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What you eat has a powerful gene regulating effect, meaning the right foods for your chemistry can silence deviant genes that cause things like autism, depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, and AD(H)D, while the wrong foods can switch on aberrant genes that create these imbalances.

Targeted Diets for Each Biotype

I created my Eat For Life cookbooks for each unique biotype. They each contain 25 recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and desserts. I break down the research behind each biotype and give you the exact foods you need to thrive. Also included is a meal planner to make this process easy and enjoyable. My recipes are free of grains, gluten, dairy (with the exception of ghee which can be substituted), refined sugar, nuts, and soy. Some recipes contain eggs.

Zinc Deficiency
25 Recipes


Copper Overload
25 Recipes


Pyrrole Disorder
25 Recipes


25 Recipes


25 Recipes


Nutrition Coaching

I offer two ways to work with me. My Eat for Life Academy and one on one targeted support. You will also gain exclusive access to my private Eat for Life Facebook group.

Eat For Life

$100 per year
  • Monthly Live Webinars

    Access to past and future webinars with Sami

  • 5 Biotype Diet eBooks ($100 Value)

    Instant access to my 5 Biotype Cookbooks

  • Bonus eBooklets

    The Gut-Brain Connection
    Methylation, Copper, and Cancer
    Weight Loss the Eat for Life Way
    All About Epigenetics

  • Eat For Life Facebook Group

    Exclusive access to my private Eat for Life Facebook group so you can connect with other academy members for inspiration and support


One on One
Nutritional Therapy

$100 to $300 per month
  • Custom Tailored Plan

    Comprehensive plan based off of your unique biochemistry and lab results

  • Transformational Coaching

    Monthly appointments to track your progress. How to eat for healing. Time management and meal planning. Goal setting, accountability and support

  • E-Mail Support

    Direct email access to me in between sessions

  • Full Access to the Eat For Life Academy

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  • Deeper restoration and healing has finally come after 25 years of searching and trying a plethora of medications and dietary protocols.

    Sydney Sykes

  • I had no idea my irritability, racing thoughts and fatigue was due to being severely undermethylated and overloaded with copper!

    Amanda K.

  • Six months later, I am 33 pounds lighter and the problems I have suffered with for DECADES are significantly better!

    Nola Wood, Owner, Wood, Wind & Water

  • Sami radiates love, compassion, empathy and on top of that, she truly knows her stuff.

    Tara H.