issue until I stumbled across these symptoms associated with the IUD.
    I had it removed two months ago. I am clear headed for the first time in a year!! I have tons going on with 3 children, twins beginning college and an 11 year old on the Autism spectrum and custody battles. I used to be stronger but have had the worst time coping.
    I am finding that I am reacting to situations more calmly and reasonably, that I am not crying and anxious all the time.
    I think the culprit was a tiny little Copper Ninja.
    Of course, my OB thinks I’m nuts, but I feel so much better and finally see my old happy self returning!

  106. I inserted a copper IUD almost 2 years ago. Before insertion I only had 1 yeast infection. Since insertion I have had so many yeast infections I’ve lost count. I’ve had bacterial vaginosis, and now my latest raging yeast infection is back with a vengeance. My first IUD expelled. That should have been the end of my journey. Although, I loved the convenience of not having to take the pill every day. Since I’ve had this IUD I’ve spent more time in the gyno office than I have at work. Constant yeast infections and vaginal irritation. All test results for sti’s Came back negative. I also have been moody as ever since I got it. My PMS has gotten horrible as well. My cravings before my cycle are awful, I’m moody and overly emotional and just angry. After reading this post. I think it’s time to break up with my IUD. I will be having it removed as soon as possible! My sister also had problems with her regular Mirena IUD – constant yeast infections and BV once she removed hers all the issues stopped.

  107. Ana Michelle Avellaneda

    This is crazy! Very glad I found this article and the feedback… I had my IUD put in after giving birth and have been on a roller coaster since. Having it removed tomorrow and will give detailed feedback. Thank you !!!! Can’t thank you enough for all of this very useful information.

  108. Very relieved to have found this article and all the comments from women who had a copper iud. So much of what I found was only the few months following insertion. I had the ParaGard put in three years ago but I didn’t start having problem until the past 6-8mo. I just called my doctor to schedule removal. For a while I just thought it was me but I knew in gut that something was causing me all this trouble. At this point I only have a few days each month where Im not heavily bleeding or feeling insane. My mind goes from racing to completely blank and forgetful all the time. I’m so irritable that I don’t even want to be around myself. Last night I crawled into bed like a zombie at 9pm. My husband told me I needed to call my doctor and get checked out as soon as possible because he knows this is not me. It’s terrible to read all these stories but I’m very appreciative to those that shared their own so others could know they’re not alone. So many people do love their iud and have no issue. That was me the first two years but something definitely changed and my body/mind is not the same. I cannot wait to get this removed and give myself a chance to heal and restore.

  109. Thank you for your article.
    I am so glad for the internet. Without it, I would probably end up on antidepressants.

    I opted for copper IUD as I was told it is the best options as it is non-hormonal. Being on pills for 15 years I have enough side effects. Or I thought. So I got paraguard.

    If I knew that I would turn into invalid plagued with so many health issues I would rather keep my pills.
    The problems started about 6 months after insertion with insomnia and severe panic attacks during sleep. Then bacterial infections. Then heavier and heavier bleeding. With time it got worse.

    I was on iron, magnesium then zinc then ginseng as I was soooo tired, moody, unable to focus, irritable, lethargic. No matter what I took it was the same every day.

    The doctors did not help just offered to remove it and suggested pills or a vasectomy for my husband. Neither was acceptable.

    I researched countless articles and posts and came to a conclusion that I must be either copper toxic or allergic.
    I never got tested for copper allergy as I never experience any problem.
    It has been two years and for the past year and a half, I spend every day pondering what other supplements to take to keep me alive and sane.

    What puzzles me more is the fact that Paraguard is a device with a very long history. How come doctors are not aware of these problems so many women experience it is not clear to me.

    I will have my copper IUD removed next week as it is the only options. Then I decide what next.

    I might opt for Mirena or its other versions. Did anyone switch IUD?
    Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Kerri, thank goodness for this article and thank you for your story. I had been on the Paraguard for 4 years after the birth of my son and experienced ever single symptom that you listed. The anxiety and panic attacks were so bad that I was prescribed Xanex and had to take it every day before work. I was angry, irrational, emotional, exhausted and the brain fog was a serious concern of mine. The bleeding between periods was obnoxious and what led me to my doctor yesterday was the amount of bleeding that I was experiencing between my period this month, so much so that I had to leave work to go home and change one day. My doctor recommended that we remove the IUD, (mind you, this was simply because of the heavy bleeding and cramping that I was experiencing). Once she removed it I felt an instant sense of relief. It was so strange, I cannot put it into words. I woke up this morning feeling better than I can remember feeling in a very very long time. No anxiety, no xanex, no fatigue, no brain fog… I thought I was imagining this until I Googled it. I cannot believe the severe side effects I was experiencing, I am taking every vitamin supplement imaginable because I could not figure out what my issue was. The fatigue, extreme PMS symptoms and let’s not even get started on the yeast infections I started getting every other month… let’s just say paraguard was successful in preventing pregnancy due to the side effects and not the device itself. I would not switch IUDs, I’ve tried Mirena many years ago, (15 to be exact), and my skin broke out severely with cystic acne and the hormones made me crazy. I had it removed after only 6 months. Maybe you could try a low estrogen pill? Thank you again for your commentary, it’s alarming yet relieving to see that so many other women were experiencing the same symptoms that I was and it wasn’t my imagination.

  110. I have the cooper iud. i have been bleeding for 2 months now and have pains alot of the time. gonna get it taken out and hopefully be able to feel like myself again! thanks for posting this ive learned alot that i didnt know! only got this because it was non hormonal so wouldnt make me gain weight or anything like that but didnt think that there could be other horrible side effects.

  111. Thank you so, so much for this post. I had Mirena inserted first and hated it (historically I have never done well with any kind of BC), and then thought Paragard would work out better. It was fine for a while, but then everything that you ladies have mentioned in the comments is exactly how I feel.

    I have had a few really terrible years in different word environments, so the doctors thought I was depressed and anxious or had PTSD, gave me medication, and I received counseling. Every doctor I have seen has said that my issues are “all in my head” and that I just needed to relax and sex would be fine and wouldn’t hurt anymore. They said my nonexistent sex drive couldn’t have anything to do with the IUD or the copper since it does not have hormones.

    Thank you for this post, I am literally in tears right now because I have finally found others who validate these awful feelings I have been having and have convinced me to get this wretched thing removed. Thank you, thank you!

  112. I have had the Paraguard in for about three years, after having the Mirena and experiencing awful side effects, so I thought the copper would be the way to go. In the last year, esp, I have been having every issue you ladies have mentioned. Chronically fatigued and exhausted, weak, brain fog, worse depression and anxiety, anger, body aches all over like a hot dull constant ache in joints and muscles, horrible cramping, digestion issues, lack of motivation or desire, no sex drive or stamina, horrible bloating,swelling,water retention, edema, more weight gain than when i was pregnant, constant low grade fever and sweating, dizziness and vertigo, cramping throughout the entire month, almost every day on and off. ETC. Doctor couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with me, told me I was healthy as a horse, was probably just my vaginal infection I had and medication should clear all that up. Nope. Just got worse and worse. After reading all of these comments I found the strength to get on the phone and finally called my obgyn to get it removed next week. I’m sick of living in this painful constant hell. Feeling like I’m going crazy, wondering what is wrong with me, worrying maybe I’m just being a hypochondriac and downplaying my misery. I can’t even imagine having energy to do day to day tasks, or how other normal people feel or find the energy. I feel poisoned. I hope after getting it removed things will start to get better, and I can believe in hope again.None of us deserves to feel like this. Thank you, all of you ladies, for taking the time to share your stories so we all don’t feel so crazy or swept under the rug. And thank you Sam, for writing an amazing article we all needed to read.

  113. Hi, I have been struggling with the side effects of having a copper IUD for the past two years. Though o experienced some anxiety with the Copper IUD, the reason I switched from hormonal birth control pills to the copper IUD, is I thought it wouldn’t affect my
    Hormones and emotions. I thought there were little to “no” side effects, and the doctor who inserted it in me assured me of this. Fast forward to one year later, besides having had heavier periods that began with horrible stabbing pain in my breasts up to a week before menstration and lasting the first few days of it, I began to have irregular muscles spasms. The first showed up in my chest and I ended up in the ER, after running all the tests, Including a CT scam of my heart, everything came back normal, all they could tell me was that I had a chest spasm. Well, about a month after this incident, I had a horrible neck spasm while taking a shower and couldn’t move my neck. I went to a chiropractor, but instead of helping, I starting numbness in my hands and face and tingling followed by severe lower back pain. The nerve pain and tingling got so bad, I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t bath my children anymore, the nerve pain down my spine and all over my
    Body was unbearable. As someone who’s worked out all her life, I was so inflamed, a simple yoga stretch felt like I was ripping my muscles apart. After multiple doctor visits, including seeing a neurologist and three orthopedic specialist, no one could explain why my body was so inflamed. My MRI showed minor disc in my neck and lower back, but they said most people my age would have a similar looking spine, no extreme deterioration or sign of arthritis. I had done physical therapy for three months and was just getting worse, no one could give me any answers and all they told me is that I had “chronic radiculopathy” why? No one could explain, “some people just have chronic pain they said” About 5 months after my extreme pain began, a chiropractor who practices NUCCA, told me about a physical therapist who practices manual therapy(kind of like accupuncture with the hands) That started helping, but my spine was still very inflamed and tight(no movement at all from top to bottom) I went on anti-inflammation diet and that starting helping, but about ten days before every period my pain and inflammation would spike. Finally, i’m At my Pyhsical therapist office, describing the shooting pains I had in my hands, legs and feet, in addition to the spine thing, and he says “it sounds like you have metal toxicity” then as he’s doing his body scan (puts his hands near, but not on my body) he says “i’m Picking up on a lot of inflammation in your uterus” At that moment a light bulb went off in my head. About 2 months into my ordeal I noticed a strange growth on my vaginal lip. The doctors did not know what it was and after performing a biopsy they told me it was “lichen sclerosis” a very rare form of excezema. I told them that I had been having nerve pain and tingling in the area before the growth appeared. They said it was just an “autoimmune” but had no answers as to what triggered it. So, months later as my physical therapist is telling me he senses I have metal overload and inflammation in my uterus, I realized “it’s the copper IUD!” I told him I had one in, and his face dropped, he told me he was not a fan. I decided to take copper IUD out, at this pint I had it in for almost 2 years. The minute I took it out that intense burning in my lower back went away. I started having more flexibility in my muscles. I knew/know the copper IUD is what was triggering my muscle and nerve pain. Since finding out, I have been able to do Pilates, sleep better, sit for longer periods of time , bathe my children, drive without crying. However, I still have pain, and its taken a year and half of manual therapy/accupuncture, complete diet change (no gluten, dairy, refined sugar, red meat, eggs, soy) and detox smoothies to start healing. In addition I take a lot of supplements. All of this is slowly healing me, but it has not been easy. This all started soon after I turned 34 and I just turned 36. I have three girls who had to watch their mother suffer for months because of this stupid IUD that doctors know very little about. I know I am lucky because i am much better than I was, and was able, with the help of an amazing physical therapist to figure out source of my pain, but copper toxicity is no joke, takes a long tome to get out. I highly recommend “medical medium’s “heavy metal detox smoothie, for anyone wanting to rid body of metal. Warning, it’s intense so start off drinking small amounts. Hope my story is able to help others…

  114. I am now 36 and I had received my copper IUD April 2016.(already having lupus it began to get worse) In March 2017 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, in July 2017 i was sent to a sleep study and diagnosed with Narcolepsy type 2, then I began having symptoms of slurring of speech, stuttering, loss of words, couldn’t form sentences, was off balance, and was admitted to the hospital for 3 days worth of MRI’s as they thought I was a new onset MS patient! Tests all came back negative. I continued to suffer an array of symptoms that baffled my doctors. They called me a good study case for the residents. Until a couple months ago, my dear Fiance told me that my eyes had started to change color. I had gold rings around my dark brown eyes. I googled and found copper toxicity. I took it out myself almost 2 months ago and HALF my symptoms are now GONE! The newest found symptom from the doctor is a heart murmur and a suggestion to see a cardiologist for an echocardiogram.

  115. I forgot to add another symptom to my previous post…cold hands and feet! Anyone else experience this as well? I am talking freezing cold, hurts to move and a blanket or warmth barely helps to make them not feel so cold.

  116. To add to my previous post… i have also noticed that I am constantly “wet”… not the thick liquids even though that still happens… but from time to time I would have literally just water running down my legs. I often thought I peed myself and would have to visit the washroom. I would be sitting and there would be spots on the chair or in my bed… no smell or colour though…

  117. I had a Copper IUD, The Mona Lisa insertion on March 7th, 2018… it was painful, but i have semi normal periods. I am a 28 day cycle, and usually last maximum of 5 to 7 days. Since the IUD I would start spotting from 1 to 2 weeks before my period and then continue to spot a few days after the period is done. The first two initial months, I noticed that every time I went for a walk or did a little too much strenuous activities, that I would start bleeding. It made me feel as if the copper IUD was not still and that it would be moving around. However, that lasted maybe 3 months. Now, I have noticed an extreme amount of hair loss. I had to clean my drain within a few weeks because the water wouldn’t drain. It could be up to things, my IUD or my change of shampoo. It is not stress because stress causes a different physical attribute in my body… It is definitely either of those. I think I am going to get this removed and just stay away from birth control. It took me years and years to finally get a birth control and this has not been a good experience. I am 26 years old and my hair loss has been so extreme in the past few months that one ponytail is now the thickness of two individual ponytails as in half the amount of hair I used to have. I have not dyed my hair in over a year so that’s definitely not the cause my hair is very luscious but have fallen so quickly due to whatever is going on… Does anybody else have this experience? Because I’m freaking out

  118. Hi all thank you for your comments it has really helped. I had my copper coil fitted about 8months ago and since then i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, (wonder if it is connected to the coil? Would appricitae any answers/experience) i have had hair loss, mood swings, abdo pain, discharge and the list goes on. Reading this has oppened my eyes and i will be on the phone first thing tomorrow morn to my gp to get this taken OUT!

  119. Hello everyone. I have been having issues for years since getting my IUD. I have seen 4 different doctors about all my issues. They have ran multiple blood tests and found nothing. All they would do was give me meds or as I call bandaids for the issues. I never took them though. I am tired all the time, short tempered (down right mean), hair loss, zero libido, brain fog, can’t sleep, acne, panic attacks, fast heart, always running a slight temperature, heavy period (bad day I soak through a super plus tampon and a pad in an hour), and many many more. So excited to be having it removed today. Can’t wait to see if this is the cause to all my issues. I need help before I loose it.

  120. Aloha,
    Thank you for sharing all.
    I had my Cooper IUD for 27 days.
    Dr said my body rejected it.
    I had a lot of back pain and the bleeding took about 7 days.
    I am glad that it got removed and happy that I had it only for a short time in my body.

  121. Thank you so much for this info,I was almost convinced i was going nuts! I HAD MY copper coil removed over a year ago now after having it in for just under a year.never had I any symptoms with my periods besides a little aching,once in I found myself taking painkillers regularly to help the cramping in my groin,not to mention the dragging sensation as if i was early Labour!! My periods became heavier.My mood swings are beyond a joke and never have I suffered anxiety and paranoia like the week it’s due.i find myself eating the fridge before and the intense migraines I have at least once at the beginning and end of my cycle almost cripple me.for the majority of the month in fine,but these symptoms continue. The nurse did not explain any side affects to me,if i had been aware i never would have had it.i now have the mirena.any suggestions on supplements,mainly for the headaches would be great.!

  122. This article has me wanting to do a lot more research. I have had a copper IUD in for about 7 years now. I have always had minor anxiety/depression which runs in my family but not until recently have I realized that my symptoms have gotten so much worse after my IUD insertion. I am also anemic and constantly fatigued but I’ve also thought that was a separate issue. I now am planning on presenting my GP with this information and seeing if they think there is any correlation and follow up tests they can perform. Unfortunately those are the unknown issues I’ve had with my IUD. The known issues include becoming pregnant with the IUD in place and having emergency surgery to save my life and remove my right ovary and fallopian tube. That was two years ago and to this day I still have complications from that procedure. I still have my IUD but now I am more worried than ever.

  123. Thank you for posting this article. I had a copper IUD placed four years ago. After six weeks, I realized something was horribly wrong. Crippling anxiety – debilitating. Went to a therapist, was meditating, grasping at straws. Something clicked and I realized it was the IUD. My doctors thought I was crazy and tried to dismiss me. I insisted that it needed to go. I was fine within two weeks. Thank goodness I stood up for myself.

  124. I’m 57, had two ParaGards, both close to 10 years each. Insertions were uneventful. Periods before and after insertion were unchanged, about a week long and never really crampy. I also never tied the possibility of health issues over the years with the copper until today. Just had my one year anniversary of no periods and was going to have it removed this summer.

    We recently watched a program about how new medical devices come to market and some individuals after years of use develop reactions to them. That led to searches and to your site.

    Hair loss, yup…but I chalked that up to increased stressful times and a 7 year cycle. It doesn’t happen that often.
    Headaches…Absolutely, when I forget my morning coffee, otherwise, not many.
    Fatigue/lack of energy to do little things – This is a BIG one. Each year I do less than the last which has also increase my weight over the last 20 years. Doctor thinks it is due to lack of vit D which I am not consistent about taking.
    Anxiety – not so much unless I have to speak to a large group. Think that is normal.
    Brain Fog – Another big one! It is very hard sometimes to concentrate, I don’t read books for enjoyment anymore, am increasingly forgetful, miss appointments/deadlines sometimes.
    Insomnia – not really. If I take a nap after work then I have trouble falling asleep at night.
    Libido – Almost non existent. Would love for that to change. I tie that to increase weight.
    Years of strange nerve pain from time to time in different areas of my body – side thigh, between shoulder blades, hip, arm. It seems to be less often when I refrain from dairy products.

    After some you-tubing today, I self removed my IUD, with ease due to a very long string, had no discomfort. The copper was intact on both sides of the top T. However, the vertical main stem center was missing about a third to half the copper which is concerning. The plastic connection of one top T side was almost detached, and the other side was almost non flexible so I am lucky I had no complications.
    I am hopeful and excited to see if any ailments begin to resolve over the next few months or so.

  125. I have been sick for almost a year now. having headaches, insomnia, hair falling out, muscles jerking, chest tightness etc. I`ve been to thousand of doctor and nobody knows whats wrong with me. till suddenly my boyfriend popped the question. maybe its the iud. i am on penicillin monthly because they think i had a episode of rheumatic fever which i think i dont have. but now that i have read your many comments, i solely think that i need to remove this iud and will do it as soon as possible. i did more than 4 echo cardiograms and they say my heart is ok, did stress test and 24 holter monitor. my life savings is gone towards health.

  126. I have been sick for almost a year now. having headaches, insomnia, hair falling out, muscles jerking, chest tightness etc. I`ve been to thousand of doctor and nobody knows whats wrong with me. till suddenly my boyfriend popped the question. maybe its the iud. i am on penicillin monthly because they think i had a episode of rheumatic fever which i think i dont have. but now that i have read your many comments, i solely think that i need to remove this iud and will do it as soon as possible. i did more than 4 echo cardiograms and they say my heart is ok, did stress test and 24 holter monitor. my life savings is gone towards health. reply soon

  127. I could notice a change in me about a week after it was put in. It was like a fog or dark cloud settled in. Anger was at the forefront of my emotions, followed by bouts of severe sadness. I was up and down even when I wasn’t PMSing. After that, I started feeling tight and aching joints in my feet, knees, and legs, which I’ve never experienced before. I’m 35 years old but have been feeling like an 80 year old with these aches and pains. I noticed a huge amount of hair loss; like a shedding cat. Other things that were abnormal were my heart palpatations and anxiety. On top of that is the fatigue; just extreme lethargy to the point where doing laundry was the equivalent to running a marathon. I’m scheduled to have it removed next week. I truly hope all of these problems I’m having subside.

    1. I can definitely relate to being in your 30s and feeling 80! I have had everything everyone is describing, and it’s just been getting worse this last year. I’ve had the Paraguard in for about 3 years. After reading all of the comments on here, I called my obgyn and I have an appointment for next week. This thing is seriously ruining my life. No joke. It may not have hormones like the Mirena but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect a woman’s body with all the copper!! Also, I think our bodies just know something foreign is in us that isn’t meant to be there, grinding away at our cervical tissue with every movement and don’t know how to respond. I’d rather practice abstinence then feel as awful as I have been feeling for way too long. Everybody’s body is different in chemistry, so what can affect some people maybe won’t affect others as much or in the same way. That doesn’t make the person suffering suffer any less. It makes me angry that doctors and people argue that it can’t possibly be the IUD causing problems, but can’t figure out anything else either. I had the Mirena for months at first, and the hormones in it messed with me horribly, so I thought switching to copper the better choice. Never. Again. We don’t deserve to live in pain, ladies. Thank you for all the stories I read. You all gave me strength.

  128. Thank you so much for your article. I have been wondering for 5-6 years what is wrong with me. I am constantly moody, always yelling at my kids, rude to my in-laws even if they say hi and always always tired. I sit down and instantly fall asleep no matter how much sleep I have had. I have been searching the internet randomly for a long time, but never thought to think the ParaGard IUD was the problem. I suspected it a year ago and mentioned it to my husband. He told me that this one wasn’t made from hormones and what I was thinking wouldn’t make sense. Thank you so much! I’m going to schedule an appointment to get mine removed as soon as possible. I really hope it helps me to feel better. I haven’t felt like myself for years.

  129. I had the paraguard IUD in for about 8 months. A month after i got it i started gaining weight constantly. Before i knew it i had gain 35lbs in 8 months. More weight than i had gain when i was pregnant, more weight than i had gained in my entire life. I also started having a problem moving bowels, i would only go about once a week, never had that problem either. My skin broke out really bad on my shoulders and my back, never had that problem either. My periods were horrible. I have always had a 3 day menstrual cycle no heavy bleeding no cramps. After getting the paraguard my periods were horrible. Bad cramps, had to change my pad every 30 mins, bled through everything i wore, i was afraid to leave out of the house. Its been about 3 months since i had the IUD removed. My periods are back to normal. My bowels are not. I have not gained any weight and just started losing some. My skin also just cleared up. I think the copper is slowly leaving my system. But there is no telling what damage it has already done! Do not believe doctors when they say that is non hormonal, everybody body is different and not everybody will experience the same effects. My body could not tolerate this birthcontrol.

  130. Hi! My name is Ashley. I had gotten the Paragard shortly after I had my daughter about 8 years ago. A month after having it I had extreme back pain. My mom told me it was probably the Paragard causing that. I did not listen to her right away. Then about three months later I started severely vomiting one night and blamed it on some food I ate. My daughter (since she was a baby) woke up early in the morning. I got out of bed and fell to the floor. I was extremely dizzy and wanted to vomit. I had to crawl to her crib to get her and pulled myself up to get her out of her crib. Then I carefully crawled with her in my one arm. I called my mom crying hysterically and I didn’t make any sense to her. My grandparents then came over and I could barely talk to them to explain what was wrong. Then my mom came over and was trying to see what was wrong with me but I could not find the words to explain to her what was wrong. She helped me walk to the car which I could barely get my legs to move. She took me to ER and they had to put me in a wheelchair. I couldn’t explain myself to the people that were questioning me as to why I was being seen for. I don’t remember exactly what was all done that day but I remember seeing a neurologist for the dizziness and vomiting and then sent me home. I was in bed for exactly 7 days. I could not eat, sleep, or take care of my kids. I literally thought I was on my death bed and that this was it. Whenever I would get up I fell and vomited. My mom and husband were getting really worried and brought me to ER again and demanded some testing. They did do an X-ray. I vomited so much before it and so lethargic. The Radiology Technician was so worried about me. Then my mom demanded that I be seen by my OB doctor that day. They got me in. When I saw him and his nurse they couldn’t believe the way I looked and that I was in a wheelchair. I could barely communicate to him but my mom and I demanded that he take the IUD out. He of course was pretty sure it was not causing my problems, but he took it out. I went back home and slept all day and night. I woke up the following morning and could not believe the big difference in how I felt. No dizziness, no vomiting, no lethargy. I could walk and communicate. I could hold my child. I still felt a little weak from not eating. The same day went to my follow up appointment with my OB and he could not believe the total night and day difference in me. I didn’t have a wheelchair and I was able to communicate. IT was the Paragard that caused it. I don’t think I would be here if it was not for my mom demanding it to be removed when the doctor said it probably was not the culprit. God bless!!

  131. I have made an appointment on thursday to remove my copper coil because i have been so depressed and angry (im such a happy cheerful person normally) my cramps are strong AFTER period and my period is super heavy and sore and lasts 8 days! I cannot WAIT to get this thing out! Im mad at myself for trusting the doctor so much i didnt do my own research … GREAT ARTICLE thankyou!!!

  132. I have been researching a lot about the copper IUD and copper toxicity. Doctors have tried to convince me that the Paragard could not possibly cause the side effects I was experiencing, since it doesn’t release hormones. So, I started searching Google, and found some articles about copper toxicity. Wouldn’t you know it, copper toxicity causes a lot of the same problems that hormone imbalances cause.

    I got my first IUD – the Mirena – placed after my fifth child was born in 2008, when I was 25. I had it for a few years when I suddenly noticed the string was a lot shorter, so I went to a doctor and sure enough, if I had waited much longer to get it checked I probably would have had to have surgery to get it removed.

    After my sixth child was born in 2013, I decided to go with the Mirena again. This time, I had it removed within the first few months because I kept having migraines and mood swings.

    A couple of years later, I was in a relationship with a man who was not sure he wanted children, so I decided to get the Paragard. Can’t go wrong with non-hormonal birth control, right? Wrong! At first, I bled often between periods and my periods were so heavy, I ended up in the ER a few times because I thought I was experiencing a miscarriage or ruptured tubes from an ectopic pregnancy. Pregnancy tests indicated that I was not pregnant and therefore was not experiencing a miscarriage or ruptured tubes, but I did have an ovarian cyst, which I had never had before.

    Throughout the next two years, my periods had been becoming more and more irregular, and mood swings kept becoming more and more intense and frequent. I experienced other symptoms as well: migraines, fatigue and narcolepsy, bloating, difficulty losing weight, painful intercourse, vertigo, night sweats, increase in my fibromyalgia symptoms, intense depression with increase in suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, urinary incontinence, frequent urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Also, I was diagnosed with Gardnerella for the first time ever.

    Due to these symptoms, and the research I had been doing on the copper IUD and copper toxicity, I contacted another doctor. I was informed that I would need to pay out of pocket to have it removed, since I had been on Medicaid when I had it placed and would have had to have it removed at the same clinic where I’d had it implanted. Made no sense to me, but whatever. Somehow, they ended up refusing to see me, anyway, but no matter; a few weeks later, as I was checking to make sure it was still intact, it fell out right in my hand. There was no corrosion or damage to the IUD. And I’ll tell you – as soon as that IUD came out, my migraine went away, my mood immediately improved, and I felt an increase in energy.

    At my last pap exam, I was diagnosed with Gardnerella once again, as well as HPV along with a finding of ASCUS. I had never been told before that I had HPV or abnormal cervical cells, and I hadn’t had sexual relations with anyone new since the previous pap exam, and I have been in a monogamous relationship.

    I still have abnormal periods, and at my last appointment with my ob/gyn, my hormone levels were normal and all my blood work came back normal. The only issue right now is the ovarian cyst and abnormal cervical cells. I will be getting an ultrasound to check out the ovarian cysts later this week, and my doctor wants to do a colposcopy and biopsy to make sure those abnormal cells aren’t precancerous.

    In the meantime, I’ve been taking vitamins and iron supplements, as well as zinc in hopes of balancing out my copper levels, and that seems to help a lot.

  133. I’m day 3 in the hospital due to an infection from my paragard, I had it removed 2 hours a go and just had an ultrasound to see if the copper coil is lost in my uterus or if my body absorbed it. I am scared for the results…..

  134. I’m a healthy 42y,with no health problems and normal happy life. I got my copper IUD a month ago and got severe allergy reaction on my lips,I also feel very tired and depressed all the time,falling asleep at work at my desk,no appetite and chest pain. I just recently remembered that i did have an allergy to a metal jewelry before,and wondering if my symptoms could be IUD related. Nothings sims to help with my allergy reaction on my lips,just non stop redness etching and swelling.

  135. I am writing my concern as I have spent theworst months of my life lately. So I am a mom to two kids. I have inserted an IUD twice in my life. after the first and second birth. The second one I had it for 1 year and a half now. Since last six months i have experienced severe anger crisis for stupid things. I would shout at my daughter for very simple things. I have also experienced many memory loss problems . I lost my wallet my keys my credit card. I have a problem focusing at the things I am doing. my period lasts 10 days so I have my period twice a month, i also had several yeast infections and itching….
    now i have my period ,, I can t woit for it to end so that I can remove it.

  136. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and never connected it to the IUD. After finding an article on the internet about IUD side effects, I had it removed. I instantly started To feel better, that day. It’s been 3 months and every day I feel better and better. I’m not 100%, but I’m 100% sure the IUD caused 4 years of misery and suffering.

  137. I got off birth control a year ago, for many reasons we all know about. So, I almost considered the copper iud until I read this article… what would be your suggestion for healthy contraception ? I just had an abortion, and it was terrible. I don’t want to go through it again. Is our only options abstinence and condom???

  138. I found this article because of how much pain I am. I have been in severe pain 10/10 since it was inserted. They told me it would be bad for a while but it should go away, and if it doesnt, to come back. I just always figured eventually it would go away. It has been 10 months. Once-twice a month i have random unexpected 10/10 pain where i can barly walk let alone move. breathing becomes difficult because im trying so hard to swallow the amount of pain i am and not scream or cry. My leg suddenly goes week and i begin limping.

    i noticed i have been blurry and extremely tired this year too, but because i have endured other traumas and trial this year i.e. PTSD, involved in a trial, starting a business, abandoned by family, only support system moves out of state, etc… i figured it was from all of these things. and maybe all of these things are just making the IUD process worse. I dont know. all i know for sure is that i am in pain and i cant handle it anymore 🙁

  139. I had the IUD inserted 6 months ago I starting getting symptoms the same day. I can deal with the PMS, leg cramps, and heavy bleeding. What I cant deal with is the thing I started experiencing 3 months into having it. It took me a while to figure out what it could be none of the symptoms are related. Taking a couple scares make me do some research. I was very active working out everyday sometimes 2 times a day. Now i can barely make it through a day of wok. It hasn’t been safe for me to go place by myself I have been very faint lately. Not feeling safe to even take my children without another adults. I feel as if something major is wrong with me. I stay dizzy tired and nausea all the time. Sometimes shortness of breath, feeling shaky, panic attacks, brain fog and heart palpitations. Its a very scary feeling. I use to be the one who could say “Not me” but not in this case. This has affected my everyday life I WANT IT OUT!!!

  140. I am having all these issues. My hormones seem to be all over the place and I’ve been super irritable, and down. My skin is totally different, I have acne, and my scalp is so dry and itchy. I’ve been so fatigued and lethargic. I feel awful because I’ve had no patience with my kids or husband. I’m six months postpartum with my second child, and it has been awful. And on top of it, I’ve been having hot flashes, and on days two and three of my period I’m bleeding excessively. I’m going to take the iud out but I will need to go on the pill. Any suggestions??

  141. I am so glad that I read this. I got the copper iud in october, and started having extreme anxiety. For the past month I have also started having brain fog, at least once a day and have been very worried about the cause. I am going to have my copper iud removed

  142. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with thrombosis in my arm, so the copper spiral was my only option (doc said). I can’t take any hormonal contraception bc that caused the thrombosis after all. I have the copper IUD called T-safe in my country for 6 months. The insertion was extremely painful and I ended up bleeding for a whole month. GP said it was normal bc my hody had to get used to it. Alright so I held on and persevered. Since then every period is hell! My period lasts for 7-9 days straight with really heavy pains in the first 3 days. Then it fades like my period is almost over and suddenly I start bleeding again, like a new period that’s starting. Also having overusual vaginal discharge and a smell at times. My mood is changed (PMS), I barely have libido and I’m 24, no kids, just married. I’m gonna get this thing out but I have no idea what other non-hormonal contraception exists besides condoms.

  143. Oh my God! I had my IUD inserted right 6 months after I had my 2nd child. I never had any issues with my IUD until after two years. I have been suffering from migraines this past few months and lock jaws. I also have pain on the right side of my neck. I had seen my my primary care provider and some doctors when pcp is not around but all of them started that nothing is wrong with me. All my blood tests are normal except for the fact that my calcium level is low which is not normal for me at all. Prior to my IUD insertion, I was a perfectly healthy with no history of any serious condition. The symptoms like severe migraines, joint pains, cramping of legs, tingling of muscles weren’t there before the iUD. But now I have been experiencing them periodically and I have been losing sleep. And some of you mentioned that eating too much vegetables doesn’t help which makes me feel like it is worsening my symptoms. I have been skinny all my life even after two kids but recently I have been noticing weight gain like 5 pounds in a month. Also, my periods were heavier (that’s given) but the past few months, o have been experiencing a much heavier flow because I have to layer some panty liners behind my butt area to prevent leaking. The thick sanitary pads that I usually use doesn’t cut it anymore overnight. I am also experiencing highs and lows emotionally and it’s making me so sensitive about small things which is so odd because I wasn’t the type of person who would make a big deal out of small or pretty issues. Sometimes I feel the need to cry just because I feel like it. But what’s bothering me now is the pain on my neck, severe migraines, tingling muscles and joint pains. My jaws are also painful to the point where I slurred when I talk because I couldn’t open my mouth really well to speak. Its frustrating because two doctors who’s seen me from the same medical group diagnosed me with different diagnosis. The first one was TMJ and the other one was tension muscle headache. But the funny part is they both prescribed me pain killers which only work so much.

    Reading this article makes me recommend side the IUD. I think I’m gonna have to train my husband use a condom again. I also noticed that it’s a bit uncomfortable to do sex lately so I’m gonna have it check.

    Thanks for the article. I really appreciate the effort you put into it.

  144. Hi All!

    I had my copper IUD for about 5 years. I got it removed about 2 months ago. The last 3 to 4 weeks I have been all over the place, moody, crying a lot, tired, restless, not sleeping very well. My husband and I are still using protection right now, and I’ve taken two negative pregnancy tests. Do you think the copper could still be affecting me somehow? Like withdrawals or something?

    Has anyone else been affected like this?

  145. Wow. I am blown away by the number of women who have experienced so many similar side effects of the copper IUD. I’m 32 years old and had mine inserted in February 2017. I was in a new relationship and while it was such a game changer (coming from someone who cannot stand condoms), I went through 9 months of hell. I felt crazy for no reason, always anxious, heart palpitations, always tired, lost my appetite, hair loss increased, picked fights with my significant other and probably everyone else in my life…for no reason. Def moody. While my period didn’t become crazy heavy, I experienced painful cramping for the first time in my life – and it starts a week before my period. I now spot in between periods – randomly. The worst part is…I knew/could feel my craziness but could not explain it or do anything about it. The worst. Until I hit the online boards and forums and realized, lo and behold, MANY women have experienced the exact same thing. I was so tempted to get it out but then I discovered zinc capsules – once I realized the connection between copper and zinc. They were an overnight game changer. Instantly, I felt my moods change and felt less crazy. That was a few months ago. To be perfectly honest, the zinc definitely helped but I never felt back like my old self…not entirely at least. I think I feel an itch of constant anxiety and have simply learned to suppress/quiet it. Also, I have daily allergies, which I last experienced prior to having my mercury fillings removed.

    My mom has been after my case to get the IUD removed, and well, I stumbled across this article and allll of these comments. Cue: I’ve made an appointment to have it removed. I am sad but also, so damn relieved. I am no longer in a relationship – a recent occurrence and a decision I made – and although my partner was so wonderful, I really think the IUD-caused anxiety stressed me out more than necessary, which definitely impacted my perception of the relationship. To those considering getting a Paragard – everyone has a diff experience. Some women love it / don’t experience side effects. Just be aware of the potential side effects so you can spot them if/when they do happen, and know you can do something about it. My heart goes out to everyone who has had an adverse reaction, and my sincere thanks to all of you for inspiring me (once and for all!) to get mine removed. Will post an update post the removal (mid next-month).

  146. I got my copper iud 15 days ago. After about 5 days I went completely dizzy and passed out, then I started having palpitations and constant dizziness. I went to the hospital 3 times and they did loads of blood tests ecgs the lot and couldn’t find anything wrong. I decided to do my own research and came across loads of these posts about the copper iud. I rang my Dr told her the symptoms and she agreed to take it out that day (4 days ago) I’ve noticed a definite difference though I still feel run down and a bit ill. The heart palpitations are still there but not as strong or regular as before. The Dr tried to tell me it was just anxiety it’s like they don’t want to admit what it can do.

  147. I had my copperT IUD inserted in 2012 and for the past yrs had no problems I started feeling funny in 2017 had the following symptoms throbbing headaches, dizziness, brain fog,peripheral neuropathy,suicidal thoughts ,fatigue,backache, depression, anxiety ,palpitations ,hypertension, hyperglycemia and I visited different doctors and they refered me to psychiatric evaluation. Thanks to this article I then researched it for my self and found out that it was copper, I then removed it in January 2018.So my main worry is that of this dizziness, peripheral neuropathy of legs and hands,so want to ask how long can this be correct in my system so test were done every thing is normal which supplements shld I take to correct this. Em not on family planning at the moment help me thank you.

  148. I am 49 yo. and have had my second Paragard IUD in for 14 yrs. First one was in for 3 yrs. I have 2 children. I have not had any side effects from it that I knew of, but now I’m getting suspicious. I developed an undiagnosed skin disorder starting about 7 yrs ago, and worsening in the last 4 yrs. I develop what the Dermatologist calls ‘Prurigo Nodularis’ – red spots, lesions with skin overgrowth & scarring; all over my arms and lower legs- especially where there is ANY trauma to the skin (bug bite, irritation, dryness, abrasion) Which basically means they don’t know what it is. It responds well to steroid ointments and shots, so it IS INFLAMMATORY. I have been skin tested (Patch Test) for allergies and it was only positive for dimethyl fumarate. I am negative for allergy to nickel and all other allergens. Copper was not tested.
    I also have Lichens Sclerosis of the Vulva – Diagnosed 7 yrs ago. So, I am beginning to wonder if all this could be from the IUD.
    I do have many of the other symptoms you listed: fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, depression; but there ARE other explanations for those:
    I have been diagnosed with Dysthymic Depression since 18 yo. I was and still am ADD, but symptoms HAVE worsened in the last 4 years. I am overweight and pre-diabetic; so I know that a lot of my fatigue and achiness is r/t to elevated blood sugar levels and inflammation r/t weight.

    Of course, none of my doctors know anything about copper toxicity or a link to the IUD. How would I go about getting tested for copper toxicity??

  149. This is fascinating. I wish more research would be done on this. I have had Paragard IUD for over 15 years in total between two pregnancies (10 years + 5 years) and just had it removed last week. Last Fall I started having severe panic attacks out of no where. I have a fairly low-stress life and it was triggered by nothing. I was just at work and out of nowhere started freaking out internally. My heart was racing, I felt confused and suffocated. I had a co-worker take me to the ER because I had no idea what was happening and was scoffed at and told it was anxiety. Yea, it probably was anxiety… but why?! There was no cause for it. I was told to follow up with my GP, which I did, and he also said that I have anxiety and that I was drinking too much alcohol and caffeine. I split one bottle of wine per WEEK with my husband and he said that is too much, and I have one cup of coffee per DAY plus a glass of unsweetened iced tea and he said that is too much. What?! I haven’t had an episode like that since then but have continued to have more mild anxiety with occasional panic attacks during stressful situations (not super stressful though – just normal day to day situations like meetings!), racing heart, feeling foggy, mood swings, anger/rage, fatigue, and depression.

    I started looking into nutrient deficiencies because I knew my iron was occasionally low (I would be denied when trying to donate blood because my hemoglobin finger prick test would be slightly low). I had read that low vitamin D could be a cause, so since it’s winter I started taking that along with a few other supplements that I had read might help (magnesium and vitamin K2, B complex, amino acids) in addition to my regular multi (which contains 1mg of copper, btw!). After almost 2 months I still was not feeling any better, and last week while on my very heavy period (which has been the new normal) I started to wonder if my IUD could be the cause. Even briefly reading about the possibility that it could be linked to anxiety caused me to immediately schedule with my OB/GYN to have it removed. It’s been 5 days since removal and while I’m still not 100%, I already feel better. I managed to make it through a work meeting yesterday with out the normal feelings of spaciness and feeling like I needed to bolt from the room due to a mild panic attack. Sadly this means I am not on any birth control because I refuse to use hormonal methods, so hopefully I can continue to avoid pregnancy, but frankly my mental health and well-being is more important.

  150. So about three years ago i had the Paragurd inserted and then it dialoged so i had to have it removed and had another one put back in last year February, 2017. After that a month later i started feeling really lethargic, my hair was falling out and i started having asthma like symptoms. So i went to my regular primary physician and he thought i had a vitamin deficiency. So, he did a blood test and after that came in he said i was severely vitamin B and D deficient. So around Christmas time i started getting vitamin shoots and i started feeling chronic fatigue and weakness. So i went back to my regular primary physician and he didn’t believe but did another blood test. After that blood test came back in he said everything was normal and not to worry about anything. But i wanted an answer why i felt like this, and after that he wouldn’t answer my phone calls. So i went back to my OB and saw a nurse and told her everything that was going on…she basically didn’t want to hear a word i had to say and basically pushed me out the door. So i deiced to go to a new Primary (he was AMAZING) told him everything i have been experiencing; extreme chronic fatigue, lathartic, hair-loss, asthma like symptoms, weakness, depression, etc. So i told him im on paragaurd and he just told me everything is going to be okay and i have SAD (seasonal effective disorder) they symptoms pretty much matched up. So he put me on wellbutrin, after almost a month i noticed they weren’t working at all! Yesterday i was sitting at my desk and i realized o my god, i started my copper iud the same time as all these symptoms started. I was talking to my boss because he is a dentist and he went to medical school to, and said i might have a copper toxicity poisoning and seeing how my grandma and dad are allergic to cooper it makes sense! I got in contact with my reg. primary physician and let him know what i thought and he agreed with me. As of today i am having it removed.

  151. How can you check your copper levels? I am having many of those symtoms and never though my IUD could be the cause. Vaginal infeccions that goes and comes back all the time.

      1. I had a copper serum/ plasma blood test done. It says the expected range is 810-1990 mcg/L. Do you agree with this range? If not, what do you think is the ideal range?

  152. I’m 33 and have one child, always been fit and healthy until I had the copper coil inserted, for over a year. The symptoms of copper toxicity sneaked in slowly but surely. First off, of course, I experienced extreme blood flow, which I was not overly worried about because apparently it was normal and supposed to subside over time to a degree. Only my periods didn’t get any lighter, nor shorter (at least 10 days), and I developed anemia within 3 months of insertion. Over the course of 6 months on, my emotional life really spiraled downwards starting off with feelings of very low confidence, hopelessness, lack of motivation and irrational fears… and there it was, all leading towards the worst depression and anxiety. Eventually my energy was so low I could barely get out of bed in the morning and I struggled in every area of my life. My sex drive was killed completely, memory loss and brain fog were concerning, I had a persistent rash on my face, digestive system stopped working properly and the heart beats became irregular. I reported all these problems to my GP but no-one ever suspected the IUD. What was happening to me just didn’t make sense, no underlying cause was found, not to mention I have always been leading an active life and eating a balanced diet. Only a couple of days ago when I really started questioning the little t-shaped devil inside my uterus and did some research, I finally made the connection. Thank God I got to the bottom of this sooner rather than later, don’t want to imagine how much worse things could have got… I made a drastic decision not to waste another day of my life waiting around for a doctor’s appointment, and removed the poisonous foreign object from my body myself. Though my advice to everyone is, PLEASE don’t attempt what I did and see a health professional to get it taken out. Sorry, I just couldn’t wait and took a risk. Feeling so relieved and in a better place already. My face is clearing up and i can spot a little light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to get my copper levels checked now to see where I am, and start a serious detox. Ironically, when I called my GP today to advise of the dangerous side-effects I had experienced, I was told what I’d described had no link with the IUD. How uneducated our doctors are in reality!?! I shall be more careful in the future and make sure I do my research BEFORE making big decisions like this one. I just wish all ladies were properly informed, so they could efficiently monitor how their bodies respond to the birth control, have read way too many heartbreaking stories by now :'(

    1. Hi, I am wondering, after removing Paraguard, did your excessive hair loss stop, and if so how long after getting it removed did you still have hair loss for? Thank you.

  153. From age 16 I took combined pill
    Microgynon 30 (ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel) for ten years with no issue.
    age 26 (4 year ago) I developed jaundice and GP recommended I stop taking the pill (I never really understood why)
    the jaundice passed.
    I had copper IUD inserted as alternative.
    For the last four years I have had fatigue and gastro problems and was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis 18 months ago.
    For the last two/three years I have experienced progressively worsening low mood and depression

    could this all be linked to copper overload??

  154. I too have the same symptoms of pretty much everyone in these comments!! I thought I was starting to go crazy. I saw a counselor yesterday, and she mentioned I should talk to my doctor about it since my symptoms started AFTER the paraguard was inserted. I did some research. I made an appt for this coming Monday to have it removed.

    I had this put in in Oct 2017 (2nd child was 5 months old) and every since my mental state has gone downhill. Irritability, snapping, periods are crazy, and I just couldn’t COPE. Feeling tearful ALL the time. This is not me. I have never had any mental issues. I do not feel like myself at all. They do not warn you about these possible side effects!!! They need to have these warnings BEFORE a person says yes to having this HORRIBLE thing inserted. I hate BC but I would rather go on BC than keep this thing in.

  155. I had TWO copper iuds inserted on friday without my knowledge (asked for one). I have a bicornuate uterus. Am I at a higher risk?

  156. Sami, I love how informative you are about the copper iud. I have had my copper iud for almost a year now. I had it inserted 6 weeks postpartum. I have always had difficulty digesting food which left me with a a little pain in my abdominal area but I could tolerate it. Only 5 months of having my iud I started to experience excruciating pain, excessive gas and bloating in my abdominal area. The pain continued and the only way I could tolerate the pain was to eat less. The past 2 weeks I have also been experiencing pain in my liver/gallbladder area. I went to see my doctor recently to have my iud checked because I was experiencing unusual periods and spotting. The iud was in place but my iron was low. Along with the abdominal pain, liver/gallbladder pain I have also been experiencing alot of anxiety, stress, hair loss, dizziness, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, back and sciatic pain. I have started taking an iron supplement and drinking alot of water which has helped the pain I feel in my liver. I am a young healthy adult with no other illness. I don’t believe I should be feeling this way! I plan on removing my iud as soon as possible with the hope that all my symptoms will go away. Once removed would it be beneficial to do a copper cleanse?

  157. I had a copper IUD for about 5 years and over that time felt an increase in fatigue, brain fog and overall depression…as well as persistant dull pain in my upper thighs and later in both of my arms. After trying to figure out what could be causing the what seemed like drastic decline in my mental ability to focus, I started reading up on how copper affects the body. I decided to have it removed. It has been out now for about three months and I can tell a huge difference. I tried prozac and a number of other things to better my depression and felt so lethargic it was hard to get out of bed. I stopped the prozac after a three months and had the IUD removed…I feel more like myself than I have in 4 years. I still have persistent pains in my upper arms…not sure if that is related but the fatigue has greatly diminished and the brain fog is lifting. I still don’t know for sure if the IUD was the cause, but I do know things have gotten better since it was removed.

    On occasion, I would smoke when stressed and would even taste a strong metallic taste (while the IUD was present).

    How long does it take for copper levels to completely return to normal? Should it be gone now that it has been removed for more than a few months? Thank you for this article.

  158. Hi, I’m in the uk, my GP looked at me like I was bonkers when I suggested my copper coil might be causing my heavy cramping, acne and bad temper, ‘but there aren’t any hormones in it’ she said. ‘I think I NEED the hormones!’ I replied. I never thought it could actually be the copper causing it though. Could it cause acne? It’s terrible, like being a teenager again!

  159. Thank you for this article. I have a question, I had severe paranoia, ocd, and anxiety with the copper iud that took about 6 months after I got it taken out to go away. Does that mean I’m at risk for post pardom symptoms? If I ever chose to have kids would the symptoms go away eventually? I’m on chelation powder treatments and supplement therapy that has helped my pms as well. All my sympotoms from the iud are now gone. I’d love to know what you think. The iud experience was so horrific I’m now contemplating getting my tubes tied. I’d love to have kids someday but not if I make myself permentaly mentally ill. Thanks

  160. Following some of the top practitioners out there through blogs, online summits, books, etc., one frequently encounters the issue of accuracy and reliability in testing. There are those who report problems in testing for serum copper, plasma zinc and whole blood histamine and for pyroluria thru urine. Problems reported include having urine tests show pyroluria while blood levels for plasma zinc appear normal or even elevated ( conflicting results) and whole blood histamine results fluctuating between over and under methylation (one does not fluctuate between over and under I believe). While procedures have been developed for plasma zinc, serum copper, whole blood histamine and urine pyrroles, folks have reported unreliable results even when working with trained practitioners. Experts have cautioned that while testing procedures and protocols may exist, accurate results come only when the phlebotomist and the laboratory have properly drawn and handled the specimen. Blood and urine testing (or any form of testing) is only helpful, of course, if it is accurate. Looking forward to the day where accurate and reliable testing is readily available and when the majority of experts are in agreement on what tests should be used.

    1. It’s true that no test is 100% accurate, but we do require our labs to follow our protocols when they handle specimens to ensure accuracy. Also important is a thorough assessment to uncover exogenous factors that can skew results such as certain medications, which a skilled clinician will know. This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend self-treatment and diagnosis.

  161. In response to Jen who asked for additional resources on the subject of copper, may I refer you to the website and books of ANN LOUISE GITTLEMAN, PhD, CNS. Dr. Gittleman is an expert and pioneer on many subjects, especially copper. To think that she was already writing about copper in 1998 with the first edition of her book BEFORE THE CHANGE (a new edition has recently been published) and in 1999 with her book WHY AM I ALWAYS SO TIRED. And yes, she discusses copper IUDs and much much more in these books.
    For those of us who have followed Dr.Gittleman’s wisdom since the 1990s, we realize we are the lucky folks who learned years ago about copper, zinc, estrogen, etc. and therefore learned how to keep our bodies balanced and healthy in a very holistic natural way. Indeed, I cannot think of any discussion on copper without also including Dr. GIttleman as a top expert, pioneer and resource.
    Dr. GIttleman, if you are out there, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    1. She is an amazing woman and pioneer for women’s health, but keep in mind hair tissue mineral analysis is not an accurate marker for copper status.

  162. Hi Samantha

    I’m on the hormonal coil (mirena), which has worked largely well for me. I suffered with mood swings and losing my temper in the first few months but 2 years on that has evened out.

    My main concern is excess hair growth, particularly on my chin. This has been a slow but worsening problem to the point where I’m quite self conscious if I don’t remove the hair every other day. It only seems to be getting worse, so depite the contraceptive working for me on many different levels I’ve been considering having it removed.

    I believe it’s the progesterone causing the hair growth issue. My doctor and I have ruled out PCOS and other hormonal imbalances. I thought the copper coil was the best next step as it is hormone free, but having read your article I now have reservations.

    What is your opinion on the hormonal coil (Mirena) and it’s side effects?

    Are there any forms of contraceptive that you do recommend?
    As I know feel as though there are no more avenues to explore. (I’m hesitant to go on an estrogen based contraceptive due to common side effects, and am unlikely to remember to take a pill regularly.

    I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on the hormonal coil!



  163. I was diagnosed with copper overload and took 75 mg of zinc for months with barely any change on blood tests. It wasn’t until I discontinued the birth control pill that I could finally start lowering my copper levels. But it’s a very slow ongoing process.

  164. I’ve been on and off the IUD for years now, and the only problem I have is that of a longer 7 day period. It used to be 4 days before I got the IUD in.
    I however decided I want to take it out because these long periods are tiring. Hoping I can find a better alternative, preferably natural, as pill, inserts, injections are out of question.

  165. hello all , I had my first IUD placed in 2007 took it off in 2016 and one month later I put anther one in , now that i am reading the feed back from all the ladies here i can feel like am not the only one that suffering and have yet to find answers , my issue was not yeast infection but everything else mostly the weight gain water retention even with the simplest meal will make me bloated , I have tried everything under the sun for weight loss but nothing worked then i gave up , I wanted to be healthy , wanted to feel normal and i always felt that my inner body wanted to get out of my skin like it was trapped , my sleep my joints my psychological changes that i had no explanation for all that with my low metabolism almost dead , thank you for posting all this eye opening information .

  166. I agree with all the points mentioned about the copper IUD. I had mine removed after having had it for five years. During that time I experienced, depression, anger, mind fog, heart palpitations and extreme lethargy. I had no idea that it was caused by the IUD. It was an extremely lonely time as no one understands what you are going through, and it is hard to not feel as if you are losing your mind. What is really scary and disappointing is that doctors prescribe it to women without knowing the effects of it on our bodies. It’s been a long road but today I feel good again and I can only hope that more women become aware of the dangers of the supposedly ‘safe’ copper IUD.

    1. Thank you, Verna, for sharing your story. My hope is that more women become aware of the dangers and that someday, doctors will also be enlightened. I am so happy you are better now.

    2. I have an appointment to have my copper IUD removed in two days which I’ve had for three years now but I am seeing some one regularly for over a year and not ready to have another child/children. I already have four year old twin boys who’s father is not present for good reason. If I became pregnant I would take responsibility and love my baby with all I have. After all I have made this perfect, beautiful life. The most beautiful thing we can do as women. But sex is a beautiful thing too and I don’t want to stop it with some one I love. Condoms aren’t a good alternative either, they’re toxic and just isn’t the same. I am a part time student and have a lot I need to focus on for the present and future and knowing this appointment is coming up has my anxiety through the roof because I do not know a better alternative as far as birth control. I just do not want to continue to use the one I have now feeling the side effects I have and knowing what worse damage it can do. What other birth control would be a better option?

  167. Hello there, Thank you for this article and insight. I read through all of the comments and can’t find anyone going through the issues I’m going through so I’m posting to share as well as hopefully see if maybe someone else is experiencing the same thing or have in the past?

    I don’t have any children but after an abortion (and sorry if that bothers anyone to read) I had the Paragard inserted which was around July or Aug of 2012 at the age of 25 as my boyfriend was very distraught that I wanted the abortion and then was also very very scared to have sex unless I had an IUD. I didn’t want to argue about my lack of responsibility with my pills and I actually don’t want children, so I was ok with getting an IUD. I’m already on Wellbrutin XL for my chronic depression so my boyfriend and I didn’t want more hormones in my body than needed so I went with the Paragard.

    My periods were terrible and the cramping unbearable, but since I had been on ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® Lo since I was 13 I thought possibly my body was just not ever exposed to such periods. Now 5 years later my periods and cramping are very bad for day one of my period, so bad that I go through a super tampon in a hour, but my period comes every 3rd Wednesday – Sunday of the month for 5 days max. Which I love that regularity.

    Now for the issues, I have put on 15 pounds over the 5 years but I also drink craft beer daily and have a bad obsession with a nightly sweet snack so I felt my diet vs exercise, which I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, was just not the right balance and I need to watch my diet vs it being the IUD. Additionally, I battle a yeast and or bacteria infection monthly. Literally almost monthly for the last 2-3 years. I’ve been to many GYNOs who all say something different and just give me this gel to use for 3-5 nights or a single pill if its a yeast issue. The only Dr. that was able to shed some light for me is that my vag may have a high PH level and mixed with the hormones and acidity in my boyfriends body, creates an infection. Additionally he said to try having sex but with my boyfriend not ejaculating in me and see what happens and sure enough an infection DID NOT arise within DAYS as it does if he does ejaculate. So we thought we found the ah hah but sadly pulling out cant happen every time when we’re in the moment and its annoying to wear a condom and have an IUD.

    For the last six months the infections have gotten worse and more frequent and putting a damper on my relationship as we’re 6 years in now and want to be with each other but he’ll avoid starting any intimacy fearing there will be a bad smell while we’re in action, and ultimately it kills the mood. As Paragard is the only “non hormonal” IUD I dont want to take it out but I’d love to stop having infections so often!

    Thanks to anyone that reads this and may be able to shed some light for me 🙂

    1. Take it off hun. Your body is rejecting it. I took mine out today and it hurt like a beeeeee…
      I also started w the embarrassing yeast infections, along with oyher symptoms. New allergies, hypoglicemia, nausea,cramps during ovulation.. insanely anxious which I am a total smooth sailing kinda person. I have 3 children and got the iud after each. After my second i got it way later since my insurance chnged but got it s soon as i was able. Well the first time i had no issues, the 2nd time, i started feeling preggers monthly. So i got rid of it. This time it was the nausea and constant yeast infections that made me decide.
      I hope my story helps you.

      I am confident that i will bounce back. I dont have any weight issue, but i am lazier than ever the past 2 yrs. Oh my son is 2 1/2 so thats how long i had it for…
      And i retain at least 7lbs of extra weight minthly that fluctuates… its not alot but its not flattering.

      I really hope my sugar binging stops once my hypoglycemia is under control… because we know how fast yummy sugar can be addictive!!

  168. I’ve had gynafix for 6.5 years. I took it out for many reasons. It’s been out for about a month and a half and I’m still not sleeping well and have a bad depression. How long till this goes away. Should I get a copper tested. Sos

  169. hi, i have a 6 week baby and last monday my doctor put the iud on me. i started to feel depress and with anxiety on wednesday and inmediatly thought there was a conecction, i called my doctor and he told me it had nothing to do with it, never less i yesterday went and had it removed. i just had it for 5 dasy id like to know how long will i be experimenting the symptons if i just used it for 5 days. im glad of finding all off ur stories, it helped me feel im not crazy.

    1. I am unsure of you will see this but I wonder at what point you would expect these symptoms to start? Got a copper coil inserted about 15 months ago in nz. Have had concerning brain fog and forgetfullness for a year… I have hit breaking point this last couple of months with what I am told is anxiety and tension headaches.. I dont know how I will ever work again if I do not recover.. my vision is also effected and I am a distant foggy mess and it is the most horrible time of my life. At only 30 and with young kids I need to find a solution! How can I get tested for copper levels etc? Thank you!

  170. I’ve had my IUD in for almost a year and I’m getting it removed. I have never had acne my entire life and now at I have extreme acne in the hormone zone, I’m growing facial hair, my hair is falling out and I can’t sleep.. it’s so annoying. I’ve always been a good sleeper, I’ve never have had hair on my face until after I got this damn IUD and not to mention I’ve been breaking out in cold sores like no tommorow.. i consistently get one every year or so but since the IUD I have had 12!!!

  171. Hi,

    I have had my copper IUD for about two years now, and i have gained so much weight with eating the same my whole entire life. I experience fatigue and excess body hair. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and see if its something else, but my metabolism is extremely low. Im so relieved to be taking this out of me, hope to get better.

    1. This is a great first step, Ana. You may need nutrients to correct the imbalance caused by the IUD, but with the culprit removed, your body will begin the process of rebalancing.

  172. I just came across your article tonight as I have been looking up information about copper toxicity. I had a copper IUD put in about two months ago and am having major issues and didn’t know what was causing them. First off I have been on my period for 4 weeks straight with no end in sight. My depression is out of control. I can’t sleep, im irritable, emotional, and trust me the list goes on. My fiancé has been begging me for weeks to take it out, he believed that it had to be cause but I kept telling him to that there was no way the doctor assured me the only side affect was heavier periods and cramping. Boy was I wrong. I can’t wait to get this thing out and hopefully my life will return to normal, before it costs me my relationship or worse.

    1. I’m sorry you had this experience, Meshelle. It sounds like you were already overloaded with copper before the IUD. With implantation, it increased your levels thus creating your symptoms. You will probably need nutrients to correct the imbalance caused by it, but with the culprit removed, your body will begin the process of rebalancing.

      1. Hi, Samy
        And thanks for the info! I got the copper 7 Iud in the late 1970’s about the age of 20 and had the same problems described here and had it taken out about 6 months later..ended up with a total hysterectomy..ovaries, uterus,cervix and tubes removed 6 years later..never have really recovered..diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 years later when nobody believed in it and to this day I still have so many abdominal problems at the age of 61..and still have fibromyalgia..could this be the cause of fibro? I am beginning to believe the copper 7 has caused the onset of my fibro…so many years ago! It’s just been such a long and lonely road! Going to do more research! Thank you again!


        1. I had the copper cu7 around 1979 to 81, my IUD kept moving inside me. I got extreme pelvic inflammatory disease, in and out of the hospital, d& c procedures, cramping so bad I would be screaming in pain. I was infertile in my mid 20’s, both my tubes were blocked in 1988, I had a radical hestromy and only 20% of survival. I have dealt with,severe panic attacks, depression and so much more. Not one time was I told of any side effects. Today, I google it and I just broke down and cried. All that suffering i went through and for the 1st time in my life, I have some answers. The little thing that was put inside me was a demon.

  173. Ahhhh after reading all the above comments i thank you fr creating this page .i have had a copper IUD 2.5 years ago after 1.5 years of my 2nd child birth .since then experiencing hair fall which is at extreme now ..feeling depressed ,tired,demotivated low libido and angry are another symptoms …after being on a clean diet it is terrible to see clumps of hairs coming out of my head …i was looking since more than a year either my copper IUD is the reason of all these symptoms but i was ignoring it. I think now is the time to get it removed …have had too much loss

  174. I had horrible periods,extreme anxiety like 5-20 panic attracts a day I chalked it up to having a miscarriage and passed life experience but after I went on keto and eventually got the iud taken out I haven’t had one…. I was kinda pushed into getting it by my bf at the time and my dr was very pushy about me getting the iud if I would have known this before I would have never gotten on it

  175. My husband is going for a vasectomy and he’s dreading it so scared, having had the copper coil for 6 years I searched to see if it was worth his anxiety about the “operation” or just for me to carry on with the coil but everything you’ve described here is what I have experienced over the last 4 years! Doctor has prescribed me antidepressant/anti anxiety tablets for a few years now but never once mentioned this could be down to my contraception. Thank you I’m looking forward to having my life and mental health back. ( the heavy painful periods I got used to as side effects).

  176. I had a Paragard IUD inserted in April 2016 after the birth of my baby. I had no issues with it except for periods that were much heavier than I was used to. I accepted that as a minor drawback of having such easy and convenient birth control. In April/May of 2017, I was given Amoxicillin for a sinus infection. I immediately experienced a nasty yeast infection. I tried several over the counter yeast creams, which usually cure the yeast infections that I always get with amoxicillin. However, this time, they didn’t work. I called my OB/GYN for fluconazole pills, but those didn’t cure the yeast either. The doctor then prescribed a more aggressive round of fluconazole, which also didn’t work. At that point, I insisted on my IUD being removed because I had read that yeast can form a biofilm on the IUD. I began to realize just how run down and fatigued I had become by then–just absolutely exhausted and hopeless. I’m only 32 by the way. After my IUD removal, I tried another 1 day yeast treatment, followed by a 7 day yeast cream. Neither worked. Running out of hope, and suspecting an underlying reason for my body’s inability to clear up this yeast infection, I went to see a naturopath in October 2017. She has me on a candida detox protocol, but she also suspects anemia as a cause for my fatigue. Although, now I’m wondering if copper toxicity has been playing a role in that. I have yet to see any improvement, but I haven’t been on the detox for even a week so far. My naturopath is hopeful though. The yeast has taken such a huge emotional toll on me and has also taken a toll on my marriage. If I had known this would happen, I never would have used an IUD. Six months with a raging yeast infection is almost like torture.

  177. It’s been almost 2 years since I have gotten my copper IUD after the birth of my first child. I’ve always suffered from endo and ovarian cysts along with severe migraines, for a while at first the IUD did throw my period schedule off a bit. My doctor agreed with trying the copper IUD as I tried 6 different BCs out there, which I didn’t react to very well hormonally as well as getting pregnant while on nuvaring.
    Now, my periods are back to their natural schedule before prescription hormones were involved. But now, my migraines are worse, I am fatiqued like no tomorrow, this past week I’ve had abdominal pains and a brown discharge with slight odor(sorry tmi) along with lightheadedness and everything twirling around me. The discharge is getting worse and it is no where near the date for my period to start. Wondering if I should just get this IUD out and get a hysterectomy, it was either the IUD or surgery and I think I am now out if choices. It really sucks being a female.

  178. Hello,

    Researching the old Copper T (1976) and the incidence of PID and salpinx infection, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Can you provide some guidance to meaningful literature? This happened to me at age 22.


  179. Hi,

    I’m considering getting the copper IUD (just had my second baby) and, per the recommendation in this article and comments, I would like to get my copper levels tested first.

    What range of copper level is considered normal (meaning trying the copper IUD is more feasible/safe)?

  180. What about during intercourse? I have had my copper iud for about 5 months now. And i spot in between periods a few times, but omg during intercourse it actually HURT. And it had actually made me bleed. I bled for almost 2 hrs straight! Its been almost a month now since intercourse and ive been to the dr twice amd still have 2 appointments to go! But once my period ends im thinking about trying intercourse again…but im scared to death! Cuz that was so embarrassing, bleeding cuz of sex.
    I had a mirena put in 4years ago and taken out 5 months ago when this copper one was put it. But when they inserted my mirena i wound up getting DVT. And since iv had a blood clot the doctor says the copper is the only birth control im gonna be aloud to be on. I wont know though until intercourse in a few days…and then ill probably need to figure out something new.

  181. Thank you so much for speaking up and informing women! Horror story doesn’t even begin to describe my life since 2010 when I had the Paraguard inserted. My male OBGYN sold it as “hormone free” and I fell for it. Just within the last week my research between working full time and being a single unhealthy mom has led me to the idea of copper toxicity. A few months ago I self diagnosed myself with adrenal fatigue . Yes, I know about the controversy with that. I think it’s just a matter of people who don’t suffer from two full pages of symptoms and are just SO TIRED of feeling 80 when I’m only 40 not understanding that adrenal fatigue means fatigue due to a problem with your adrenals. Just today I was told by my endocrinologist who I’ve only seen one time that in fact I do have adrenal insufficiency. I’m going back next week for more tests. Because “life ” was happening around the same time in 2010, Drs just kept telling me it was stress and depression. I believed them. NOT ONE ever said maybe it’s copper, your adrenals. I doubt they even know. I’ve felt like a hypochondriac for a long time. I’ve had migraines since I was a teen, depression since I was 20. I was always an athlete until I was told I have Fibromyalgia. I was taking all these meds and still cracking up. But too afraid to stop taking them. Everyone said I was crazy including myself. So with a death in the family, my husband becoming an addict then telling me he wanted a divorce, losing my stepsons who I lov d like my own, my father (and hero. He saved me from abuse by my so called birth mother and adopted brother) becoming very ill and passing away in 2013, my raging alcoholic brother, moving several times bc of husbands addiction, having a 1yr old, losing 40 pounds to the point everyone thought I was doing drugs with my ex!, losing my job due to pain, being sick with sinus infections CONSTANTLY, having my hair fall out, having SEVERE anxiety and panic attacks, being hospitalized for a week with severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and rectal bleeding (never having an answer as to why or what was wrong with me), experiencing numbness and tingling in extremities, migraines causing vomiting, with a slow progression into this debilitating fatigue that causes me to be exhausted to the point of crying during the day yet wide awake for most of the night. Frequent urination. Achilles tendinitis.All the relationships gone bad bc I’m a raging basket case at times could go on and on…..what is the connection with copper toxicity and adrenal insufficiency? Which came first. Too much copper bc my adrenals aren’t able to get rid of it for me ,,? Or could the copper cause adrenal insufficiency? Who d I see about having hair tested? I thank you!!!!!!!!

  182. I had my cooper IUD for about 3 months. I have always suffered from yeast infections (other than that I was healthy and had not other health issues) but this device made it worse. On top of that I ended up getting a vaginal mrsa infection and a UTI all in the span of the three months of usage. My blood pressure is always around 110ish/70ish range and now I got told I got orthostatic hypotension and have been experiencing dizziness for almost a month. My doctors seem to think it’s dehydration but I drink about 8-10 glasses of water a day. They also checked for anemia but that came back normal. I’m just so glad I got this device out and glad I found this site. I wish I would have seen it before I had gotten the IUD inserted. I got the IUD out last week and I hope I start feeling better soon. I just want to be healthy again.

  183. Hello,
    I’m actually planning to write an article on my experience with the copper IUD. I had it in for only 16 months and I swear, I would have eventually died from it. My first symptom was horrific melasma on my face, followed my debilitating fatigue, hair loss, anemia, gastritis, dry skin, brittle nails, no appetite, mood swings, and depression. I had blood work done and showed I was suffering from hypothryroidism (a symptom of copper toxicity & I never had this issue prior). The doctor said my thyroid was operating at the lowest level she had ever seen & that my T3/T4 ratios were strangely off from what she’s seen. After 7 doctors and thousands of dollars later, I ended up doing hair testing and urinalysis and it showed my copper levels were off the charts. A year later, I Im still on a major supplement program, diet changes and chelation. I feel better but the melasma is still there, which leads me to believe it’s still high. It is an extremely complicated process to remove the copper. I get re-tested next week. What a nightmare!!!! I wish I never had that damn thing in; it’s changed my life.

  184. I had the copper iud for 2 years and it was awful. My hair was falling out, had heavy, painful periods, and I just didn’t feel right at all. Then it started to smell weird which turned out to be over growth of yeast. When I had it removed I felt so much better almost instantly! I have been using a natural method (tracking my cycle) ever since.

  185. I had the copper IUD inserted in December. Two months later, I got my first yeast infection ever and have since had recurring infections. I now have the IUD removed, but I regret getting the IUD in the first place as I still have yeast infections and feel the yeast has overtaken my body and doctors seem to be struggling to help me.

  186. Hi there. After having my daughter I got a pulmonary embolism and the doctor suggested that I get a copper iud instead of the mirena. It ended coming out after 6 months. Fast forward 8 years, I had my son and decided to give it a try again. I breast feed and dont consider my diet to be unhealthy. The first 8 weeks after having my son I was steadily dropping weight but as soon as I got the ius put it I have gained 8 pounds in 4 months and have not been able to loose weight. I count calories and exercise but the extra weight does not come off. Should I have it removed?

  187. Hi, this article got me thinking. I had my copper IUD inserted 2 months ago, at 12 weeks postpartum. I got my period back the day after the IUD was inserted. That cycle was 31 days long, with 2 days of mid-cycle spotting. Since then, I’ve had a 17-day cycle, and now a 15-day cycle. Do you think the copper IUD could be causing this?

    If this makes any difference, there is a history of estrogen dominance in my family.

  188. I got my IUD exactly one year ago. These are the symptoms I have noticed over the time period

    Hives – I had a massive hives outbreak from February – April of 2017 and I could not figure out what caused it.

    I have also been really low especially right before my period and much worse than when I was not on the IUD and I’m guessing it’s because my body is probably retaining a higher level of copper. I’m getting my IUD removed at my next doctor’s appointment

  189. I’m having lots of the symptoms everybody else has mentioned and I’m thinking of having it taken out. What are some of the more natural birth control alternatives? I’m not interested in condoms or charting.

    1. I have been tracking my cycle and using the natural method. You have to pay close attention to your cycle. There are websites and apps to help you figure out when you ovulate, etc.

  190. Sami, thanks for sharing this.

    I also have a horror story with my IUD; mine was inhibiting micronutrient absorption. I was hungry and eating all the time, but despite a healthy diet and spending the prior 6 years at the same weight (with the same exercise and eating habits), I gained 20lbs and developed a host of vitamin deficiencies in a short period of time. In the last few months that I’ve been copper-free, I’ve lost the weight and all but one vitamin deficiency.

    There’s already inequality in how women are represented in the research that explores issues relative to everyone, but there is even less done on female-specific health issues. It’s really disappointing.

    Anyways, all that to say I wish I had found your blog sooner and I appreciate your discussion about one of the things many doctors either don’t know or sweep under the rug.

  191. Hi I’m currently on the pill. I would like to stop as I see risks increase from 35 years. I was considering the coil but after reading your article I’m not so sure. What’s the next best option of birth control. Thank u

  192. I had a TERRIBLE and PAINFUL insertion of my copper IUD. It was honestly worse than the labour of my child before I decided to use a copper one as my choice of contraceptive. I chose this as my body would reject any hormone type pills. My body would just decide to vomit until it was rid of the hormones.
    The pain eventually went away after 3 months…however I had TERRIBLE insomnia…mood swings…depression…and I never even thought that the “copper” could cause this.

    After 7 years I have just had it removed…which was VERY painful…I had my period 2 days after and it was back to only a day and a half how it was before…but I had and am continuing to have terrible cramps… nausea….dizziness…sudden headaches and tiredness….almost like gallbladder issues….and weirdly it gets very bad around 8:00 at night.

    I can’t find ANYTHING online about why this would be and my MALE doctor says it’s just my uterus contracting. If anyone has had this AFTER removal I would appreciate ANY input.

    1. Lori,

      Based on your symptoms and specific timing of them, it seems you have cortisol issues, like me. I thought I would let you know so you can look into that. Best of luck!

  193. Hi there.I’m 29 and thought I’d share my experience with you.
    I’ve had a copper iud for over a year.
    The first few weeks after the insertion were not pleasant. I felt an uncomfortable warmth inside me. And was scared to bend my belly because I had a feeling that it would «break».
    I used to have very irregular period before the iud (no period for up to three to six months). But after the iud it came every months.
    The first few cycles were just awful. Very painful and extremely abundant.
    I experienced back pain and bled so much that i had to go to the toilet every time i could in order not to get blood everywhere.

    The next cycles were regular and although my periods were still really really heavy the first 3 days it wasn’t painful, even less than before.

    But something came up during the same time, a permanent ache in my throat, my nose was often running, I sneezed a lot and had blocked ears.
    My doctor gave me anti allergy medicine and it got better.
    But after many blood tests it turned out that I wasn’t allergic to anything (not even copper).
    So I started to wonder if it was linked to my iud, since it began around the time I put it in.
    Doctors said it was impossible.

    But the periods were too abundant, (had to wear diapers!!!), lasted too long and i sometimes felt that uncomfortable warmth from the first days. I got anemia, was often tired and sometimes cried for no reason.

    So after 1 year and a half of loyal services, i decided to take it out (it wasn’t painful at all).
    I felt a mini liberation.
    It has been two weeks and i feel that my breathing has been better.

    So what can we do to have a pleasant sex life without iud, pills, implants… are condoms the only way?

    1. Frenchgirl, I recommend the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” to learn about the fertility awareness method. It requires tracking your basal body temperature and cervical fluid while better connecting with your body. It takes discipline to learn, so I understand how most women prefer the ‘quick fix’ of an IUD or hormonal forms of birth control… but it’s really rewarding when you can, say, feel which side you ovulate from and exactly where you are in your cycle.

    2. Check out the Lady Comp, Pearly, Daysy…. There are a few of them out there. They work using your basal body temperature. I’ve been using it for many years with success. No babies! It’s natural, no side effects and really helps you to get to know and love your body.
      I was in the same situation as you, My last resort was the copper IUD and it did not go well for me at all. After 1.5 years I was ready to shoot everyone around me if I hadn’t been too tired. Thank god I dislodged it and had to get it removed. It was a shift in personality.
      People don’t talk much about natural family planing methods. There’s no money in it for the pharma industry, so doctors don’t promote it. But there’s a lot of information out there and it’s becoming more and more available.

    3. Frenchiegirl,
      I’m so sorry for your experience! I had the copper IUD inserted about 14 months ago, and have had either severe colds or cold symptoms non stop for 4 months. I am also a vegetarian, and after a lot of reading think it’s related to the copper. I am leaning towards taking mine out. Have you continued to get better? Thank you!

    1. Sami G