Copper IUDs: What your doctor doesn’t know may be harming you

By Samantha Gilbert, FNC, CHNP, CNC     Last updated on February 12th, 2022

Copper IUDs have soared in popularity as a hormone-free birth control choice for women. What your doctor doesn’t know about the harmful side-effects of copper could significantly harm you. If you have a copper IUD and are experiencing adverse symptoms, then this post is for you.

What is a Copper IUD and How Does it Work?

A copper IUD is a Class II medical intrauterine device (IUD) that’s inserted into the uterus for long-term birth control (up to 10 years). It is a T-shaped plastic frame with copper wire coiled around the stem and two copper sleeves along the arms that continuously release copper into the lining of the uterus. This process produces an inflammatory reaction in the uterus that is toxic to sperm, which helps prevent fertilization.

What are the Pros and Cons of Copper IUDs?

Copper IUD Claims

Proponents of the copper IUD make a lot of claims that it is a better and safer form of birth control, even citing studies that copper ion levels released by IUDs are too tiny to impair human health. The two main claims that I will debunk that are completely false are:

  • Decreases the risk of endometrial cancer and possibly cervical cancer.
  • Doesn’t carry the risk of side effects related to hormonal birth control methods.

These claims couldn’t be further from the truth, and many women painfully discover this the hard way. In fact, I have yet to work with a single woman in my practice who hasn’t been adversely affected by the copper IUD.

Copper IUD Dangers and Side Effects

Commonly disclosed copper IUD side effects include: cramping, bleeding between periods, and severe menstrual pain, but these are just a small part of the overall story when it comes to copper IUDs and females.

Copper and estrogen share a very intimate relationship with one another because estrogen increases copper retention in the body. Up to 85% of females (in all age ranges) have been estimated to be adversely affected by a common, yet little-known condition called “copper overload” or “copper toxicity,” and they rarely know it’s the cause of their distress.

Implanting a copper IUD into a female who is already (and usually unknowingly) copper overloaded is a recipe for disaster. To make matters worse, few doctors are aware of copper overload, thus, they may unintentionally prescribe hormones and/or devices that could negatively impact health and well-being.

What is Copper Overload/Copper Toxicity?

Copper overload occurs due to an (often hereditary) inability to effectively metabolize and eliminate excess copper. It is not the same as Wilson’s Disease, which is a life-threatening and rare genetic disorder where copper accumulates in vital organs and glands.

Copper has the ability to profoundly affect every system in the body (especially the reproductive, nervous, and glandular systems), and an overabundance of copper can also have a devastating effect on mental health. This explains why common, yet undisclosed side effects of copper IUDs include severe anxiety and panic attacks, depression, hair loss, anemia, increased anger and rage, brain fog, spaciness, paranoia, fatigue, and increased infections (yeast being the most common).

As a metal, copper is a great conductor of energy, (you know how that energizer bunny keeps going and going) which explains why all of my female clients have complained about symptoms of insomnia, racing thoughts, heart palpitations, and dizziness after a copper IUD is inserted for birth control.

To learn more about copper toxicity, check out my podcast episode 10 below with Dr. Judith Bowman, Co-founder of Mensah Medical. You can also find the Eat For Life podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Copper and Cancer

As previously mentioned, estrogen increases copper retention in the body. Dysregulation of estrogen and the many endocrine disruptors we are exposed to can contribute to the development of many cancers, including cancers of the breasts, ovaries, and cervix. Click here to read more about estrogen and women’s health.

Additionally, impaired methylation synthesis in addition to copper overload is a major factor in today’s soaring cancer rates. You can view the research here.

To learn more about copper and cancer, check out my podcast episode 14 below with Dr. Albert Mensah, Co-founder of Mensah Medical. You can also find the Eat For Life podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Additional Impacts of Increased Copper Levels

Copper Overload and Zinc Imbalance

High copper levels contribute to zinc imbalance. Zinc is an essential nutrient for the healthy function of our bodily processes. It enhances resistance to stress, maintains intellectual function and memory, and mood levels, and it is an important component in the creation of all hormones. Zinc is also a major player in the creation of the master antioxidants metallothionein and glutathione; both are needed for the optimal function of our bodily systems, and they also protect us from disease. Without adequate zinc, we can become prone to pathogenic infections as well as diseases due to the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells.

Copper IUDs and Menstrual Issues

Practitioners are often told to inform patients that adverse menstrual irregularities will eventually subside after insertion of a copper IUD, but I have found the opposite to be true. Disorders such as endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) actually tend to increase in severity and duration after a copper IUD is implanted.

Copper Overload and Depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) and psychosis are directly connected to elevated levels of copper, especially with multiple births because copper levels increase with each pregnancy (copper is needed to make blood vessels) and often do not go back to normal post-birth. When I hear about women drowning their children, committing suicide, or shooting their husbands, I wonder if monitoring their copper levels would have helped prevent such sad stories. Additionally, copper is a major player in ADHD/ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, hyperactivity (especially in children) bipolar disorders, fibromyalgia, and paranoid schizophrenia.

Genetic Copper Toxicity

Copper overload has a strong heritable component, which means that it is often passed down from generation to generation, something we call Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance (TEI). If all the females in your family share similar symptoms as mine do, copper toxicity may be the underlying cause.

Final Thoughts on Copper IUD Toxicity

Copper overload is a very treatable condition, which I’ve been blessed to overcome after a lifetime of pain and struggle. In order to heal copper toxicity, I aim to identify and address the root biochemical causes and imbalances of your symptoms. I offer a free 1:1 consultation to help you disconnect from the hype and the marketing jargon, and address the true source(s) of your discomfort. It’s time for your healing journey to truly begin.

Share Your Copper IUD Experiences

Have you experienced negative side effects after the insertion of a copper IUD? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. If you know of someone who is experiencing negative side effects after insertion of a copper IUD, please share this post. Sharing creates community, eliminates guilt and shame, and brings about healing.


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311 thoughts on “Copper IUDs: What your doctor doesn’t know may be harming you”

  1. How happy I am to read this article. I was a very fit and happy mother of three when I had the cooper coil put in. In two years, I gained 10kilos, my periods were blood baths, I felt brain fog, fatigued, lived on coffee to make it through he day. I would swell from the smallest food (I eat dairy, gluten and sugar free), I was miserable. I would wake up in the mornings and just cry for no reason, had extreme anxiety attacks and paranoia, I pulled away socially as my skin started breaking out and I was a distant version of my self confident self. I finally said enough was enough, and took it out. I can’t tell you how amazing I suddenly feel! It was four weeks ago now, but I feel like I’ve woken up somehow. I’m energetic and positive, I’ll be tired because a child woke in the night, but have the energy to get through the day. My allergies have decreased, I feel happy and cheerful, no longer the yelling monster I’d become. I can’t tell you how taking that thing changed my life!!! Initially I slept sodidly for about 4 days and suddenly I was awake again! It’s a wonderful feeling! I’m back to have light four day periods, pms is very slight and controllable, I’m back to being me! Thank-you for this article, it re-enforces my instincts about tre copper coil. I will now also go and check my copper levels….

  2. Elizabeth Adams

    I’ve had my copper IUD in for almost exactly two years. When I first got it in, I felt the strings, and it was so uncomfortable. This experience, though terrible, actually helped to diagnose that I had a moderate prolapsed uterus. The OB/GYNs didn’t make a big deal of it, and they said the IUD didn’t cause it, that most likely the pregnancies had caused it. They referred me to 3 months of pelvic floor PT, which was very helpful.

    I was less than 1 year post-partum with my 2nd child and still wanted to lose the baby weight. I started PT for the prolapse, and quickly got stronger. My prolapse is more or less managed now, and only bothers me for the week of/after my cycle. With consistent diet and exercise, within 1 year, I had lost about 20 lbs and was feeling great, losing the weight helped the prolapse symptoms too.

    In the second year, my weight has crept up about 6-8 lbs despite working out with harder programs (T25, Insanity, etc.) and eating much better, cleaner and healthier, overall and limiting alcohol. I have been keeping at a healthy diet and exercise routine, but it’s so frustrating to do everything right and not see the scale budge at all. If it does move, it’s within a 3 lb range. (For context, my ideal weight is probably something like 150/155 and I’m currently stuck at 169-172.). I am not all about the numbers on the scale, and I feel strong and have muscles now, but I still have major fat stores all over, esp belly.

    Due to the inability to lose weight, I thought perhaps I was hypothyroid, and went to an Endo. I wanted to go to a naturopath or integrated medicine practice, but none near my take insurance, so I started with the Endo. The tests came back ‘normal’ – although I’m not convinced she ran the right ones, based on some internet research. My TSH was high (3.2) using updated ranges, not the old ranges. The Endo wrote off my concerns about my weight as well as very low libido and said I was looking for ‘an easy way out’. I won’t be going back to her.

    So, then a few months later, after more clean eating and consistent exercise with no resutls, it hit me, inflammation – the copper IUD causes inflammation. I read dozens of stories of women gaining weight or not being able to lose weight while on the copper. I’m having mine removed next week. I would love some advice about this and what you’ve seen!

    1. Valarie Wichterman

      I have had the same issues with weight loss and had my thyroid checked twice, all normal. I also experienced significant hair loss. The IUD is the only thing I can contribute this too besides being “older” which is what my doctor likes to blame it on but I don’t think you age that significantly in a two year period. I am having mine removed in two week and wanted to see if you saw results after your removal.

  3. Do you have any references or sources to cite to support the claims in this article? I understand that there is not as much research as there should be about these things, but I would like to read more on the subject! Thanks!

  4. Hi there, I’ve decided to have my coppe iud removed asap! I’ve had it since the birth of my second son (4 1/2 yrs) and just after was diagnosed with severly underactive thyroid. Since then I have been suffering from crippling migraines, pmdd, hair loss, depression, anxiety, paranoia, anger, awful fatigue and aching joints. I been putting these symptoms down to the thyroid (/although my levels are OK says doc). Reading the symptoms, i am now pretty convinced it’s the coil!
    I am a vegetarian and have been reading this is not a great diet for copper toxicity? Would a zinc supplement help also?

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Victoria. Nutrients are powerful so I wouldn’t be able to advise you without a consultation and testing.

    2. I would like to point out that all the symptoms you listed are typical and characteristic of hypothyroidism … it’s very possible the IUD has nothing to do with that.

    3. Hi Victoria, I am French, but I didn’t find enough information on french posts.
      I read your testimony, I fell the same as you. I am having my IUD removed today. The plan was to replace it (I have had it for 5 years), but reading this page, I changed my mind. I have been experiencing the same things as described by Samantha and by others on this page: depression, sleep problems, huge fatigue, difficulty to think effeciently, etc.

      I was wondering if you could tell us how much time it took for you to feel good again.? Alanna (upper on this page) said she was told it could be years before recovering. I am worried. I saw at least 5 different doctors (sleep doctor, 2 homeopaths, psychologist of course, otolaryngologist because I had dizziness and ear buzzings, acupuncturist, osteopath, even a magnetizer, and a naturopathist… Nothing changes. So removing the IUD is kind of my last hope!

      Thank you; I hope you are better.

      1. Oh and I forgot to thank Samantha for sharing her experience and helping other women. Thank you Samantha, people like you, who try to inform people are such a blessing for others!

      2. I also had a horrible spell last three days with the ear buzzing, extreme dizziness and now that I read this I know it was my IUD. I have to wait till the end of the month to have it removed. The symptoms I had disappeared after 48hrs of a very heavy period and something came out maybe it was a clot I don’t know because I got paranoid and threw it in the toilet. I had my HCG tested to make sure it wasn’t me miscarrying and the bloodwork came out negative thank God. I have a sonogram coming up so I’ll see what that shows. I am so glad I came across this article and wish I did my research before having the IUD in. I have depression, fatigue and my progesterone levels were low last check as well as my thyroid but that was treated with a supplement that seems to have helped.

      3. Hey I‘m from Germany and i experienced the same like you… I‘m going to take it out but Not sure if all the problems (sleep, Depression…) comes from that so maybe you can tell me how you dealed with That and if your Problems are better Now?

  5. I had the copper IUD in for a year after I had my son in 2014. I experienced literal mania and paranoia. It affected my relationship to the point where we have separated. I also broke out with acne that I’ve never had an issue with before in my life. I felt extreme fatigue and spaciness/lethargy. I also have a thyroid condition which could also be the culprit, but it’s just interesting to me that these symptoms really became pronounced after the insertion of the IUD. It could be a combo of both problems or the copper just making things worse. I stupidly got it put back in a year after getting it taken out because I was afraid of getting pregnant. I’m currently making an appt to get it taken out again. I’ve been experiencing muscle spasms and back pain along with excessive hair loss. SO..I guess i’ve given it two chances and it has significantly affected me both times.


    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Lauren. I’m so glad you are making the connection and are having it removed. Your life is much too precious to live this way.

      1. Hi mam my wife is using copper T for last two years. But for last six months her weight is lossed up to 10 kg, back pain,hair loss. Finally she met with Dr. For check up today & dr.replied that copper To is not seeing but there is a look like a big Stone & asked for sonography.
        So my wife just shared it today. So, Madam, what it could be & how could be cure. Plz suggest

  6. Heather Bentley

    The other day going through life as normal the thought, “Cooper toxicity” popped into my head. So, later that day I Googled it and thankfully came
    to your page. When I got my IUD two yrs
    ago I was reluctant. It just didn’t seem okay. I have two small children and have a history of blood clots. Plus the major influence was my mom who is a nurse kept bugging me about it. Since then, my periods are a ragging river with bad cramps, gained weight, and can’t remember the last time a slept through the night, at times during the month I cry over the littlest things. So, it all makes sense. I made up my mind it is coming out. Hopefully, things will improve. I am so thankful to you Sam for sharing this information. I will let you know what hap
    pens. I am sure it can only get better. Thanks, Heather

  7. Had the copper IUD in 2011, by 2012 started having extreme problems with cramping, became anemic and this lead to what was diagnosed as adenomyosis and had to have a total hysterectomy at 32 years old that year. I blame the copper IUD. No problems before I got that thing. I didn’t need the added hormones from the others so I thought it was the best choice… boy was I wrong.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Kerri. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I wish doctors knew more about the dangers of copper IUD’s and tested copper levels before recommending them.

      1. Elizabeth Mizioch

        I read that copper levels can be normal even when you are experiencing symptoms. Do blood levels determine if it is the IUD causing problems or is there another test?

      2. Elizabeth, apparently not. You are right that your copper in blood can be normal but you are still plagued by symptoms of copper toxicity. Instead, copper hair test has to be performed.
        I am contemplating asking for it at the next appointment.
        I suspect I have always high in copper and low in zinc because of my mostly vegetable diet. Hence my copper toxicity as the copper in IUD does emit extra copper to my body.

  8. I’ve been having a handful of the symptoms you mentioned. I’ve had my IUD in for 4 years. Is the copper level checked via blood test? I need to do something, I’m struggling. Thanks for this article.

  9. Leah Sanderson

    I have had this IUD for two years but I haven’t experienced any of the symptoms you describe. My periods are regular and although they were very heavy for about 4 months after I first had the IUD put in, they are more normal now. I thought they were particularly heavy because I stopped breastfeeding my baby when she was 9 months old and I didn’t have a period when I was breastfeeding. I am always tired but I think that’s down to leading a hectic life, working full time and having two small children etc. This article does worry me though. it’s definitely something to think about.

    1. Hello Leah, l have copper IUD for 7 month now. After reading this article it also made me worried. I didn’t want to take any more mini or combined contraception pills as l was was gaining weight and had sleeping problems with mood swings. After switching to IUD the weight gain stopped and l feel happier and lighter but l still don’t sleep well and feel like my brain is ‘cloudy’. I also seem to have much heavier discharge then ever before. Does general blood test reveal the copper toxicity or it needs to be a special one?

  10. Wow, I have JUST bbenmade aware of copper toxicity and upon this I removed my copper IUD. I can’t believe how quick my lethargy and fatigue stopped… within 3-4 days!!!! I could not keep my eyes open after 9pm, and have since been able to finish a movie & still feel nice,y alert & awake.

    My other problem that has not been able to be fixed by , GP’s , natrapaths & integrative practioners, has been a mid cycle b lead for the last four years, which basically means I’ve been having two periods a month for the last four years there for something fun and EMEA and just share exhaustion. Too early to tell , it’s only been three weeks , as to how it’s going to effect my cycles, but I’m very hopeful.

    I thought I’d share my experience, not enough warning and advice is given to women regarding the adverse reactions.

    Many thanks again for your article.

      1. I received my IUD A month ago. My hair is definitely falling out more. I’m always so tired I honestly
        Thought i was pregnant. I’d be reading a book and just fall asleep laying on the book. I have zero energy to do anything. I’m watching calories and working out 5-6 days a week and i can not lose the weight! I debated on going to the ER to have it removed. I can’t really feel the strings. I wonder if they could remove
        It? I’m just going to go back to planning around my ovulation cycle because i have tried all contraception and it’s just not for me. I LOVE your article. Thank you for bringing awareness to this. I’m having blood
        Work done in a week to check my thyroid and iron levels. Wish me

      2. Hi there, My sister and I both got an IUD in the last year and it has been a horrible experience for both of us. We’ve both been angry like never before, exhausted, cranky. I suffered from inflammation throughout my body for the first 6 months and was prescribed a steroid which only made my anger, depression and suicidal thoughts worse. I had no mental health concerns prior to the IUD. We have been struggling for months and finally figured out what the problem is despite having numerous doctors laugh and tell us that it can’t be related to the IUD. I would not recommend an IUD to anyone.

      3. Hey,
        Just read your comment and was wondering if the body inflammation you were experiencing was constant itching that sometimes felt like it was burning?

      4. Hello,
        I had a Tsafe IUD for two years. I have removed it two weeks ago. I felt Very tired en had brain fog ever since i had An IUD. I didnt feel good. Is it possible that my body is detoxing now? I also have negative cells in my utures? (baarmoeder) ever since I had it placed. I have a treatment so that it wont grow to cancer.

      5. Hi Sami. I used the copper IUD about 6 years ago. It was horrid! I had my ex remove it (I didn’t go back to the doctor) after about a month of having it in. My symptoms included: severely heavy menstruation, extremely painful menstrual, prolonged menstruation. In all honesty, I don’t remember if it impacted my mental state, but it definitely affected me physically, thus I could no longer continue to use it.

      6. Thank you Sami. I just recentky came accross information and a video blog about mythelation . Its facinationg and makes so much sense! -Epigentics , genetics and symptoms of imbalnces. So I am going to get tested for gentics and mythelation, as well as for copper toxicity. I have symptoms and suffering I believe from that too! My copper IUD needs to come out anyeays-almost 8 years old, getting an extra period during my cycle, terrible pms, and i have mentrual migrains that increased in number per year and month. Im going to order your cook book, and I signed up for your newsletter. I want health again!!
        Thanks again!

      7. Hello! Im going to irder your cook book and i sogned up for your newsletter. Thank you for mentioning mythelation and epigenetics. This is fascinating information! I recently listened to video blogs ans read articles in this. I am certain my health will be dependent on what a gentic testing and copper level testing will reveal. Im certain i have symptoms of under mythelation maybe, and i have the terrible symptoms you and your readers describe-in the worst possibe ways at times!!
        I will have my 7 or 8 year old copper IUD removed this coming week for starters!
        Here’s to health!

      8. I got the copper iud back in December of last year and I have had ever side effect to the T I didn’t know this until today wow 😳 I’m shocked I have panic attacks every day I can’t sleep I’ve been have a period since April and with cramps depression euertjong I had mit put in after my four child she was only 2 month old when I got it and since I got it I could be around her my husband had to really step in I’d stay locked in my room for days and I’d blow up yikes I need to get it taken out

    1. I just wanted to let you all know, I was showing all the signs of toxicity from Paragard. It took me a year to get to the bottom of it. I took it out the next day after I read this article. Two weeks later, I am myself again. The bloated physical symptoms are gone, the mental anguish is non existent. I literallly was locked in a mental institution in September because I was so irrational. Now, I’m ok. Paragard is not for everyone! I do believe there is a problem with the device!

      1. I just had my iud removed yesterday and it was immediately better. After one year of having it the body joint and bone pain was unbearable. Last night i slept like a baby. No more bone and body pain. I Developed ovarian cysts that i am hopeful will go away. I have had suicidal thoughts which i also hope will go away. I cant state how much emotional and physical pain i have had. After having it removed i went to work and coworkers told me i looked better today (they knew nothing) and i was amazed at how they could tell. I guess my constant pain was visible by more than me! I hope i continue to heal from this

      2. I’m another sufferer from Copper toxicity, from the iud, are you feeling better? I’m feeling hopeless too, I can’t get myself motivated to go to work, and still having doubtful feelings. My iud was removed June 25 and I thought I felt better, for a while but now and feeling bad again, doom feeling

      3. I read from another source that there can be a ‘crash’ a month or so after removing the IUD. i have had 2 IUDs for more than 10 years and only recently came across videos, podcasts and articles about it. I thought it was safe because it’s not hormonal, had regular cycles, not too bad or heavy or crampy. But other symptoms, especially mental health have been off the chart all these years. I never connected them to the IUD. The string is too short for me to pull out so i have to make an appointment with doctor….soon!

      4. I’ve currently had the paraguard IUD in for over 8 years and I can say it’s been a rollercoaster. I had no idea my problems with constant fatigue, anxiety and just emotional distress and mental fog could be related to the IUD. I noticed the changes in my menstrual cycle and figured the IUD was the culprit but as far as the things I’ve been through since insertion I had no idea it could have possibly been associated with the copper from the IUD. I’m going to get this thing removed asap. I’ve been practicing celibacy for the last four years anyway so I really have no use for it. Thank you so much for this article. I hope I can come back with great improvement upon removing the paraguard device.

      5. Hi, I have almost ghe same storry! 8 years now and nearly 4 years celibate. I wkndered at times if im missing something, like intkmacy, ans thats why i have been going to such dark delths. Im overwhlemed with raising my family and business, but I should be anle to handle what I have. My emotions have been a rollercoaster like you described. Something is not right. And this last month, i am sure I had 2 periods. I thought the second time i started a period aas a sign i have cancer. I also have menstrual migraines almost each menstrail cycle, unlike 1 or 3 times a year before the colper iud was inserted. I wonder if there is a link to the copper IUD?
        Ive been wanting to get the IUD out for awhile now, and after reading this artlicle and replies, I am certain I have copper toxicity. I lost hair too! am making an appointment this week to have it removed!!
        I am curious if you had your removed and what the results have been for you? I hope you are feeling better! I wish the same for myself! Thank you Dr Sami for the article ans insight.

      6. Oh my gosh, same thing practically celibate the last several years! Was it intentional for you ladies or does the copper affect sex drive, desire libido? I would say so. plus lots of infections, pain, vulvadynia and it’s friends.

      7. Was it the copper iud?
        I’ve had the copper iud paragurd for like 8yrs and now I’m starting to be fatigue and body hurts like muscles aches and pains .how do u feel now?

      8. What kind of body aches did u have? I’ve had an iud for 3 months only and my body aches like never b4

      9. I am expereince the same. took my Copper IUD out almost 3 months ago and i have been struggle for over a month. Really bad depression, crazy thoughts, i think i am going crazy. I went ahead and checked my copper levels yesterday, lets see what they said. i feel so sad and i am the happiest person, i am the oppossite of who I really am. I am scared. What did you take to fix this issue? any help i would truly appreciate it.

      10. Have you tried eating healthier foods, and been Physically active? Sometimes when I feel like I am going crazy, I go for a run or ride my bike, and to help lower my cortisol level. Maybe your environment your around has impacted your stress, and depression. Its always good to make a plan for yourself. I was depressed, so I made a get happy plan, and it took some time. But the self help books, exercise, the foods I ate (Less meat to no meat) helped me a lot. Make and keep goals for yourself, it will hopefully help a lot. Much love Darling.

      11. omg, i am feeling the same. Took mine 3 months ago and i am miserable. So depressed, some days i think i am going crazy. Tell me please what have you done to fix this> i feel so sad.

    2. I have had the copper coil in since April this year.
      A month after having it in place I notice that I am having continuous extra heart beats and tachycardia.

      I have been to my GP on numerous occasions having ecg and heart ultrasounds and told that although they can see these extra beats nothing is wrong with my heart!

      This is very frustrating for me and is coursing me great discomfort.
      I am worried that this is a product of me having the coil in and I am thinking it best for me to have it removed.

      I am just worried that when I removed it I will be stuck again as to what to use for contraception as I would like to go for the none hormonal type and the copper coil seems to be my only option.

      1. I forgot to add that I have had my copper levels checked and told that the normal level is between 1 to 20 and mine is at 18

      2. I just got a diaphragm (Caya) & Contragel. There are other none hormonal contraceptives I hope everything is going well with you.

      3. I’ve had the same heart issues!
        I had put it down to tension and anxiety caused by possible postnatal depression. After reading all these posts though, I’m convinced enough that there is something not quite right with using a base metal as birth control.
        I’m getting the IUD out in a few weeks.
        Did your heart issues disappear?

    3. I was on my third cooper IUD. I’m 44. I’d had this 10 year IUD in for 8 years. I’d been the Doctors about my period would only flow when I had a wee, like a blockage and they dragged on forever, she just said with my age, 4 children etc, etc.

      I’d noticed a smell there too and unusual discharge. I’d get very wet and wake up wet and it had a smell to it. Smears etc all normal. This was beginning to effect my sex life also.

      I started constantly bleeding almost, very light and watery, I’d get a few days respite a month. I had no pain during this. I started suffering the odd hot flush, night sweats, short tempered ness and I’d say a bit of depression creeping in, maybe through worry. and researched the internet. It said the change or maybe cervical cancer.

      I thought I’d go get my IUD out and go on the pill, try to regulate things. and after talking to the nurse, she agreed.

      In goes the speculum and she comments on my healthy cervix (phew). She tugged at my IUD twice, firmly, no movement and trickle of blood. She said she was only allowed 2 attempts, the doctor will manuever differently and is allowed 3 and if not… hospital.

      Now, what happened next is just me… and it’s not a good thing but I got home and sat on the toilet. I reached up and tugged my IUD out, slowly but firmly. What comes next is shocking and there is no way the doctor would have been able to get this out!

      My IUD had a large calcified stone on
      That was blocking my uterus, hence my period not flowing. The copper was black, the strings had calcification stones on. This stone was about 1cm across but in a triangular shape with sharp edges.

      Instantly all my symptoms stopped. The stone, it stank of what I’d been smelling coming out of me. My body had been fighting this for years. I think my hot flushes where infections. This stone had sharp edges, hence my bleeding-it was cutting my insides.

      I really think this would have killed me if left in. I have a normal vagina now. I’m so happy I could scream. No smell, discharge etc and I am panty liner free!

      1. Thank you commenting everyone you have I have the smell is really getting to me and I have been feeling sick lick morning sickness for the last week and a half ( no not pregnant) I’ve only had mine in for a year though, but I will be asking my doctor to remove it.

      2. Hi I’ve had a copper iud in for about a year no and I’ve had horrible depression weight gain, along with migraine with aura. I’ve tried exercise and eating very clean but nothing seemed to help. This all started after I got a copper iud and I’m wondering now if that is the reason why I’ve been having these issues. Would love to hear what you have to think! Thank you!

      3. Hi Taylor – these types of symptoms are very common with copper toxicity. The best way to correct this is with a customized program. Click here to learn more about working with me.

      4. Wow Amanda that is horrific. I have also just had my Copper IUD removed as I have had months of ongoing BV, I’ve changed my diet, wash with water only, taking pro-biotics, stopped having sex, I have tried everything! Then for the past 3 weeks have been bleeding and had severe pain, so thought nope its got to go. My doctor pulled it out and it was black!! I’m trying to find out why it has turned black but can’t find any answers.

      5. Did u check to see if it was cancerous ? I just had the same experience here a lump or stone on my IUD too

    4. Thankyou so much for this article. I have literally been feeling terrible for months with anxiety, depression and taking meds to have no relief when my friend suggested looking into my contraception. Very few sites provide this information which is really not good and could leave a lot of women very vulnerable and mentally unwell, so thankyou

    5. I am currently dealing with very long and heavy periods. I am convinced that the IUD May be messing up my hormones, specifically copper toxicity. Having it removed will be my first option.
      I would love to hear updates on your situation.

    6. I had several, several infections with the Copper IUD for SIX years. I can’t believe i managed for so long. A lot of criticism from my female doctors for wanting to take it out put me in fear. After going to the third doctor, she took the gross black thing out of me and rx me for another infection. Jesus! Now, birth control free for three years and I feel like I have my body back. Amen. I have normal lovely discharge during the normal ovulation and it’s great. Thank you for your article, looking to find more detox remedies to continue the healing process.

    7. I had a paragaurd for 5 years that I specifically chose because I have Hashimoto’s. I thought at the time that it was the best option however, I wish I would have done my research. Unfortunately, the symptoms I was experiencing I attributed to a Hashimoto flare up. I was riddled with anxiety, had my first panic attack, gained weight, and was fatigued. Again, I just assumed this was due to Hashi’s. However, something in me made the connection that possibly the paragaurd was at the root of my issue. When I went to have it removed the doctor made me feel like I was crazy for suggesting a correlation between my symptoms and the IUD.
      After having it removed it has been a slow process back to normalcy. Although I never had my copper levels checked, I did have an experience to let me know that copper was most likely at the root of my issues. My friend bought me a beautiful hand hammered copper water bottle that is supposed to “charge” the water. After taking a sip from the bottle I had a skin reaction about 10-30 minutes later on my upper left thigh of 1″ round patches of goose bumps that all rose at the same time and then dissipated after 30 seconds. The first time this happened I did not put 2 and 2 together however, it happened again after drinking out of the water bottle. I gave the bottle away and this symptom has not happened again.
      I wish more doctors were aware of the possible side effects and could inform their patients of the risk. I listened to a podcast wherein a recommendation was given by an OBGYN to make sure that a zinc supplement is taken when on the paragaurd. No one told me this. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that doctors are more interested in published literature regarding efficacy of treatments than actually listening to what their patient’s are experiencing.

    8. i had two periods a month from age 12-28. they were heavy and 7 days long. acne too. i wanted to find out how to get pregnant witg this issue bc anytime i went off bc it would be the same or id have to change bc frequently. i have pcos and autoimmune thyroidis. my immune system is attacking my thyroid. it never showed up for a standard thyroid test. a reproductive endocrinologist looked at
      my antibody response and it was 5400 and it is suppose to be <90. you should see a reproductive endocrinologist.

    9. Thanks for the comment. I have had my copper IUD for about a year and a half now. Before birth control, my periods were long and heavy, but always on time and never spotted. Well when I had my IUD inserted, I experienced heavy bleeding and spotting for the first four months, then it eventually subsided and periods became regular. Well about a year and a half after insertion, I began experiencing spotting between periods. One month I had a 2-week-ling period, and now I spot almost every month since. Spotting is usually accompanied by some mild cramps and lower back pain along with bloating. I’m thinking of having this thing removed and going back on the pill. Also note* I have had clear Paps for 5 years, blood tests done to check for thyroid problems, and a internal sonogram to make sure I didn’t have per-cancer growths or abnormalities as well as a STD test. ALL CLEAR. However, I am still having these issues. Don’t know what to do other than try a new birth control. Never liked the idea of having this thing in me. What to do?

    10. Omg I just got on the copper IUD and been having 2 periods in a month was getting worried but glad to see I ain’t the only one

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